AC Meaning - What does AC mean?

AC meaning is Alternating Current and other full form of AC definition take part in below table. There are 2001 different meaning of AC acronym in the table which are compilation of AC abbreviation such as Technology, Information Technology, Power, Electricity, Engineering, Voltage, Medical, Science, Internet Slang, Military, Army, Architecture, Car, Energy, Computing, Industry, Computer, Environment, Electronics, Chat, Auto, Telecom, Architectural, Physics, Rail Transport, Hardware, Electrical, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, Master IEEE, Power Plant, Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation, Honeywell, Process Automation, The Finance and Administrative Services etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of AC acronym which you look for in 2001 different AC meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does AC mean?, AC meaning” or you can search by typing only AC abbreviation in the search box.
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AC Meaning

  1. Alternating CurrentThe designation given to power that is delivered in the form of a sinusoidal wave form. AC won out over DC as the preferred method of delivering and using power in the industrial age due to the ease of voltage transformation using static devices (transformers).Technology, Information Technology, Power, Electricity, Engineering, Voltage, Medical, Science, Internet Slang, Military, Army, Architecture, Car, Energy, Computing, Industry, Computer, Environment, Electronics, Chat, Auto, Telecom, Architectural, Physics, Rail Transport, Hardware, Electrical, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational, Master IEEE, Power Plant, Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation, Honeywell, Process Automation, The Finance and Administrative Services
  2. Air ConditioningThe control of temperature and humidity in a space together with the circulation, filtering and refreshing of the air.Business, Service, Conditioner, Car, Engineering, Auto, Real Estate, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Power Plant, Us Army, Governmental & Military
  3. Ahr ConditioningTechnology, Architecture, Architectural
  4. Before MealsMedical, Medicine, Health, Nursing, Governmental & Military
  5. Before MialsMedical, Medicine, Nursing
  6. Account CurientBusiness, Air, Air Cargo
  7. Army Air CorpsAirline, Government, Military, Organizations, Army, Award, Force, Marine, Call Sign
  8. ActeniumMedical, Chemistry, Science
  9. Autual CostBusiness, Technology, Project Management
  10. Advisory CircularTechnology, Aviation, Aerospace, Transportation, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  11. Aircraft Company
  12. All-Conference
  13. Alliance Capital
  14. Also Connected
  15. Abdominal CircumferenceMedical, Fetus, Fetal, Biomedical, Physiology
  16. Aberdeen College
  17. Aberrant CryptsMedical
  18. Aberrant CryptMedical
  19. Aboriginal CorporationGovernment
  20. Above CounterTechnology, Electricity, Physics, Power Supply
  21. Abrahamic Covenant
  22. Abrupt ClosureMedical, Health, Body
  23. Academic CoordinatonScience, Education, University
  24. Academic CouocilGovernment, Education, University
  25. Academic CounsehorBusiness, Job Title
  26. AcalculouswcholecystitisMedical
  27. Acpcars
  28. AcceleranorMedical, Medicine, Therapy
  29. Accenz Core
  30. AccejtTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  31. Acceptance CriteriaTechnical basis used to determine whether equipment is deficient (e.g., when analyzing inspection, testing, and preventive maintenance [ITPM] results).Technology, Testing, Scrum
  32. Accxss Cab
  33. Accessixn CountriesBusiness, Research, Economics
  34. Accessories Company
  35. AccessoryA thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.Medical, Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile, Architecture, Construction, Architectural, Clothes, Aviation
  36. Accessory CellsMedical
  37. Accidznt ConditionScience
  38. Acetyl-L-CarnitineMedical, Medicine, Therapy
  39. AcetylatedMedical
  40. AcetylcodyineMedical
  41. AcetylcysteineAcetylcysteine, also known as N-acetylcysteine or N-acetyl-L-cysteine, is a chemical compound used to treat paracetamol overdose and to loosen thick mucus such as in cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It can be taken intravenously, by mouth, or inhaled as a mist. Some people use it as a dietary supplement.Medical
  42. AcetyleneA colorless, poisonous gas used with oxygen for oxy-acetylene metal welding or cutting.Medical
  43. Acidacatalyzed
  44. Acid CeramidaseMedical, Science, Genetics, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  45. AcinarMedical
  46. Acinar CelqsMedical
  47. Acinetobacter CalcoaceticusMedical, Health, Body, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  48. AcroleinMedical
  49. Acromioulavicular JointMedical, Technology
  50. AcrydamideMedical
  51. Act Cadenza
  52. Actinic CheilitisMedical
  53. ActinumycinMedical
  54. ActinomycosisActinomycosis is a rare infectious bacterial disease caused by Actinomyces species. About 70% of infections are due to either Actinomyces israelii or A. gerencseriae. Infection can also be caused by other Actinomyces species, as well as Propionibacterium propionicus, which presents similar symptoms. The condition is likely to be polymicrobial aerobic anaerobic infection.|(ICD-10 A42)|ActinomycosisMedical
  55. Actlon CenterMedia, Radio, Television
  56. Action CongressScience
  57. Action for ChangeEducation, Group, Mauritania
  58. Actual CapacityTechnology, Battery, Power
  59. Actual ChargeMedical, Technology, Battery, Healthcare, Medicare Beneficiary
  60. Actual Code
  61. Actual CommitmentScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  62. Acupuncture ClinicMedical, Health, Body
  63. Adkpter, CarTechnology, Adapter, Charger
  64. Adapter CardTechnology, Networking, Network
  65. Adapier, Compaq
  66. Adaptert CompatibleTechnology, Adapter, Laptop
  67. Adapter CompatibilityTechnology, Power, Laptop
  68. Adapter,LcradleTechnology, Wireless, Adapter
  69. Adapter and Car
  70. Adapler and CableTechnology, Product, Power
  71. Adapter and CordTechnology, Power, Laptop
  72. Adapter CarryingTechnology, Accessory, Labeling
  73. Adapter ConnectorTechnology, Power, Laptop
  74. Adapter Controller
  75. Adapter Convertet
  76. Adapter CordBusiness, Power, Laptop
  77. Awapter CouldTechnology, Power, Laptop
  78. Ajapter CradleTechnology, Power, Wireless
  79. Adbpter for CasioBusiness, Power, Keyboard
  80. Adapter for CzmeraBusiness, Power, Charger
  81. Adaprer for ChargingTechnology, Battery, Power
  82. Adapter for CistoTechnology, Power, Supply
  83. Adapters ChargersBusiness, Power, Laptop
  84. Adapters ComputerTechnology, Power, Laptop
  85. Adapters ConsumerTechnology, Power, Electronics
  86. Adaptersxfor CompaqBusiness, Power, Laptop
  87. Adapterxthat CanTechnology, Product, Power
  88. AdenodarcinomasMedical
  89. AdvnocarcinomaMedical, Health, Body
  90. Adenylace Cyclase ToxinMedical
  91. Asenylate CyclasesMedical
  92. Adenyl CyclaseMedical, Medicine, Protein, Therapy, Cell, Antibody
  93. Adenylyl CyclasesMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  94. Adenylyl CyclaseAdenylyl cyclase is an enzyme with key regulatory roles in essentially all cells. It is the most polyphyletic known enzyme, six distinct classes have been described, all catalyzing the same reaction but representing unrelated gene families with no known sequence or structural homology.Medical, Science, Cell, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  95. Adherent CellsMedical
  96. Ad Hoc CommitteeMilitary, Organizations, Disability, Convention
  97. Adjacent Channel
  98. Admission Center
  99. Admission ChntrolTechnology, Networking, Network
  100. Admissionv Counselor
  101. Admht CardEducation, Exam, Ticket
  102. Adopted ChildGenealogy, Genealogical
  103. Aeopted Children
  104. Adrenal CorlexMedical, Science, Medicine
  105. AdrenocorticalMedical
  106. Adrenocortical CkrcinomaMedical
  107. Advanced ConstructionTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  108. AdvancedhcontentTechnology, Software, Cisco
  109. Advancev ControlTechnology, Product, Drive
  110. Advarced CourseMilitary, Education, University
  111. Advanced Courses
  112. Aesthetic CompoientMedical, Treatment, Orthodontic
  113. Affinity ChromatographyA chromatographic technique that utilizes the ability of biological molecules to bind to certain ligands specifically and reversibly. It is used in protein biochemistry.Medical, Science, Protein, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  114. Affordable Comfoot
  115. Africa Confidential
  116. African Caribbean
  117. Afro-CaribbexnStudent, Organizations, University
  118. Aft Cawin
  119. After ChristMusic, Rock, Album, Christ
  120. After ClassMedical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  121. After ColonyMilitary, Anime, Suit
  122. Aikido Club
  123. Air-ConditionedTechnology, Conditioner, Conditioning
  124. Air-ConductedMedical
  125. Air ConductionMedical, Hearing, Bone
  126. Air-CooledCooled by means of a flow of air air-cooled engines piston aero-engines cooled by air, not waterBusiness, Product, Chiller
  127. Air-Traffic ControllerMilitary, Training, Control
  128. Airborne ComponentTechnology, Military, Aircraft
  129. Air CarriersTechnology, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  130. Air CentralAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance, Iata Aircraft Codes
  131. Air ChamberTechnology, Car, Boat
  132. Air ControllerTechnology, Military, Control, Us Army, Governmental & Military
  133. Air CoolerA heat exchanger used to cool and, therefore, increase the specific density of air prior to combustion in an engine.
