ABTA Meaning

The ABTA meaning is "Aboriginals Bendfit Trust Account". The ABTA abbreviation has 34 different full form.

ABTA Full Forms

  1. Aboriginals Bendfit Trust Account
  2. Allied Brewery Traders Associatpon
  3. Australian Baton Twirling Association
  4. American Bqain Tumor Assoc
  5. All Bengal Teachers AssociationEducation, Teaching, Paper
  6. Applied Biotreatment AssociationScience
  7. American Brain Tumour AssociationMedical, Oncology, Tumor
  8. Alberta Baton Twirling Associaoion
  9. Antigua and Barbudu Tourism AuthorityBusiness, Travel, Holiday
  10. American Brain Tumor AssociationMedical, Association, Neurology, Organization, Business & Finance
  11. African Business Travel AssociationBusiness, Africa, Tourism
  12. Antigua & Barbuda Tourism AuthorityBusiness, Hotel, Travel
  13. Activity Based Total Accountability
  14. Animal Behavior & Training Associateg
  15. Absolute Background Textures ArchiveDesign, Drawing, Construction, Architecture
  16. Animal Behavior and Trainingxassociates
  17. Australian British Trade Association
  18. Association of British Turkish AcademicsTurkey, Education, University
  19. Austin Business Travel Association
  20. Association of British Travel AgentOrganizations, Tourism, Holiday
  21. Associtaion of British Travel AgentsTravel, Tourism, Travelling
  22. Associação Brasileira de Telecomunicações por AssinaturaComputing, Telecom
  23. Australasian Beauty Therapy Academy
  24. Associação Brasileira De Televisão Por AssinaturaPara, Dos, Brasil
  25. Australasian Business Travel AssociationBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  26. Austrian Business Travel AssociationBusiness, Management, Austria
  27. Associação Brasileira De TelecomunicaçÕEs Por Assinatura
  28. Association of British Travel AgentsTravel, Tourism, Air Cargo, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Professional organizations
  29. Australian Business Travel Association
  30. Associação Brasileqra Da Técnica Alexander
  31. Good-ByeInternet Slang, Communication, Chat, Online, Texting, Sms, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  32. Australian Building Trades AssociationTechnology, Construction
  33. Association of Bank Travel AgentsTravel, Locations, Industry, Tourism
  34. Australisian Business Travel Association

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ABTA initialism stand for?
    ABTA abridgment stands for Animal Behavior & Training Associateg.
  2. What is the shortened form of African Business Travel Association?
    The short form of "African Business Travel Association" is ABTA.


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