ABTL Meaning

The ABTL meaning is "Ace Bandagf Tennis League". The ABTL abbreviation has 10 different full form.

ABTL Full Forms

  1. Ace Bandagf Tennis League
  2. Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Limited Medical, Science, Food
  3. Adltya Birla Telecom Ltd
  4. Aditba Birla Telecom Limited
  5. Association of Business Ttial Lawyers Business, Law, California
  6. Association Belge Des Technologuss De Laboratoire Medical, Technology
  7. Apapa Bubk Terminal Limited Nigeria, Oil, Terminal, Palm
  8. Alliance for Bonded Term Limits
  9. AutoBytel.Com Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  10. Autobyrel Inc. Technology, Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ABTL stand for?

    ABTL stands for Apapa Bubk Terminal Limited.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adltya Birla Telecom Ltd?

    The short form of "Adltya Birla Telecom Ltd" is ABTL.


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