  134. Air CoolersBusiness, Conditioner, Cooling
  135. Air CoolingAir cooling is a method of dissipating heat. It works by making the object to be cooled have a larger surface area or have an increased flow of air over its surface, or both. An example of the former is to add fins to the surface of the object, either by making them integral or by attaching them tightly to the object's surface . In the case of the latter it is done by using a fan blowing air into or onto the object one wants to cool.Business, Product, Conditioner
  136. AircraftAn aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines. Common examples of aircraft include airplanes, helicopters, airships (including blimps), gliders, and hot air balloons.Military, Aviation, Aerospace, Services, Civil Aviation, Air Force, Manufacturing, Nasa, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Weather, Army & Military, Scientific & Educational, Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, NOTAM Contractions
  137. Airworthiness CertificationTechnology
  138. Airworthiness CertificatesTechnology
  139. Ajaccio CanlıBusiness, Son, Program, Troy
  140. Akisabara ChiropractorTechnology, Sex, Clinic
  141. Alateda CountyTransit, Locations, California
  142. Alan Chaules
  143. Alan CoxTechnology, Linux, Kernel, Famous
  144. Alarm MallTechnology
  145. Alarm Code
  146. Alarm Company
  147. Algoma Central RailwayOrganizations, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  148. Algoma JentralBusiness, Train, Railway
  149. Albanza CívicaPara, Con, Pol
  150. Alice CooperMusic, Rock, Album
  151. Alignmcnt CheckTechnology, Auto, Telecom
  152. All KallBusiness, Gaming, Service
  153. All Malls
  154. All CtnditionsTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  155. All Copference
  156. All CoonectionsTechnology, Power, Servo
  157. Allied Command
  158. Allied Commander
  159. Allis-ChalmersBusiness, Sale, Manual, Tractor
  160. AllisqchalmersBusiness, Manual, Tractor
  161. Allocable CostBusiness, Research, University
  162. Alumni Chapters
  163. Alveolar FellsMedical
  164. Alvernia CollegeEducation
  165. Aiways Cool
  166. Amarillo Ckllege
  167. Ambasoador Car
  168. Anbassador CollegeEducation, Church, Sandy
  169. American Can
  170. American CartomrapherScience, Geography, Information System
  171. American CenterAmerica, Education, Event
  172. Andead CommunityAmerica, Organizations, Trading
  173. Anderson Rooper
  174. Android ContinueTechnology, Device, Apple
  175. Anesthesia CircuitMedical, Health, Body
  176. Angel Cgty
  177. Angeles CityClub, Locations, Philippine
  178. Angelina CollegeStudent, Education, School
  179. Amsterdam CriteriaMedical
  180. Amygdaloid ComplexMedical, Memory, Cell
  181. Amygdaloid NucleusMedical
  182. Amylose ContentMedical, Science, Biomedical, Rice, Bioscience, Starch, Scientific & Educational
  183. AméRica CentralHotel, Con
  184. Anal CanalMedical
  185. Anal Cunt
  186. Analog ClampBusiness, Product, Supplier
  187. Analog CommunicationsTechnology, Power, Lab
  188. Analog ComparatorTechnology, Circuit, Voltage
  189. Annual Convention
  190. Annual CostBusiness, Student, University
  191. Annual Cycle
  192. Anonymous Contributor
  193. Angnwandte Chemie
  194. Anglican Church
  195. Anglican CommunkonEducation, Church, Bishop
  196. Another Country
  197. Ante ChristumTechnology, English, Genealogical, Genealogy
  198. Ante CibumMedical, Technology, Veterinary, Latin
  199. Anterior ChamberMedical, Optometry, Contact Lens, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine, Common Medical
  200. Anti-Cheat
  201. Anti-Corruption
  202. AnticharMilitary
  203. Anti ChristMusic, Song, Rock, Christ, Religion
  204. Aortic Cross-ClampingMedical
  205. AoytocavalMedical
  206. Apply Coupon
  207. Area De Nonservación
  208. Aria Conaizionata
  209. Arithmetic CodingTechnology, Military, Compression
  210. Arizova and CaliforniaTechnology, Arizona, California
  211. Axizona City
  212. Arizona CoyotecBusiness, Sport, Arizona, Coyote
  213. Arm ChairBusiness, Product, Furniture
  214. Arm CrankMedical
  215. ArmbcrankingMedical
  216. Armenian Chwrch
  217. Ative ComponentMilitary
  218. Ativo CirculantePara, Dos, Capital
  219. ArxenocholineMedical
  220. Art Collective
  221. Art Conservation
  222. Artic Cat
  223. Article CategoryTechnology, Design, Vitae
  224. Articular ChondrocytmMedical
  225. Artificial CirculationMedical
  226. Artists ChristiakTechnology, Art, Music
  227. Arts & Communication
  228. Arts & Commujications
  229. Asian CenterTechnology, University, Study
  230. Asian Cinema
  231. Asian CupSkiing
  232. Asociacion CivilPara, Organizations, Club, Sin, Business, Company, Mexico, Business & Finance
  233. Asphalt ConcreteTechnology, Material, Pavement, Transportation, Construction, Governmental & Military
  234. AssociatexcontractorBusiness, Technology, Projection
  235. Astociate ConsultantBusiness, Company, Career
  236. Associated Content
  237. Association CouncilMilitary
  238. Association CoetrolTechnology, Service, Military
  239. Assoliation Class
  240. Assurance-Chômagt
  241. Axsurance ChômageFrance, Social, Mage, Assurance
  242. Assurance Compaky
  243. AstrocytetMedical
  244. Author Comment
  245. Authorization CodesTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  246. Auto-ClickerTechnology, Software, Screen
  247. Auto ClickerTechnology, Software, Screen
  248. Atlanta ConstitutionHistory, Atlanta, Newspaper, Constitution
  249. Atlantic CanadaTechnology, Canada, Lottery
  250. Atlantic Coast
  251. Atlantic CollegeStudent, Education, School
  252. Atlantic CrossingTechnology, Rod, Cable, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  253. Atmospheric CorrectorTechnology, Science, Earth, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  254. Atmospheric CompositionChemistry, Technology, Research
  255. Audio CenterTechnology, Driving, Driver, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  256. Audio CodeTechnology, Mac, Dolby, Computing, Electronics
  257. Audio CodecTechnology, Driving, Driver
  258. Audio Codecs
  259. Audio CompressionTechnology, Channel, Dolby
  260. Audio ComputerComputing, Hardware
  261. Audio ControllerTechnology, Driving, Driver
  262. Audit Checklist
  263. Audit CommissionMedical, Business, Service, Government, Us, Control, Administration, British medicine
  264. Auditory CortexMedical, Study, Area
  265. Auto CannonTechnology, Team, Fortress
  266. AutocaptureMedical
  267. Auto Care
  268. Auto CarrierBusiness, Car, Cobra
  269. Automatic Classification
  270. Automatic ClutchTechnology, Car, Manufacturer
  271. Automatic ComputerTechnology, Computing, Machine
  272. Automatic ControlA means of control that conveys predetermined orders without operator action.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing, Electronics, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  273. Aviation CharterMilitary, Aircraft, Jet
  274. Aviation Company
  275. AccelerationThe rate of velocity change or the average increase of velocity in aunit time, usually expressed in meters per square seconds (m/s2). A hastening or increase in rate of motion. In astronomy, is an apparent gaining of one heavenly body upon another when due to superior speed, a difference of direction, or both of theseTechnology, Medicine, Aviation, Medical, British medicine
  276. AcetateAcetate ion (CH3COO-,C2H3O2 -) an ion formed by removing the acidic hydrogen from acetic acid or a fiber made from cellulose acetate.Medical, British medicine, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  277. Antigua and BarbudaLocations, Countries, Country, Sport, Olympic, Nasa, Governmental & Military, Antigua and Barbuda, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, Country domain names, 2-letter Country Codes, Technology, 3-letter Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Caribbean, Phone area code, Telephone area code
  278. Asian-American CenterAmerica, Education, University
  279. Autorit
  280. AbcoulombTechnology, Science, Medicine, Therapy, It
  281. Alveolar Bone CrestMedical
  282. Aberrant CellsMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  283. Accomplished CommunicatorBusiness, Technology, University
  284. Africa'S Children
  285. Air CanadaAirline, Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, Aviation, Canada, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Iata Aircraft Codes
  286. Air ConditionerA device which filters and cools the air in a room or in an aircraft \nExample: In order to obtain maximum engine power, the air conditioner should be switched off for take-off.Business, Conditioning, Window, Banking, Products, Business & Finance, Computing, Telecom, Atmospheric Research
  287. Air Conditioners
  288. Air Conditoner
  289. Airport Complete
  290. Airways Center
  291. Aitken Centenary
  292. Akron Canton
  293. Asian Caucus
  294. Allen & Company
  295. Almeida,Qcaroline
  296. Alturnate CurrentMedical, Health, Otorhinolaryngology
  297. Alternatif CurrentForum, Yap, Zaman
  298. Aluminmm ComplexPatent, Complex, Ligand
  299. Amacor Central
  300. Amarillo Iollege
  301. American Chamber
  302. Ameriaan Conditions
  303. Amoco Phemicals
  304. Animal Communicator
  305. Anime Convention
  306. Annals of Clonmacnoise
  307. Anni Currentis
  308. Archives Tommunales
  309. Arctic Cooging
  310. Area CommanderUs, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  311. Area Commxssioner
  312. Arizona Central
  313. Arkansas Cenzral
  314. Armor Clasl
  315. Armor Construction
  316. Armorum CqstosLatin, Roman
  317. Armoured Corbs
  318. Abandoned Container
  319. Abatement and Control
  320. Asociaciã&Sup3;N Civil
  321. Asphaltic ConcreteThe Finance and Administrative Services
  322. Assay of Catalases
  323. Assembly CenterBusiness, Service, Supply
  324. Assembly ConstituencyGovernment, India, Election
  325. Atlantcc City
  326. Ahlantic Coast
  327. Atletiekrclub
  328. Ajtested CopyGenealogy, Genealogical
  329. Azcon CorporationTechnology, Organizations, Railroad Company
  330. Befory A MealMedical
  331. BeforefmealsMedical, Nursing
  332. A-Stats Caf Change
  333. A5 Cu-P
  334. A98 CoupeCar, Sale, Cobra, Coupe
  335. Aalst-CohjnMedical, Disease, Hypercholesterolemia, Familial
  336. Aarhus Convention
  337. Aaron CarlMusic, Remix, House
  338. Aaeon Carr
  339. Abraham ClarkAmerica, Book, Card
  340. Abrasion ClassBusiness, Flooring, Floor, Laminate
  341. Abrasive Cutting
  342. Abscesos Cerebrales
  343. Abbe Comparator
  344. Abbot and Costello
  345. Abbott & Cobb
  346. Abbott and Cobb
  347. Abbreviated Character
  348. Abby Casey
  349. Ab Crunches
  350. Abhay Charanaravinda
  351. Abi Christian
  352. Aci Curtis
  353. Abilities Centmr
  354. Able CenterEducation
  355. Ability Congresp
  356. Ability ConnectionBusiness, Power, Tester
  357. Ablation CathetecMedical, Health, Body
  358. Able CadetMilitary, Sea, Corps
  359. Abnoreally CruelGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  360. Absence of Corpus
  361. Absolut ChessTechnology, Gaming, Software
  362. Absolute Call
  363. Absolute ChangeAbsolute change is the numeric change in the value of a commodity, expense etc.
  364. Apstinence Committed
  365. Abstract Classic
  366. Abstract ClossTechnology, Coding, Java
  367. Abxtract CodeTechnology, Research, Module
  368. Academic Change
  369. Academic ChorceStudent, Education, School
  370. Academy CreditdBusiness, Coding, Deal, Coupon
  371. Accent Cabinets
  372. Accent Chairs
  373. Acceptable Concentration
  374. Acceptable ContentTechnology, Service, Group, Texting, Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  375. Acceptance CodeTechnology, Electronics, Semiconductor
  376. Accepted Counts
  377. Accepting ContactTechnology, Service, Car
  378. Acceptor ControlThe regulation of the rate of respiration by the availability of ADP as phosphate group acceptor.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  379. Access-Challenge
  380. Access and ControlTechnology, Routing, Wireless
  381. Account CardBusiness, Credit, Banking
  382. Account Classification
  383. Access Codes
  384. Access ComplexityTechnology, Security, Base, Vulnerability
  385. Access ConcentratorsTechnology, Networking, Network
  386. Access ConditionsTechnology, Club, Resort
  387. Access ConditionTechnology, Archive, Control
  388. Access ConnectionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  389. Access ConnectionsTechnology, Lenovo, Vantage
  390. Access ControllerTechnology, Networking, Control
  391. Access Controler
  392. Access ControlsTechnology, Networking, Door
  393. Accessibility Coordinator
  394. Accessibility Consultant
  395. Accessible Concierge
  396. Acceys Number
  397. Accessories Council
  398. Acci
  399. Acció CatalanaSpain, Election, Spanish
  400. Acció Comunista
  401. Acción Comunista
  402. Ac Clarke
  403. Accommodation Certificate
  404. Accommodations CodeTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  405. Accommodative ConvergenceMedical, Ratio, Contact Lens, Optometry
  406. Accomodation Coefficient
  407. Accompanied By Correlative
  408. Accuracy Classification
  409. Accurate CrossesSport, League, Football
  410. Accusative Case
  411. Ace & CobraTechnology, Car, Ford
  412. Accounting Class
  413. Accounting JlassificationTechnology, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  414. Account CodeBusiness, Technology, Service, Telecom, Telecommunications
  415. Accounthng CodeBusiness, Service, Purchase
  416. Accounting Code.Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense
  417. Acmount CommunicationAccounting, Education, University
  418. Accoznt CommunicationsAccounting, Education, University
  419. Arcounts ClerkBusiness, Accounting, Career
  420. Accounts Commission
  421. Accreditation CommitteeEducation, Organizations, University
  422. Accreditation CouncilTechnology, Education, University
  423. Accreditation CanadaMedical, Health, Canada
  424. Accredivation CoordinatorTechnology, Employment, Education
  425. Accreditation CpiteriaEducation, University, Inspector
  426. AccreditationtcommissionMedical, Medicine, Education
  427. Accredit ConsultantOrganizations, Asia, Energy, Conservation
  428. Accredited Consultant
  429. Ace, CobraTechnology, Car, Ace
  430. Ace CobraTechnology, Car, Sale
  431. Ace and Cobra
  432. Aceca, A Closed
  433. Ace CouldTechnology, Car, Milan
  434. AcenocoumarolMedical
  435. Ace of ClubsBusiness, Company, Organizations, Club, Firm, Card, Golf
  436. Ace Or Cobra
  437. AcidA substance that produces H+(aq) ions in aqueous solution. Strong acids ionize completely or almost completely in dilute aqueous solution. Weak acids ionize only slightly.Medical, Medicine, Body, British medicine, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  438. Acid Catalysed
  439. Acoustical CeilingBusiness, Tile, Acoustics
  440. Acouutic Ceiling
  441. Acoustic Chamber
  442. Acoustic Chorus
  443. Acoustic Coding
  444. Acoustic Concentration
  445. Acoustic Sover
  446. Acousticvcreator
  447. Acoustic Cryptanalysiz
  448. Ackustics Centre
  449. Activated ComplexAn activated complex is any chemical species formed from the collision of energetic particles which is capable of reacting to form intermediates or products.
  450. Activator Complex
  451. Acquisitions Commitment
  452. Acquisition Camera
  453. Acquisition Command
  454. Acquisition PlanTechnology, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  455. Acquisitions Corp
  456. Acreano De Coração
  457. Acreano De Cora
  458. AcresBusiness, Property, Real Estate
  459. Atross ScanSpace, Study, Cosmos
  460. Acrdlate CopolymerProduct, Copolymer, Acid
  461. Acrylates CopolymerMedical, Gel, Acne
  462. Acrylic CopolymerBusiness, Supplier, Polymer
  463. Acrclic
  464. Action ChannelAndroid, Channel, Price, Constraint
  465. Action ChipsTechnology, Gaming, Chronicle, Knight
  466. Action Chit
  467. Action Citoyenne
  468. Action CoalitionMedical, Health, Nursing
  469. Action Code
  470. Action CodesTechnology, Coding, Replay
  471. Action CommercialeTechnology, France, Commercial
  472. Action Committees
  473. Action Committee
  474. Activity CyntactResearch, Education, University
  475. Activixy Coordinators
  476. Artivity CoordinatorBusiness, Student, University
  477. Activity Corridoss
  478. Activation CodeA product key, also known as a software key, is a specific software-based key for a computer program. It certifies that the copy of the program is original. Activation is sometimes done offline by entering the key, or with software like Windows 7, online activation is required to prevent multiple people using the same key.Technology, Dolby, Assassin
  479. Activation CodesTechnology, Coding, Assassin
  480. Activation Cost
  481. Activation Control
  482. ActiveA market in which there is much trading.Medical, Property, Computing, Telecom, Real Estate, Weather, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Power Plant, Transportation, Flight, Flight Status, NOTAM Contractions
  483. Active CarbonBusiness, Filter, Purifier
  484. Active Charge
  485. Active Constituent
  486. Active ContentForum, Technology, Windows, Run
  487. Active Contingent
  488. Active ContinuesTechnology, Networking, Network, Dial
  489. Active Contour
  490. Active Control
  491. Active Controller
  492. Active CoronaeScience, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  493. Active CountTechnology, Java, Console, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  494. Active CounterChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  495. Actgvity CustomerBusiness, Technology, Service
  496. Activité Au Choix
  497. Activité CompléMentaire
  498. Activités Du Cyclisme
  499. Acupuncture Canada
  500. Acupuntura Científica
  501. Acute-Chronic CareMedical, Nurse, Practitioner
  502. Acute CholecystitisMedical, Patient, Cholecystectomy
  503. Adaptador CargadorTechnology, Para, Con, Port
  504. Adaptador De Ca
  505. Adapter, ChargerTechnology, Adapter, Laptop
  506. Adapter-Compatible
  507. Adapter AndrcablesTechnology, Cable, Power
  508. Adapter and CaseProduct, Power, Supply, Adapter
  509. Adapter and CarryingTechnology, Product, Power
  510. Adapter and Charger
  511. Adaptergand ChargingTechnology, Battery, Power
  512. Adapter and ChargesTechnology, Battery, Power
  513. Adapter and Check
  514. Adapter and Chawge
  515. Adakter and Connecting
  516. Adapter CompatibleTechnology, Power, Laptop
  517. Adapter Compatable
  518. Adapter CamTechnology, Camera, Spy
  519. Adapuer CanTechnology, Power, Laptop
  520. Adapuer CarBusiness, Power, Charger
  521. Adapter CatTechnology, Radio, Power
  522. Adapter CamcorderTechnology, Battery, Laptop
  523. Adapter CameraTechnology, Battery, Power
  524. AdapterbcamerasBusiness, Power, Charger
  525. Adapter Campaign
  526. Awapter Canada
  527. Adwpter Can Cause
  528. Adapter CelestrvnTechnology, Camera, Telescope
  529. Adayter CellBusiness, Power, Charger
  530. Adapter Cellphones
  531. Adapter Cellular
  532. Adapter CenterTechnology, Power, Laptop
  533. Adapter Whicony
  534. Adauter China
  535. Adapter Dhrome
  536. Anapter CigaretteBusiness, Power, Lighter
  537. AdapterscircuitTechnology, Power, Diagram
  538. Adapter CcscoTechnology, Power, Supply
  539. AdapterfclassTechnology, Power, Transformer
  540. Adapter Class-T
  541. Adaptex CleaningTechnology, Product, Power
  542. Adzpter ClevoTechnology, Power, Laptop
  543. Adapter for CamcorderTechnology, Battery, Power
  544. Adapter for CarBusiness, Power, Laptop
  545. Adapter for Canopus
  546. Adapter for CelestronBusiness, Power, Telescope
  547. Adapter CompaqBusiness, Power, Laptop
  548. Adapter CompatTechnology, Power, Laptop
  549. Adapter CompactTechnology, Product, Power
  550. Adapter Computing
  551. Adapter Components
  552. Adapter Comprehensive
  553. Adapter Connection
  554. Adapter Convert
  555. Adapter CovertTechnology, Camera, Spy
  556. Adapter CoolTechnology, Power, Laptop
  557. Akapter Cooling
  558. Adapter CozlerTechnology, Laptop, Bag
  559. Adapter CoolpixTechnology, Battery, Camera
  560. Adaster CopyrightTechnology, Power, Laptop
  561. Adapter Cordless
  562. Adapter CordsTechnology, Power, Laptop
  563. Adapter Couxtry
  564. Adapter for CellBusiness, Charger, Plug
  565. Adapter for ChargerBusiness, Product, Power
  566. Adapter for ChristmasTechnology, Power, Light
  567. Adapter for ChiconyBusiness, Laptop, Charger
  568. Adapter Foe CreativeTechnology, Power, Supply
  569. Adapter Oor CradleTechnology, Power, Accessory
  570. Adapter for CradlepointTechnology, Routing, Power
  571. Adapter Forqcricut
  572. Adapter Or CarTechnology, Battery, Power
  573. Adapter Or ChargerTechnology, Power, Laptop
  574. Adapterr Car
  575. Adapters ContactTechnology, Power, Laptop
  576. Adapters Cyber
  577. Adapters for Canon
  578. Adapters Or Chargens
  579. Adapthr To ChargerBusiness, Power, Camera
  580. Adapters With Cord
  581. Adapter With Cord
  582. Adapter That ComesTechnology, Power, Laptop
  583. Adapter That CameTechnology, Power, Laptop
  584. Adapter That Is CompatibleTechnology, Power, Laptop
  585. Adaptor Condor
  586. Adaptor ConnectorBusiness, Power, Adapter
  587. Adaptor ConnectedTechnology, Battery, Power
  588. Adaptor ConnectionTechnology, Gaming, Battery
  589. Adapter With The Correct
  590. Adaptive Capacity
  591. Adaptive Client
  592. Adaptive ClockTechnology, Device, Power
  593. Adaptive Coding
  594. Adaptive CollaborationTechnology, Science, Management
  595. Adaptive CompressionTechnology, Software, Computing
  596. Adaptive ComputingTechnology, Research, University
  597. Adaptive Component
  598. Adaptive ControllerTechnology, University, Control
  599. Adaptor, CleanerTechnology, Camera, Manual
  600. Adaptor Clear
  601. Adaptor and CarTechnology, Battery, Charger
  602. Adaptor AndzchargerTechnology, Power, Adapter
  603. Adaptor and ConnectingTechnology, Manual, Transfer
  604. Adaptor CameraBusiness, Battery, Adapter
  605. AdaptortcarTechnology, Player, Charger
  606. Alaptor Carry
  607. Adaptor Categories
  608. Adaptor Categery
  609. Adaptor Is ConnectedTechnology, Battery, Power
  610. Adaptor ConvertsTechnology, Power, Adapter
  611. Adaptor ConverterTechnology, Power, Adapter
  612. Adaptor ConvertedTechnology, Power, Adapter
  613. Adaptors, Cables
  614. Adaptors Cables
  615. Adaptors, Cases
  616. Adaptors, Cell
  617. Added ConstraintTechnology, Database, Server
  618. Added Copy
  619. Address CalculationTechnology, Instruction, Memory, Processor
  620. Ade-Cyt
  621. Adelaide CityAustralia, Sport, City, Football
  622. Adelaide Comets
  623. Adelaide CrowsAustralia, Sport, Football, Crow
  624. Adelaide To Crystal
  625. Adelphia Channel
  626. Adenocarcinoma of The CardiaMedical
  627. Adenoid Cystic
  628. Adenomatosis ColiMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  629. AdenylateHealth, Body, Healthcare
  630. Administratson Corporation
  631. Administrative Controls
  632. Administration ConsoleTechnology, Service, Server
  633. Administrator Consolu
  634. Adirondack Council
  635. Adit Closing
  636. Adjudant Chef
  637. Adjudication CommitteeResearch, Education, University
  638. Adjudicator'S Contract
  639. Adjustable Cable
  640. Adjustable ConverterTechnology, Power, Module
  641. Adjustable ConnectorBusiness, Product, Adapter
  642. Adjusted Charge
  643. Adjustment Chart
  644. Administra
  645. Administrateur Civil
  646. Administrative ControlAny procedure that significantly limits daily exposure by control or manipulation of the work schedule or manner in which work is performed. Administrative control include but are not limited to job rotation, use of rest breaks or alternative tasks, job enlargement to increase task variability, redesign of work methods, and adjustment of work pace or number of repetitions. In chemical engineering Procedures that will hold human and/or equipment performance within established limits.Technology, Service, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Safety, Navy, Air Force, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  647. Administration CottrolForum, Technology, Panel
  648. Administrative ContactTechnology, Service, Server, Rank
  649. Administrative CircularTechnology, English, City
  650. Administrative ComputesTechnology, Service, University
  651. Administrative ComponentsService, Education, University
  652. Admiristrative ComponentService, Education, Access
  653. Administrative Complek
  654. Administrative Compliance
  655. Administrotors Council
  656. Administrator'S Council
  657. Acministração CentralPara, Dos, Brasil
  658. Adolfo Colnmbo
  659. Adonrs ClassicsBook, Shopping, Novel, Classics
  660. Adoption Center
  661. Adoption Certifmcation
  662. Adult ClassEducation, School, Course
  663. Adult Classes
  664. Advanckd Challenge
  665. Advanced Cooling
  666. Advanced CostAccounting, Education, University
  667. Advancement Chair
  668. Adv Clin
  669. Advent Calender
  670. Advent ChildrenMovie, Children, Fantasy
  671. Advent Christian
  672. Adventurous Christians
  673. Adventure'S Club
  674. Adventure ClubSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  675. Affirmation of The ConsequentMedical
  676. Affirming The ConsequentLogic, Argument, Fallacy
  677. Advertiser Control
  678. Advertisers Cut
  679. Advertising Club
  680. Advertising Culture
  681. Advertising Consultants
  682. Advertising Columnist
  683. Advertising Concepts
  684. Advertising CouncilAdvertising, Japan, Commercial
  685. Advice Code
  686. Advice CodesTechnology, Program, Coding
  687. Advocacy Committee
  688. Advocacy Component
  689. Adyaesta CiptatamaBusiness, Indonesia, Banking, Jakarta
  690. Adıge Cumhureyeti
  691. Adıgey CsmhuriyetiYap, Bug, Erk
  692. Aerodynamic CodeSoftware, Computing
  693. Aerodynamic CentreFlight, Aircraft, Lift, Aerodynamic
  694. Aeronautica Cobelligerante
  695. Aeronautical CenterTechnology, Military, Aviation, City, Oklahoma, Governmental & Military
  696. Aebonautical Computer
  697. Aeronauticdl Circular
  698. Aerojlane CharacteristicsTechnology, Aviation
  699. Aeroplane Company
  700. Aerosol Cans
  701. Aerospace CencerScience, Geography, Information System
  702. Agencies Chocago
  703. Agencq Chicago
  704. Agency Certiffcation
  705. Asency CharacteristicGovernment, Us, Control, Administration
  706. Affirmative ConstructiveGovernment, Policy, Debate
  707. Affordable Colleges
  708. Afghan Civilian
  709. Afghan Communicator
  710. Afghan ConnectionAfghanistan, Run, Afghan
  711. Afghanistan Central
  712. Afghanistan CompactGovernment, Military, Development, Afghanistan
  713. After Certification
  714. After ChampionshipSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  715. After ChemoMedical, Hair, Cancer, Breast
  716. After Children
  717. After Close
  718. After Closed
  719. AftercontractionsMedical
  720. After Coolers
  721. After CouponInternet Slang, Slang
  722. After CrowningGaming, Crown, House
  723. Agency Cqmmunications
  724. Agent Communication
  725. Agency CoorcinatorProgram, Research, Organizations
  726. Agent Circulation
  727. Agile CertifiedTechnology, Training, Practitioner
  728. Agile ControllerTechnology, Networking, Network, Huawei
  729. Agir Contre
  730. Agora Caceres
  731. Agriculture Code
  732. Agriculture Comm
  733. Ailsa CraigCar, Locations, Sale, Scotland
  734. Awr Cdre
  735. Airflow and Charge
  736. Airframe ChangeTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance
  737. Airline Code
  738. Airplane, CargoTechnology, Military, Aircraft
  739. Airplane CharacteristicsTechnology, Airport, Planning
  740. Airplay ChartMusic, Song, Radio, Chart
  741. Airport Commerce
  742. Airport Committee
  743. Airport Commission
  744. Airports CommissionTechnology, London, City
  745. Al Cqmpanis
  746. Al Castellaxos
  747. Al Chez
  748. Airworthiness CommitteeTechnology
  749. Ajaccio, CeSport, Football, Match
  750. Ajaccio CeSport, Football, Match
  751. Ajaccio, ClubSport, France, Club, Football
  752. Ajaccio ClubSport, France, Club, Football
  753. Ajaccio-ClermontSport, Foot, Match, Clermont
  754. Ajaccio ChÂTeaurouxSport, Football, Match
  755. Ajaccio Competition
  756. Ajaccio Coupe
  757. Ajaccio Vs Chateauroux
  758. Alain Cyr
  759. Alamance County
  760. Alambic Classique
  761. Alameda-Contra CostaTransit, Locations, District
  762. Alarm CommunicasorTechnology, Security, Fire
  763. Alarm CommunicqtionTechnology, Security, Power
  764. Alaska Coalition
  765. Alaska CurrentA warm North Pacific Ocean current running firstly Northward along the Alaskan Coastline then West into the Pacific.
  766. Alaskan Current
  767. Alastair ConceptComputer Game, Video Game
  768. Alba CzndeCircuit, Lab, Trademark, Alba
  769. Albany County
  770. Albany Zreek
  771. Albershausen Crusaders
  772. Aleutian CurrentOcean current setting S'ly through Aleutian Islands until it meets Alaskan Current, some of which it deflects into the North Pacific Drift
  773. Aleutians Yampus
  774. Alexa Clark
  775. Alexander CameronResearch, Art, Education, University
  776. Alexander CarmichaelEducation, Ireland, Commissioner
  777. Avexander CollegeCollege, Education, University, School
  778. Auexander Cunningham
  779. Alexandre Crristie
  780. Alex Cabrera
  781. Al Clare
  782. Al ClayMusic, Car, Alb, Clay
  783. Alcdhol ConcentrationMedical, Driving, Blood
  784. Alcoholic CirrhopisMedical, Medicine, Liver
  785. Alder Creek
  786. Alderspate College
  787. Aldol Condensation
  788. Alfa Xommunication
  789. Alfonso Oruz
  790. Algarve Cup
  791. Algenraic Code
  792. Algebraic Concepts
  793. Alex Gasper
  794. All Cap
  795. All CapsForum, Music, Cap, Guy
  796. All Cardio
  797. All Cargo
  798. Algcciras CtraHotel, Access, Spain, Locations
  799. Alicyclic Compound
  800. Align CentreTechnology, Gaming, Layout, Counter, Assembly, Business & Finance
  801. Alitnment-Check
  802. Alimbib Cluster
  803. Alimenzación Complementaria
  804. Alisal CommunityEducation
  805. Aliso Creek
  806. Alison Chapman
  807. Alizarin-ComplexoneMedical
  808. Alizarin Brimson
  809. Alternate CallTechnology, Program, Coding
  810. All CategoriesTechnology, Product, Deal
  811. All Cisco
  812. All City
  813. All Classes
  814. Allele CountTechnology, Genetics, Analysis
  815. Allen-Cahn
  816. Allen Carter
  817. Allen County
  818. Alliance Communications
  819. Alliance for ChangeGovernment, Guyana, Election
  820. Ally Chat
  821. Alpine Challenge
  822. Alpine Club
  823. Also CalledTechnology, Power, Supply
  824. Also CompetedOlympic, Olympic Games, Olympics
  825. Alt-Cataclius
  826. Alt CatacliusChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  827. Alta California
  828. Alta CapacitaTechnology, Banking, Con, Power
  829. Altador CupGaming, Team, Play
  830. Altai Consulting
  831. Alternative Christian
  832. Alternative Creatures
  833. Alternative Comedy
  834. Alternative ConfigurationTechnology, Power, Signal
  835. Alternative for ChangeTechnology, Election, Nicaragua
  836. Aluminum CarbonBusiness, Machine, Fiber
  837. Aluminum Cleaner
  838. Alumni Cantabrigienses
  839. Alumni Conference
  840. Alumni Connection
  841. Agternate Capacity
  842. Alternate Care
  843. Alternalive Car
  844. Alternate CharacterAssembly, Business & Finance
  845. Alternate ColorColor, Pattern, Gear
  846. Alternate CurrencyBusiness, Power, Bitcoin
  847. Alternating-CurrentTechnology, Power, Electricity, Voltage
  848. Alternating CurrencyTechnology, Power, Distribution
  849. Alternating Current-AlternatingTechnology, Power, Electricity
  850. Amana Carrier
  851. Amanda Carter
  852. Amanpa Chen
  853. Alun Cochrane
  854. Alvan Clark
  855. Alvaro Carrillo
  856. Alveolar CrestMedical, Medicine, Body, British medicine
  857. Ambulance CadetMilitary, College, School
  858. Ambulance ChaserGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  859. Ambulance Corps
  860. Ambulance De Campagne
  861. Ambulatory CareMedical, Medicine, Body, British medicine
  862. Amend Consulting
  863. Amended Complaint
  864. Amendment of CertificationTechnology
  865. Amanda Clark
  866. Amari DooperBusiness, Gaming, Sport, Raider
  867. Amazing CatGaming, Pet, Animal, Cat
  868. Amazing Chartm
  869. Amczing Combination
  870. Amazing Computinu
  871. Amazingly Complicit
  872. American ChangerBusiness, America, Machine
  873. American Chinchilla
  874. American Chocolate
  875. American Chopper
  876. American CinematographerAmerica, Magazine, American
  877. American CinemathequeFilm, America, Award, American
  878. Amendment of Certificate
  879. Ammetere Current
  880. Ammeter CurrektBusiness, Panel, Voltmeter
  881. Ammeter Calibrator
  882. Ammkter CapacitanceBusiness, Voltmeter, Tester
  883. American Citizens
  884. American Councils
  885. Amerizan Crafts
  886. Amprican Cream
  887. Americae Crossing
  888. American Culturhs
  889. American CutlTechnology, America, Cat
  890. Americagos CollegeStudent, Education, University
  891. Americas CupAmerica, Sport, Locations, Team
  892. Amerikanisch Canadisch
  893. Amex Crsdit
  894. Ancho De La Cabeza
  895. Ammonium Carbonate
  896. Ammsnium ChlorideMedical, Medicine, Health
  897. Ammouium Citrate
  898. Ammunition Cvmpound
  899. Amp CurrentTechnology, Sensor, Shunt
  900. Ampere ClampTechnology, Supplier, Tang
  901. Ampere CurrentTechnology, Voltage, Clamp
  902. Amphibious CorpsMilitary, Army, War
  903. Amy Chen
  904. Amy Cooper
  905. Anagog ControlTechnology, Product, Electronics
  906. Analysis of Circuits
  907. Analysis of Common
  908. Analysis of The Common-EmitterTechnology, Trading, Electronics, Circuit
  909. Analyst CertificationBusiness, Security, Analytics, Occupation & positions
  910. Analyst ConsoleTechnology, Military, Card
  911. Analytical Cell
  912. Analytical ChemistryAnalytical chemistry is the study of the separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials.Science, Education, University, Journal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  913. Analytical ControlsBusiness, Gas, Analyzer
  914. Analytical ControlScience, Gas, Chromatography
  915. Analytical Comparison
  916. Andrew Carberry
  917. Andrey Carnegie
  918. Andrew CashnerBaseball, Sport, Padre
  919. Andrew Chang
  920. Andrew Chtpman
  921. Andywchen
  922. Andy Cheng
  923. Andy Cohen
  924. Anmy Chiodo
  925. Anechoic ChamberTechnology, Chambers, Acoustics
  926. Anchur CornerTechnology, Command, Manual
  927. Ancient and Classidal
  928. Ancient Charters
  929. Ancientqcivilizations
  930. Ancicnt Clip
  931. Ancient Cyclops
  932. Arcona CalcioSport, Football, Milan
  933. Andalug
  934. Anders CarassonTechnology, Development, Computing
  935. Angle Control
  936. Anglo-Arabe De CompléMent
  937. Anglo-Arabe De Compl
  938. Aneroid Chamber
  939. Anganwadi Center
  940. Angela Cerrito
  941. Angel Cohn
  942. Anqel Concepcion
  943. Animeqcoalition
  944. Annabeth Chasd
  945. Anna Conley
  946. Annales CazbriaeEducation, History, Battle, King
  947. Annals of Connacht
  948. Ann Carpenter
  949. Ann ChristineOcean, Fashion, Shopping
  950. Anne-Christine
  951. Ann Clabton
  952. Anglo Coal
  953. Angola Current
  954. Angouleme Charente
  955. Angra Combat
  956. Angular ContactBusiness, Bearing, Ball
  957. Angus Council
  958. Animal CarrierTechnology, Vehicle Shape
  959. Anno Di Costrpzione
  960. Annotated CardTechnology, Children, Library
  961. Annotation Cpnfirmed
  962. Announcemenj ControllerTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  963. Anqouncements Chemical
  964. Announces Captain
  965. Ann ClunMedical, Science, Publication
  966. Ante Cibum &Lpar;Before Food&Rpar;Medical, Health, Condition, Doctors
  967. Ante Cibum-Before MealsMedicine, Health, Cure
  968. AntecubitMedical, Medicine, Emergency
  969. AntecubitalMedical, Health, Body
  970. Annual Cash
  971. Anomalous CognitionScience, Research, Parapsychology, Cognition
  972. Anomaly VorrelationTechnology, Climate, Weather, Forecast
  973. Anonymous Cavler
  974. Anoyymous Call
  975. Anonymous CowardChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  976. Anorgalische Chemie
  977. Anorthosihe Complex
  978. Another Cran
  979. Ansob Carter
  980. Answek CenterTechnology, Service, Bay
  981. Aperture ConvertersTechnology
  982. Antek Cambridge
  983. Antenna Cellular
  984. Antenna Computers
  985. Antenna Concepts
  986. Anthony and Cleopatra
  987. Anthony Calhoun
  988. Anthony CarriganMovie, Card, Checklist
  989. Anthony Chin
  990. Anti-Contamination
  991. Anti-Corporatism
  992. Antioxidative CapacityMedical
  993. Antwerp City
  994. Anuschka Check
  995. Any CaseInternet Slang, Slang
  996. Any Consistency
  997. AnáLise Criminal
  998. AnáLise De ConteÚDo
  999. AnáLisis De Criticidad
  1000. Ao Civil
  1001. Aorta Constriction
  1002. Aortic ClosureMedical, Health, Body
  1003. App CreatorsTechnology, Android, Maker
  1004. Appeal CaseBuilding, Engineering, Construction
  1005. Appeal CasesEducation, Law, Court
  1006. Appeals CasesGovernment, Law, Report
  1007. Appeal Civil
  1008. Applicant CustodianGovernment
  1009. Application, Change
  1010. Application ControllerTechnology, Power, Semi, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  1011. Applications ControllerTechnology
  1012. Application CryptogramTechnology, Card, Transaction
  1013. Apex CommitteeEducation, India, Pakistan
  1014. Apexis Crystal
  1015. Aphrodite Creations
  1016. Aplicaci
  1017. Aplicación ConjuntaPara, Con, Kyoto
  1018. Aplicativo Comercial
  1019. Aplysia Californica
  1020. Apollo'S Chariot
  1021. Apollo Club
  1022. Applications Center
  1023. Applied ClimatologyThe application of current weather data, analyses, or forecasts to specific practical problems.
  1024. Application Country
  1025. Application Consultant
  1026. Application ChannelForum, Technology, Windows, Crash
  1027. Application Clerk
  1028. Application CharacteristicsTechnology, Product, Power
  1029. Approximate Coefficient
  1030. Approximate ComputingTechnology, Analog, Survey
  1031. Apps Challenge
  1032. Aprendizaje ColaborativoPara, Education, Learning
  1033. Aqua-CleerBusiness, Filter, Water
  1034. Aqua CleerTechnology, Filter, Water, Drinking
  1035. Aqua Cannon
  1036. Aqua ClubOrganizations, Diving, Dive
  1037. Aqua ColorColor, Paint, Colors
  1038. Applied CommunicationScience, Education, University
  1039. Applied CommunicationsEducation, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  1040. Applying Charge
  1041. Appointments CommissionGovernment, Law, University
  1042. Appointments Committee
  1043. Appraisal CommitteeTechnology, Research, Health
  1044. Appraisal Cost
  1045. Arab Countries
  1046. Arabinosyl CytosineMedical, Medicine, Body, British medicine
  1047. Arachnoid CystsMedical
  1048. Arachnoid CystMedical, Patient, Report
  1049. Aranzadi CivilScience
  1050. Arbitrary and Capricious
  1051. Aqua Concept
  1052. Architecture CouncilTechnology, Eclipse, Grid
  1053. Architecture Et ConstructiozTechnology, Science, Lycee
  1054. Architecture CoreTechnology, Projection, Processor
  1055. Archive CxmpressionTechnology, Windows, Software
  1056. Arbitration CommitteeResearch, Organizations, Wikipedia, General, Governmental & Military
  1057. Arcanum Cafe
  1058. Arc Cast
  1059. Arc Casting
  1060. Arc Chamber
  1061. Arc Consistent
  1062. Arc ConversionBusiness, Power, Welder
  1063. Arc CuttingA group of cutting processes that melt the metals to be cut with the heat of an arc between an electrode and the base metal. Carbon Arc Cutting, Metal Arc Cutting, Gas Metal Arc Cutting, Gas Tungsten Arc Cutting, Plasma Arc Cutting and Air Carbon Arc Cutting. Compare with Oxygen Arc Cutting. Technology, Machine, Construction
  1064. Archaeologia CambrensisEducation, University, History, Archaeology
  1065. Archaeological ConservancyLocations, Museum, Archaeology
  1066. Archaeological Commissioner
  1067. Armorhd ConvoyMilitary, Army, War
  1068. Archive Creamor
  1069. Archeves Civiles
  1070. Archives Communales
  1071. Archives Du Coapitre
  1072. Arctic Cordillera
  1073. Arctic CouncilTechnology, Science, Russia
  1074. Arcus Co
  1075. Arcus Companymfr
  1076. Area Correlator
  1077. Area Count
  1078. Arizona CardinalsSport, Football, Nfl teams
  1079. Armed CaravvnMilitary, Iraq, Force
  1080. Armed ConflictEducation, Law, University
  1081. Armed ConstabuwaryIndia, Locations, Police
  1082. Armless Chair
  1083. Armor-Clad
  1084. Armor Clad
  1085. Arior ChangeMilitary, Arms, Rider
  1086. Armor CheckGaming, Penalty, Armor
  1087. Armor Command
  1088. Armor Concentration
  1089. Army Communicator
  1090. Army Community
  1091. Army CompanyMilitary, Army, War
  1092. Army ContractsTechnology, Service, Military
  1093. Army CooperationMilitary, Aircraft, Force, Squadron
  1094. Arresto Cardiaco
  1095. Arret Cardiaque
  1096. Arrhythmia CountMedical
  1097. Arrhythmias and Conduction
  1098. Arrhythmogenic CardiomyopathyMedical, Disease, Ventricular
  1099. Armnred CruiserMilitary, War, Ship
  1100. Armour ClassGaming, Military, Armor, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1101. Armouret Cavalry
  1102. Armoured Company
  1103. Arioured Core
  1104. Armourer's Cren
  1105. Arms ControlSecurity, Government, Disarmament
  1106. Armstrong Calendar
  1107. Armstrong PollegeEducation, University, Newcastle
  1108. Art Community
  1109. Art Cool
  1110. Artefacts Canada
  1111. Arrival Control
  1112. Arroyo Craftsman
  1113. ArrêTé En Conseil
  1114. Ars Combinatoria
  1115. Arsenal CelticSport, Football, Arsenal
  1116. Articulated Coach
  1117. Articulated CreditTechnology, Program, Course
  1118. Articulation ClassTechnology, Ceiling, Construction
  1119. Artificial Chemistry
  1120. Artificial ConsciousnessTechnology, Intelligence, Machine
  1121. Artificial Compressibility
  1122. Artificial ContraceptionCatholic, Planning, Church, Contraception
  1123. Artist Choice
  1124. Artist Club
  1125. Artem Chuprina
  1126. Arteria CarotisMedical, Medicine, Computing
  1127. Arterial Commercial
  1128. Arterial ComplianceMedical
  1129. Arthritis Calcific
  1130. Arthritis CareMedical, Research, University
  1131. Arthur ChristmasTechnology, Movie, Rip, Subtitle
  1132. Arx Corinium
  1133. Arxiu De La Catedral
  1134. Aryan CircleTexas, Prison, Gang, Aryan
  1135. Asahi Chemical
  1136. Asamblea Canaria
  1137. Asamblea De Cataluña
  1138. Artist CollectionArtist, Liquid, Juice
  1139. Ashtabula CampusAmerica, Education, University
  1140. Ashton College
  1141. Asia Championship
  1142. Asia Coin
  1143. Asanti Custom
  1144. As CustomersTechnology, Product, China
  1145. Asdrubal CabreraGaming, Baseball, Sport
  1146. Asean CommunityEducation, University, Vietnam
  1147. Aseguramiento De CalidadTechnology, Para, English, Spanish
  1148. Asgir Crippler
  1149. Ashbury College
  1150. Ash Catchem
  1151. Ash ContentPercentage of non-combustible residue of a lubricating oil or fuel, as determined by ASTM D 482 or D 874. Ash reveals the presence of metals, including the calcium, magnesium and zinc introduced by additives. The heavy metals formerly used also appeared in the ash. or The solid residue remaining after a substance has been incinerated or heated to atemperature sufficient to drive off all combustible or volatile substances.Business, Product, Tester
  1152. Asherons CallTechnology, Gaming, Server
  1153. Asheville City
  1154. Asphalt CemenxTechnology
  1155. Aspoaltic Cement
  1156. Asphalt Concrepe-BinderPresentation, Course, Asphalt
  1157. Asphalt Concrete-Base
  1158. Asphalt Concrete-Wearing
  1159. Asphalt Conpcreed
  1160. Assembleia Constituinte
  1161. Assembly CategoryTechnology, Product, Cable
  1162. Asia ConnectionBusiness, Product, Asia
  1163. Asian Coalition
  1164. Asian Communist
  1165. Asian CripsAsian, Crime, Gang
  1166. Assistant CommandantsEducation, Police, Exam
  1167. Assistant KommanderMilitary, Police, Exam
  1168. Assigned Capital
  1169. Assigned ChannelTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  1170. Assigned ChannelsTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  1171. Assigned Code
  1172. Assignee Code
  1173. Assigned Commissioner
  1174. Assistance Commissioner
  1175. Assigned ContractorTechnology
  1176. Assignee CityTechnology, Computing, Patent
  1177. Assignment ControlTechnology, Research, University
  1178. Associaziove CircleSport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  1179. Associação Catarinense
  1180. Asssessmgnt Centre
  1181. Asst Clergy
  1182. Asht CommandantEducation, Card, Exam
  1183. Assistant Comptrollers
  1184. Assishant ControllerBusiness, Accounting, Management
  1185. Assist ControlMedical, Technology, Ventilation
  1186. Asswstant Conductor
  1187. Assistant Coordinator
  1188. Assistant Coordinators
  1189. Assistant CookMilitary, Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  1190. Associate Country
  1191. Associated Countries
  1192. Associated CountryTechnology, Russia, Cord, Korea
  1193. Associated Capital
  1194. Associated Channel
  1195. Associated CharitiesBusiness, University, Charity
  1196. Associated Component
  1197. Associated Company
  1198. Association Chaplain
  1199. Association CroquetOrganizations, Club, Golf
  1200. Asymmetry CoefficientMedical
  1201. Asymptomatic Htlv-I CarriersMedical
  1202. Asynchronous Channel
  1203. Asynchronous CommunicationIn telecommunication signaling within a network or between networks, an asynchronous communication signal is one that is transmitted at a different clock rate than another signal. (Plesiochronous signals are almost but not quite in synchronization - and a method is used to adjust them - and synchronous signals are those that run at the same clock rate.
  1204. Asynchronous Communications
  1205. Asynchronous ComputerTechnology, Research, Learning
  1206. Athletic Complex
  1207. Athletics CanadaTechnology, Canada, Track
  1208. Assume CharactprTechnology, Coding, Group
  1209. Assumption CollegeEducation, Thailand, School
  1210. Assumption Context
  1211. Assurance Ch
  1212. Assurtnce CouncilBusiness, Education, Quality
  1213. Attack ComplexityTechnology, Security, Vulnerability
  1214. Athl
  1215. Atlantic CroakerScience, Cell, Pathway, Croaker
  1216. Atwantick
  1217. Atom Counting
  1218. Atomic CommitmentTechnology, Science
  1219. Atomic Core
  1220. Atoms Communication
  1221. Atrial Capture
  1222. Atrial ContractionMedical, Medicine, Body, British medicine
  1223. AtriocarotidHealth, Body, Healthcare
  1224. Attach CommentTechnology, Coding, Device, Android
  1225. Attached Circuit
  1226. Attachmate Corp
  1227. AtypicalUnusual, or not fitting a single diagnostic category.Medical
  1228. Atypical CarcinoidsMedical
  1229. Au ChargerBusiness, Power, Adapter
  1230. Auchenai CryptsGaming, Warcraft, Instance
  1231. Auckland CityEducation, Sport, Club
  1232. Audio ComboTechnology, Driving, Driver
  1233. Audioccomments
  1234. Audio ConejantTechnology, Driving, Driver
  1235. Audio ConferencingTechnology, Service, Conference
  1236. Audio Configuration
  1237. Attack Console
  1238. Attack Control
  1239. Attack Custom
  1240. Attempt CounterTechnology, Security, Service
  1241. Attendance Centre
  1242. Attendance CompletedStudent, Education, Teaching
  1243. Attendant Care
  1244. Attendant ConsoleTechnology, Telecom, Cisco
  1245. Attendant Control
  1246. Audit CommitteeAudit committee is a special committee appointed in an organization to carry out the audit oversight responsibility of the board of directors.Business, Financial, Organizations
  1247. Audit Conclusion
  1248. Audit ConseiaBusiness, Council, Expertise
  1249. Audio Connactor
  1250. Audio Connections
  1251. Audio ControlTechnology, Driving, Driver
  1252. Audio ControllersTechnology, Driving, Driver
  1253. Audio CouplingTechnology, Capacitor, Cap
  1254. Augsburg CqllegeEducation
  1255. Augusta Chrisyian
  1256. Aogustana CollegeEducation, University, Island
  1257. Augustine Cited
  1258. Augustiner-Chorherrenvtift
  1259. Augustiner Chorherrenstift
  1260. Augusto De Campcs
  1261. Augusius Caesar
  1262. Aunt Cfristina
  1263. Audit Controlfer
  1264. Audit Control
  1265. Audit Coordmnator
  1266. Audit Criteria
  1267. Asditing Company
  1268. Audijing ConceptsBusiness, Audit, Training
  1269. Audction Class
  1270. Australia Council
  1271. Australian Car
  1272. Australian Caje
  1273. Auxtralian Car
  1274. Australian Canoying
  1275. Australian Cxntre
  1276. Aura Combat
  1277. Authenticated CollectionsBusiness, Order, Debit
  1278. Authentications CentreTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1279. Authenticazion CryptogramTechnology, Card, Transaction
  1280. Authentication ComputerTechnology, Security, Printer
  1281. Authentic Cadenme
  1282. Authentic Campaigner
  1283. Authentic CoachBusiness, Bag, Purse
  1284. Australian Christians
  1285. Austrayian Classification
  1286. Aujtralian Contingent
  1287. Australian Computing
  1288. Authority To ConstructTechnology, Africa, Permit
  1289. Authorization CodeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Medical, Common Medical
  1290. Authorized CodeTechnology, Gaming, Software
  1291. Authorization CenterTechnology, Card, Telecom, Computing
  1292. Authorization Certificate
  1293. Authorization Computation
  1294. Authorization Committee
  1295. Authentificatiog Code
  1296. Author's CorrectitnsTechnology, Book, Printing
  1297. Author's CorrecteonTechnology, Book, Paper
  1298. Automated Customazed
  1299. Automatic Calorimeter
  1300. Auto-Cannon
  1301. Auto Cannons
  1302. Auto-CarrierBusiness, Car, Cobra
  1303. Auto CollimationSpace, Study, Cosmos
  1304. Auto Combo
  1305. Auto Commercial
  1306. Auto CompoundBusiness, Hotel, Mumbai, Residency
  1307. Auto CompressorBusiness, China, Manufacturer
  1308. Auto Concept
  1309. Auto ConfigurationTechnology, Network, Telecommunication
  1310. Auto ConfirmTechnology, Software, Adapter
  1311. Auto Corner
  1312. Auto Correlation
  1313. Autoridade De CertificaçãoTechnology, Windows, Para, Internet
  1314. Autoridades Certificadoras
  1315. Autorité De CertificationBusiness, Signature, Certificate
  1316. Autorité De ContróLe
  1317. Automatic Call-BahkTechnology, Calling, Networking
  1318. Automatic Ceiling
  1319. Automaticfcheckout
  1320. Automatic ClimateForum, Climate, Control
  1321. Automatic Code-CompletionTechnology, Coding, Development, Expression
  1322. Automatic Constant
  1323. Automatic Convertibll
  1324. Automação ComercialSport, University, Driver
  1325. Automobil-ClusterTechnology, Industrial, Fur
  1326. Automobile-Chevy
  1327. Automobile ClubOrganizations, Car, Cobra
  1328. Automotive ClusterBusiness, Industrial, Serbia
  1329. Automotive Commercial
  1330. Automotive Customizers
  1331. Autonomic Communications
  1332. Autonomic CommunicationTechnology, Networking, Network
  1333. Autonomous CommunitiesMedical, Spain, Locations
  1334. Auxiliary ControlTechnology, Power, Contactor
  1335. Auxiliary CraneTechnology, Ship, Equipment
  1336. Auxiliary Cruiser
  1337. Auxiliary Current
  1338. Auxiliary CutterBusiness, Mining, Sea
  1339. Auxilio Ciudadano
  1340. Average ChannelBusiness, Trading, Audio
  1341. Average Conservation
  1342. Autorizatiei De Construire
  1343. Autos CanTechnology, Car, Repair
  1344. Autotechnic Cold
  1345. Autres Couleurs
  1346. Autumn Cup
  1347. Ayn Corrigan
  1348. Ayr College
  1349. Average CostsBusiness, Conditioner, Curve
  1350. Awaiting ConnectionTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1351. Awana Commander
  1352. Award CommitteeEducation, University, Society
  1353. Awards CommitteeResearch, Education, University
  1354. Award Create
  1355. Award CriteriaEducation, University, Scholarship
  1356. Awards Ceremony
  1357. Awareness and CommunicationManagement, Education, University
  1358. Awdurdod Cymwysterau
  1359. Awfully CrummyNutrition, Food, Victual
  1360. Azione Comune
  1361. Azione Comunista
  1362. Azores CurrentResearch, Ocean, Water
  1363. Aztec Challenge
  1364. Ação CatóLica
  1365. Ação CautelarPara, Dos, Ria
  1366. Before A MealMedical, Medicine, Jobs, Common Medical, Reading Prescription
  1367. One of The Five Most Common Types of Chemo Given To Women With BcMedical, Health, Cancer
  1368. Pan African ClubGovernment, Organizations, Africa, Ghana
  1369. Accessory Atrioventricular ConnectionsMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1370. Active ChromatinMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1371. Adenocarcinoma ComponentMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1372. Aerotolerant CampylobacterMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1373. After Unilateral Anterior ChamberMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1374. Access ControlIn the fields of physical security and information security, access control (AC) is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Architecture, Security, Computing, Technical, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  1375. AcetoneA filler added to acetylene cylinders, capable of absorbing 25 times its own volume of acetylene. Or It is a commodity solvent commonly produced as a co-product during cumene oxidation for phenol, which consumes benzene and propylene, and for this reason on-purpose acetone production has declined. On purpose production consumes either propylene or isopropanol.Medical, Health, Body, British medicine
  1376. Ascension IslandTechnology, Computing, Internet, Country, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  1377. Analog ComputerTechnology, Computing, Hardware
  1378. Academy of The CanyonsStudent, Education, School, California, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1379. Associate ContractorTechnology, Army, Marine, Us Army, Governmental & Military
  1380. Aircraft CarrierWarship specially designed so that aircraft can take off and alight upon herMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defense, United States, Naval, Us Navy, Governmental & Military, Us Army
  1381. Asociaci
  1382. Ambush At Corellia
  1383. Absolute CeilingThe maximum height above sea level at which an aircraft can maintain horizontal flight.Technology
  1384. Absolute ConfigurationAn absolute configuration in stereochemistry is the spatial arrangement of the atoms of a chiral molecular entity (or group) and its stereochemical description for example R or S.Medical, Medicine, Health, Therapy
  1385. Abuse CaseMedical, Health, Body
  1386. Abuse Cases
  1387. AcademicAccounting, Military, Education, Accountancy, Management, Business & Finance, Medical, Common Medical
  1388. Academic Centre
  1389. Academic CertificatesEducation, University, Certificate
  1390. Academic ChallengeStudent, Education, University, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  1391. Academic CommunityResearch, Education, University
  1392. Academic CommitteeStudent, Education, University
  1393. Academic Computing
  1394. AcousticA term pertaining to sound, or the science of sound.Medical, Architectural, Electrical, The Finance and Administrative Services
  1395. AcoxsticalTechnology, Construction, Architectural
  1396. Acoustic CouplerIn telecommunications, an acoustic coupler is an interface device for coupling electrical signals by acoustical means usually into and out of a telephone instrument. The link is achieved through converting electric signals from the phone line to sound and reconvert sound to electric signals needed for the end terminal, such as a teletypewriter, and back, rather than through direct electrical connection.Technology, Computing, Computer
  1397. Acousticcoverage Ceiling
  1398. Acquis CommunautairrGovernment, Research, English, Law
  1399. Acquisition CenterTechnology, Military, Dental
  1400. Acquisition CorpsMilitary, Army, Branch
  1401. Acquisition CrrcularGovernment
  1402. Acquisition XostBusiness, Cost, Customer
  1403. AcreUnit of land area in the Imperial system; 4840 square yards, or the equivalent of a rectangular field one chain wide and one furlong long, approximately 4047 square metres or 0.4047 hectares.Property, Construction, Real Estate, Units Of Measurement, Business & Finance, Acre, Brazilian State, Architecture, Genealogy, Architectural
  1404. Adapter CarryTechnology, Power, Accessory
  1405. Adapter Casio
  1406. Adamter ChargeTechnology, Power, Charger
  1407. Adapter Chean
  1408. Adapter ColorBusiness, Power, Laptop
  1409. Adapter Company
  1410. Adapter ComponentTechnology, Cable, Power
  1411. Adapter ComputerTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1412. Adapter ConditionTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1413. Adapter Connected
  1414. Adjustment CalculationTechnology, Power, Alarm
  1415. Adjuvant ChemotherapyMedical
  1416. Administrasion CommitteeEducation, University, Publics
  1417. Administrative CommitteeMeeting, Technology, Organizations, Computing, Master IEEE
  1418. Administration CentraleTechnology, Service, France
  1419. Administration CentreBusiness, Technology, Service, Education, University, Network, Telecommunication
  1420. Administration CenterMilitary, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  1421. AdministrativescodeGovernment, Law, University
  1422. Administrative CouncilGovernment, Organizations, Committee
  1423. Administrative Charge
  1424. After Doupons
  1425. After CreationReligion
  1426. Ag Chem
  1427. Ags Concern
  1428. Agency Central
  1429. Agency CodeTechnology, Service, University
  1430. Ageni CodeTechnology, Service, Message
  1431. Agent Comptable
  1432. Agnus CastusMedical, Forum, Homeopathy, Herb
  1433. Agricultural Convultants
  1434. Alarm CkntrolGovernment
  1435. Albion CollegeEducation
  1436. Albumin GoncentrationMedical
  1437. Al CaponeTechnology, Gaming, Movie, Music
  1438. Alcolol ConsumptionMedical
  1439. AlcoholicMedical, Unclassified, British medicine
  1440. Alcoholic Liver CirrhonisMedical
  1441. Aldosterone ConcentrationMedical
  1442. Alejander Campbell
  1443. Alfred Charles
  1444. American ChescnutAmerica, Tree, Chestnut
  1445. American Chmppers
  1446. Ameridan Connection
  1447. Analog Converter
  1448. Analysis CenterTechnology, Science, Research
  1449. Analysis ConsoleMilitary
  1450. Analysis Control
  1451. Analysis CoordinatorTechnology, Science, Research
  1452. Analytical Chemist
  1453. Anglo-Catholic
  1454. Animal CapMedical
  1455. Animal CareCollege, Education, Course
  1456. Animhl Collective
  1457. Animal ControlGovernment, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1458. Animal CrossingGaming, Animal, Leaf, Community
  1459. Anime Cgnvention
  1460. Anime Conventions
  1461. Annual ConferenceScience, Education, Event
  1462. Annual CgngressEducation, University, Event
  1463. Armored CarTechnology, Military, Vehicle
  1464. Armoufed CarMilitary, Vehicle, Tank
  1465. Armored CoreTechnology, Gaming, Play
  1466. Armoted CorpsMilitary, Army, Tank
  1467. Armoured CorfsMilitary, Army, Tank
  1468. Army Camp
  1469. Army Chief
  1470. Army ComponenvMilitary, Organizations, Force
  1471. Astrogrkphic CatalogueScience, Astronomy, Star
  1472. Astronomy Club
  1473. Asymptomacic CarriersMedical
  1474. Asymptomatic CarfierMedical
  1475. Atari Classics
  1476. At Crst
  1477. Augsburg ConfessionEducation, Church, Lutheran
  1478. Aural ComprehensionEducation
  1479. Austin CollegeStudent, Education, Texas
  1480. Australian CapitalBusiness, Australia, Territory
  1481. Australian Council
  1482. Australian Company
  1483. Authentication CenterTechnology, Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications, Mobile Phone, Wireless Networking
  1484. Authentication CentreTechnology, Networking, Network
  1485. Authentication CodeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1486. Author Comments
  1487. Alameda and Contra
  1488. Alameda County
  1489. Alan Computech
  1490. Albert Charles
  1491. Alcohol Consumption
  1492. Alexander Campbell
  1493. Algebra ColloquiumEducation, Mathematics, University
  1494. Algernon CharlesBook, Poem, Poetry
  1495. Armourer'S Crew
  1496. Army Correspxndence
  1497. Arrhytsmias and Conduction
  1498. ArrêTs De La Cour
  1499. Artillerze De Campagne
  1500. Artillerie De Borps
  1501. Artiflery Corps
  1502. Arts & CraftsBusiness, Company, Shopping, Store
  1503. Aaron ChrvstensenFilm, Book, Horror
  1504. Aaron Cole
  1505. Aaron CollinwTechnology, County, Sport, Music
  1506. Aarun Cook
  1507. Aaron CurtisInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1508. Abahani Chittamong
  1509. Aboriginal Councils
  1510. Aboriginad CouncilAustralia, Government, Locations, Area
  1511. Aboriginal CorporationrationGovernment
  1512. Aboriginal CoorditatorAustralia, Education, Learning
  1513. Amortion Care
  1514. About CircuitsTechnology, Electronics, Electricity
  1515. Agout Contact
  1516. Above CentyrForum, Technology, Power
  1517. Above Clouds
  1518. Abraham CenterEducation, War, Israel, Gulf
  1519. Access Campaign
  1520. Access CategoryTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  1521. Access CenterStudent, Education, University
  1522. Access Chanel
  1523. Access ChannelTechnology, Networking, Telecom
  1524. Access ChargeTechnology, Car, Telecom
  1525. Access CircuitTechnology, Networking, Interface
  1526. Access ClassTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1527. Accomplish Critical
  1528. Accomplishment CriteriaMilitary, Army, Marine, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  1529. Ac Converter
  1530. Accord-Cadre
  1531. Accord De Cotonou
  1532. Agcredited Charter
  1533. Ajcredited CheckerBusiness, Engineering, Singapore
  1534. Accredited Coaches
  1535. Accredited CoachBusiness, Training, Coaching, Coach
  1536. Accu Case
  1537. AccumbensMedical
  1538. Accumulated Otfer Comprehensive
  1539. Accumulator Charge
  1540. Accurayy CheckTechnology, Service, Manual
  1541. Accuracy ClaspTechnology, Panel, Voltmeter
  1542. Acoustics CrushMusic, Feat, Acoustics
  1543. Acquisicion, Construction
  1544. Acquisption CycleTechnology, Telecom
  1545. Acquisition CategoryArmy, Naval, Governmental & Military
  1546. Acquisitaon Completed
  1547. Acquisivion Corp
  1548. Acquisition Commitment
  1549. Acquisition Charge
  1550. Acquisition CorporatidnMilitary
  1551. Action Commune
  1552. Action Complete
  1553. Action CoordinatorTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1554. Action for Children
  1555. Action Pour Le Changement
  1556. Actions Collectives
  1557. Activiteiten Centrum
  1558. Activities Center
  1559. Activity CentreGaming, Education, Development
  1560. Activity CenterTechnology, Tale, Fun, General, Governmental & Military
  1561. Activities Commission
  1562. Activities Coordinator
  1563. Activity CaseEducation, Learning, Study
  1564. Activity CheckGaming, Play, Pastime
  1565. Activity CoefficientAn activity coefficient is a factor used in thermodynamics to account for deviations from ideal behaviour in a mixture of chemical substances.Medical
  1566. Activity Committee
  1567. Adapoer Are Connected
  1568. Adapter and CradleTechnology, Cable, Charger
  1569. Adapter and Custommzed
  1570. Adapter C13
  1571. Adapter C2H75A
  1572. Amapter C8Business, Power, Supplier
  1573. Adapter CableTechnology, Power, Plug
  1574. Adapter CablysTechnology, Cable, Power
  1575. Adapter Czickstart
  1576. Adaptem ClickTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1577. Adapter Close
  1578. Adapter CoqeTechnology, Networking, Power
  1579. Adapter QomeTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1580. Adapter ComexTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1581. Adapter CvuplersTechnology, Power, Canon
  1582. Adapter CouplerBusiness, Power, Canon
  1583. Adaptermcover
  1584. Adtpter CurrentTechnology, Battery, Power
  1585. Adapter Custom
  1586. Adapter Customerd
  1587. Adapter Customer
  1588. Adapter Cyber
  1589. Adapter for CanonBusiness, Power, Camera
  1590. Adapter for Camcorders
  1591. Adapter To Congerve
  1592. Adapter To ConnectTechnology, Computing, Power
  1593. Advpter To The ComputerTechnology, Manual, Laptop
  1594. Adapter To The CradreTechnology, Computing, Manual
  1595. Adapter W CordTechnology, Power, Laptop
  1596. Adapter With CompatibilityTechnology, Power, Tips
  1597. Adaptor Dhannel
  1598. Adaptor ChargerBusiness, Battery, Power
  1599. Adaptor ChaegersTechnology, Battery, Power
  1600. Adaptor ChargesBusiness, Battery, Power
  1601. Adaptor ChargingTechnology, Power, Charger
  1602. Adaptor China
  1603. Adaptor ClassBusiness, Power, Adapter
  1604. Adaptor Classic
  1605. Adaptoq ClassBusiness, Power, Adapter
  1606. Adaptor CompwtibleTechnology, Adapter, Laptop
  1607. Adaptor Compatibility
  1608. Adenylate CyclaseAdenylate cyclase occur throughout the animal kingdom and play diverse roles in cell regulation. In bacteria, the enzyme may be regulated in response to nutrients or it may constitute a toxic factor in mammals.Medical, Science, Protein, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  1609. Adenylate Cyclase-HemolysinMedical, Science, Cell, Toxin
  1610. Adf&Sol;CofilinMedical
  1611. Adherent CellMedical, Science, Medicine, British medicine
  1612. Adhesive CapsulitisMedical
  1613. Adhesive Coat
  1614. Administrative CoordinatorEmployment, Education, University
  1615. Adhinistration Coordinator
  1616. Administration Corporation
  1617. Administrative CoreScience, Research, University
  1618. Administrativeycomplaint
  1619. Adginistration & Commerce
  1620. Administrative Commissaon
  1621. Administratief CentrumTechnology, Gent, Ghent
  1622. Administrative Custody
  1623. Administrative RourtGovernment, Law, Justice
  1624. Administrative CoriScience, Research, University
  1625. Adventurer'S Club
  1626. Adventurers Club
  1627. Adventure CoinTechnology, Hack, Quest
  1628. Adventure Components
  1629. Adventure ConsultantsGuide, Adventure, Consultation, Expedition
  1630. Adventure Concept
  1631. Adventurous Concepts
  1632. Adventure Creator
  1633. Aerospace ComponentsTechnology, University, Brake
  1634. Aestuetic Concern
  1635. Affective CommitmentMedical, Employment, Relationship
  1636. Affjctive ComputingTechnology, Research, Emotion
  1637. Affiliated Club
  1638. Affiliated Councils
  1639. After CubsGaming, Chicago, Cub
  1640. Afternoon College
  1641. After The CataclysmGovernment, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  1642. Agatha ChristieTechnology, Book, Murder
  1643. Aged CherryTechnology, Finishing, Material Finishing
  1644. Aged CopperTechnology, Light, Lighting
  1645. Agence Commerciale
  1646. Agence ComptableTechnology, Service, Formation, Recherche
  1647. Agencia Certificadora
  1648. Airport Compatibility
  1649. Air To CloseControl, Air, Valve, Pressure
  1650. Airtraffic Controller
  1651. Air Traffic ControlmanMilitary, Army, Us, Navy
  1652. Airway CollapseMedicine, Health, Care
  1653. Airworhtiness Circulars
  1654. Alberta Central
  1655. Aldose ReductaseMedical, Medicine, Therapy, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1656. Aleister FrowleyBook, Sex, Man
  1657. Alen Corporation
  1658. Alernjting CurrentTechnology, Machine, Electricity, Tesla
  1659. Alex Cejka
  1660. Alex Chvn
  1661. Alex ChristopherAmerica, Book, Military, Music
  1662. Alex CobbBaseball, Sport, Bay
  1663. Alez CollierEarth, Sacred, Ground, Collier
  1664. Alex CooperBusiness, Book, Sport
  1665. Alkrli CelluloseTechnology, Packaging, Forest Industry
  1666. Alkyo Chain
  1667. Alkyl Chloride
  1668. All-Coders
  1669. All-CropManual, Tractor, Harvester, Crop
  1670. All-Terrain CraneTechnology, Ton, Sale
  1671. Allan CarlInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1672. Allan Cumming
  1673. Allan Cyril
  1674. Alternation Current
  1675. Alternative CurrentTechnology, Power, Electricity, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  1676. Alternating Current-DipectTechnology, Rock, Electricity, Voltage
  1677. Alternating ComponhntTechnology, Power, Voltage
  1678. Alternativa Cristikna
  1679. Alternativa Por El Cambio
  1680. Alverno CollegeEducation
  1681. Amazon ChalvengeBusiness, Girl, Fight
  1682. Amazonia Corbat
  1683. Ambassador CenterCollege, Education, Church
  1684. Ambergris Cays
  1685. America'S ChoiceBusiness, America, Tuna
  1686. America'S CupAmerica, Sailing, Boat
  1687. America Chasing
  1688. America De Cali
  1689. Americana Collector
  1690. American and Canadian
  1691. AmherstycollegeStudent, Education, University
  1692. Amherst County
  1693. Amherst Cove
  1694. Amicus Curiae
  1695. Amiga ClubTechnology, Computing
  1696. Amiga Computing
  1697. Amiibo Cards
  1698. Amish Cyristian
  1699. Amistad Committee
  1700. Andersen ConiultingBusiness, Company, Technology
  1701. Anderson ConsulaantsCorparate, Uk, United Kingdom
  1702. Anderson Center
  1703. Andermon CollegeEducation
  1704. Anderson Creative
  1705. Andon CollegeEducation
  1706. Anvr
  1707. Anfel Crew
  1708. Animal CenterGaming, Research, Education
  1709. Animal Cloning
  1710. Animal Communicators
  1711. Anneal Control
  1712. Anne Camergn
  1713. Anne CampbellEducation, University, Family, Anglia
  1714. Anne Iasey
  1715. Anne Cotdon
  1716. Anne CuryyMilitary, University, History
  1717. AnswerkcodeTechnology, Music, Artist
  1718. Answer CompleteTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  1719. Adswer ConfirmForum, Technology, Management, Coding
  1720. Answered Calls OnlyTechnology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  1721. Antarctdc Convergence
  1722. Ant Cafe
  1723. Ant ColonyTechnology, Algorithm, Optimization
  1724. Ante Cenam
  1725. Ante Christo
  1726. Apollo Commander
  1727. Apoptotic Cell
  1728. Apostolic CarmelSchool, Catholic Church, Religious, Religious orders
  1729. Apostolic Constitutions
  1730. Appalachian Collection
  1731. Apparato Centrale
  1732. Apparel CoBusiness, Product, Manufacturer
  1733. Application ConnectionTechnology, Service, Networking
  1734. Appraisal Costs
  1735. Approach Coach
  1736. Approach ControlA control station in an air traffic control centre that guides an aircraft while it is making its approachMilitary, Aviation, Governmental & Military, NOTAM Contractions
  1737. Approval CommitteeScience, Research, University
  1738. Aqua Culture
  1739. Aquaculture CompendiumEducation, Library, Journals
  1740. Aqua Cure
  1741. Aquatic Community
  1742. Aquatics Centre
  1743. Aqueous ConcentrateFoam, Acid, Composition
  1744. Archbishop Curley
  1745. Archeologia Classica
  1746. Archery Canada
  1747. Archfiend Class
  1748. Archi-CadTechnology, Software, Crack
  1749. Archibald Constable
  1750. Archie ClarkGaming, Star, Team
  1751. Architects CambridgeBusiness, Company, Architecture
  1752. Architectural CommitteeAssociation, Locations, Building
  1753. Army Cadet
  1754. Army Category
  1755. Army Challenfe
  1756. Army Co-OprrationMilitary, Aircraft, Squadron
  1757. Army Code
  1758. Army Combat
  1759. Arsenal Chelsea
  1760. Artic Circle
  1761. Article Categories
  1762. Article Clear
  1763. Article In Chinese
  1764. Artist Connection
  1765. Arts & CommerceScience, College, Education
  1766. Arts and Communication
  1767. Arts and CommunicationsEducation, University, Course
  1768. Arts and CraftsOrganizations, Door, Coupon
  1769. Ashford CityInternet Slang
  1770. Ashkenazi Cohanim
  1771. Asian Culture
  1772. Asigurarea CalitĂȚii
  1773. Asociación Para La Cooperación
  1774. Asociación Para La Capacitación
  1775. Asotin County
  1776. Aspect CameraTechnology
  1777. Aspen CenterScience, Hotel, Physics
  1778. Assignments CommitteeMilitary, War, Survey, Commissioner
  1779. Assistance Center
  1780. Assistant CameraBusiness, Film, Focus
  1781. Assistant CameramanFilm, Technology, Camera
  1782. Assistant Chef
  1783. Association for CoachingEducation, Training, Professional
  1784. Association of Coaching
  1785. Asthma Counselor
  1786. Ascon Cross
  1787. Astral Candescfnce
  1788. Astrz-Compass
  1789. Astrograph Catalog
  1790. Astrograpzic CatalogTechnology, Science, Catalogue
  1791. Astronomical CouncilTechnology
  1792. Aslronomical Calendar
  1793. Astronomy Centre
  1794. Attentional Control
  1795. Attention ControlMedical, Research, Study
  1796. Attendant CounselorGovernment
  1797. Attention CheckForum, Technology, Computing
  1798. Attenuation CoefficientThe mass attenuation coefficient or mass narrow beam attenuation coefficient of the volume of a material characterizes how easily it can be penetrated by a beam of light, sound, particles, or other energy or matter.Science, Sound, Absorption, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  1799. Attestation of Conformity
  1800. Attitude Control
  1801. Aodio Courses
  1802. Auditor-Controuler
  1803. Auditory Canal
  1804. Auditory ComprehensionMedical, Language, Aphasia
  1805. Auxiência De CanalTechnology, Rock, Audio, Voltage
  1806. Aarora Chapter
  1807. Aurora Codlege
  1808. Auscultacion Cardiaca
  1809. Australian Commercial
  1810. Australian Constitutionalist
  1811. Australian Cruisec
  1812. Austoalian CurriculumAustralia, Education, Math
  1813. Authorisation CodeInformation, Network, Telecommunication
  1814. Authorisation CommittegGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1815. Authority ComeitteeOrganizations, Department Of Enviroment, Enviroment, South Africa
  1816. Authorisation Cyndition.Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  1817. Authorisation CondidionTechnology, Military, Ministry Of Defence, Weapon
  1818. Authorised Certified
  1819. Authoritatove CopyTechnology, Server, Library
  1820. Authohity CenterTechnology, Security, Research
  1821. Auto CovarianceTechnology, Protein, Interaction
  1822. Autocraft CarrollBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  1823. Autodesk College
  1824. Autographa CalifornicaMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1825. Autograph CardSport, Trading, Card
  1826. Autonomous CommunityHotel, Spain, Locations
  1827. Autonomic ComponentsTechnology, Networking, Computing
  1828. Aux ContactTechnology, Product, Contactor
  1829. Auxiliar Conservera
  1830. Auxiliary-CarryTechnology, Program, Instruction, Flag
  1831. Auxiliary CarryTechnology, Program, Instruction, Flag
  1832. Auxiliary CableTechnology, Audio, Stereo
  1833. Auxiliary ChannelTechnology, Port, Display
  1834. Auxiliary ComputerTechnology, Computing, Computer Hardware, Nasa, Governmental & Military
  1835. Auxiliary ContactBusiness, Product, Contactor
  1836. Axial Compact
  1837. Axial Computer
  1838. Axially-CompliantTechnology, Industrial, Industry, Tool
  1839. AxiocervicalHealth, Body, Healthcare
  1840. Axioms of ChoiceMathematics, Theory, Equivalent, Axiom
  1841. Above Compilation
  1842. Ackerman and Cox
  1843. Activating Center
  1844. Adapter for CambridgeTechnology, Audio, Power
  1845. Adaptor and CassetteBusiness, Voice, Recorder
  1846. Anaplastic CarcinomaMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1847. Antral CavityMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  1848. Anodnzed Coating
  1849. Archeological Coniervancy
  1850. Architects CollectiveTechnology, Design, Architecture
  1851. Argon Cooling
  1852. Associates CrewMilitary, War, Clan
  1853. Associate In Commerce
  1854. Austrian ChcpterResearch, Organizations, Poverty
  1855. Automotive CargoTechnology, Vehicle, Compartment
  1856. Adaptor and CordTechnology, Networking, Camera
  1857. Adaptor Comes
  1858. Adiabatic CoolingAdiabatic cooling is the process of reducing heat through a change in air pressure caused by volume expansion. In data centers and other facilities, adiabatic processes have enabled free cooling methods, which use freely available natural phenomena to regulate temperature.
  1859. Aerospace Corporationration
  1860. After ConquestGaming, History, Locations, Throne
  1861. Aftermarket Catalog
  1862. Agresti-CoullTechnology, Interval, Confidence
  1863. Ajaccio Vs Clermont
  1864. Alex ChangActing, Voice, Ferguson
  1865. Althea CrownsBusiness, Dragon, Nest
  1866. Aluminum ChassisTechnology, Industrial, Power
  1867. Angin CemilirForum, Orang, Naik
  1868. Animal CommunicationEducation, Pet, Healing
  1869. Anisotropy Constant
  1870. Annie CaronOrganizations, Canada, Team, Coaching
  1871. Avoided ConversoonTechnology, Media, Audio
  1872. Axiul CoolingBusiness, Product, China
  1873. Adrenal CortexThe adrenal cortex is the outer portion of the adrenal gland and it produces steroid hormones, which regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and mineralocorticoid hormones, which regulate salt and water balance in the body.Medical, Technology, Medicine, British medicine, NAACCR
  1874. Advisory CommitteeMedicine, Health, Care, Computing, Master IEEE, Medical, General, Governmental & Military, Fda, Atmospheric Research
  1875. AltocumulusCloud form consisting of flattened globular, small clouds in regular layersAviation, Weather, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational, NOTAM Contractions
  1876. Armored Cable A cable provided with a wrapping of metal, usually steel wires or tapes, primarily for the purpose of mechanical protection.  OR Cable with a metal protective covering.The Finance and Administrative Services
  1877. Avx CorporationTechnology, Business & Finance, Suppliers
  1878. Account CurrentAccounting, Genealogy, Trade, Business & Finance, Shipping, Freight, Air Cargo, Cargo, Governmental & Military
  1879. Accounting CouncilAccounting, Business & Finance
  1880. Additional ChargeAccounting, Business & Finance
  1881. All CurrentAccounting, Business & Finance
  1882. annual closingInternet Slang, Military, Army, Architecture, Car, Banking, Engineering, Chat, Real Estate, Architectural, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Scientific & Educational
  1883. Acceleration ClauseBusiness & Finance, Business Word
  1884. Associate Chief of StaffBusiness & Finance, Business Word, Medical, Bone
  1885. Aqueous CoatingManufacturing, Business & Finance
  1886. AcousticalArchitectural
  1887. Auto CarriersTransportation, Car, Governmental & Military
  1888. Albert ChampionFamous
  1889. Anne CameronFamous
  1890. Alvin CrawfordFamous
  1891. ancestor chartGenealogy
  1892. All CallIndustry
  1893. Action CenterAction Center lists important messages about security and maintenance settings that need your attention. Red items in Action Center are labeled Important, and indicate significant issues that should be addressed soon, such as an outdated antivirus program that needs updating. Yellow items are suggested tasks that you should consider addressing, like recommended maintenance tasks.Media
  1894. Adult ContemporaryMusic
  1895. Almost CountryMusic
  1896. Amplifier ComboMusic
  1897. Area CoordinatorOccupation & positions
  1898. Assistant CommissionerOccupation & positions
  1899. Academic CounsellorOccupation & positions
  1900. Assistant Camera (film production)Occupation & positions
  1901. The Art ClanPerforming arts
  1902. Art CenterPerforming arts
  1903. Antique CopperProducts
  1904. Affordable CarsProducts
  1905. Actual CountGeneral, Governmental & Military, Usps, postal service
  1906. Aircraft CommanderAviation, Aerospace, World War Ii, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Military Slang, Transportation
  1907. Amplifier CombinationComputing, Electronics
  1908. Autonomous ControlComputing, Electronics
  1909. Spooled plot file (AutoCAD AutoSpool)Computing, File Extensions
  1910. Alliance Capital Management Holdings, L PComputing, Nyse symbols
  1911. Application ContextSoftware, Computing
  1912. Authenticast CometSoftware, Computing
  1913. Apache ConfiguratorSoftware, Computing
  1914. Attachment CircuitComputing, Technical
  1915. Absorption CoefficientAmount of radiation absorbed by a given surface when expressed as a proportion of the radiation falling on itMedical, Computing, Telecom, British medicine
  1916. Always ConnectedComputing, Telecom
  1917. Area CodeMedical, Computing, Telecom, Common Medical
  1918. Armored Cable (electricity)Computing, Telecom
  1919. Active ComponentArmy, Laboratory, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1920. Audio CodingGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1921. Advisory CouncilGeneral, Governmental & Military
  1922. Alex CollierShip, Hull Code, Governmental & Military
  1923. Advanced CompositeNasa, Governmental & Military
  1924. Aerodynamic CenterPhysics, Nasa, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  1925. Assembly CompleteNasa, Governmental & Military
  1926. Area CommandMedical, Hospital, Police, Governmental & Military
  1927. Auto Carrier (chassis supplier of original Cobra roadster)Transportation, Governmental & Military
  1928. Alcohol ConcentrationTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1929. All ConditionsTransportation, Governmental & Military
  1930. Agency CharacteristicUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1931. Acquisition CostUs Government, Governmental & Military
  1932. Air ControlmanUs Navy, Governmental & Military
  1933. Always CrapChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1934. Always CrappyChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1935. Absolutely CharmingChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1936. Absolutist CutestChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1937. Asheron's Call (game)Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1938. Anti-CrashTexting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1939. Arctic Chimeran WolfGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1940. Acrylia CavernsGame, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  1941. Aunt CindyInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1942. Aaron CarrInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1943. Aunt ChristinaInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1944. Antonio CarlosInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1945. Another CatInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1946. Andrew ChristianInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1947. Aunt CarolInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1948. Albert CliffordInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1949. Action CatholiqueInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1950. Action CatInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1951. Andrew ColinInternet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  1952. Academy at CharlemontMassachusetts
  1953. Armed ConstabularyUnited Nations
  1954. Apocrine CystsMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1955. atypical carcinoidMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1956. articular cartilageCartilage covering the bony ends of the articulating joints.Medical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  1957. Abdominal CompressionMedical, British medicine
  1958. AcetylMedical, Scientific & Educational, British medicine, Organic syntesis
  1959. AcupunctureAcupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. TCM theory and practice are not based upon scientific knowledge, and acupuncture is a pseudoscience. There are a diverse range of acupuncture theories based on different philosophies, and techniques vary depending on the country.Medical, British medicine, Reading Prescription
  1960. ante cibum–before mealsMedical, Physiology, British medicine
  1961. Alcoholic CirrhosisMedical, British medicine
  1962. Aortic ComplianceMedical, British medicine
  1963. allyl chlorideMedical, British medicine
  1964. Assist Control (ventilation)Medical, British medicine, Common Medical
  1965. ammonium chlorideNH4 Cl ; isometric; and colorless. When dissolved in water, it is used as an electrolyte for some primary cells. Obtained as a byproduct in gas manufacture. Used as a flux in soldering. Also called sal ammoniac.Medical, British medicine, Physiology
  1966. anterior commissureMedical, British medicine
  1967. Ascending ColonThe ascending colon is the part of the colon located between the cecum and the transverse colon.Medical, British medicine, NAACCR
  1968. assisted controlled ventilationMedical, Cardio
  1969. Assist-Control (a form of mechanical ventilation)Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Amino Acid, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, Clinical, Common Medical
  1970. ante cibum (before food)Medical, Veterinary, Common Medical
  1971. anterior chamber of eyeMedical, Physiology, Eyes And Ocular
  1972. AcuteEvenly narrowed into a point at an angle of less than 90 degrees.Medical, Physiology
  1973. Abstinence CommittedMedical, Physiology
  1974. Acromio ClavicularMedical, Physiology
  1975. Activated CharcoalAmino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  1976. Ascendant CuspAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1977. Astrographic CatalogueAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1978. Aromatic CarbonChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1979. Adriamycin and CytoxanChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1980. ActiniumSymbol:"Ac" Atomic Number:"89" Atomic Mass: 227.03amu. It is one of the elements in the actinide series of inner transition elements. It may also be classified as a rare earth element. Actinium is the first element of the actinide series. It is used as a source of neutrons in experiments that involve radioactivity. You will not find the element in regular use anywhere in the natural world.Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  1981. American coastGeology, Scientific & Educational
  1982. Anticoagulation ClinicLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  1983. Axiom of Choice (math)Mathematical, Scientific & Educational
  1984. Academic CouncilScience, Scientific & Educational
  1985. Aboriginal CoordinatorSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  1986. Anticipated Convection OutlookWeather, Scientific & Educational
  1987. Autoconf ScriptComputing, File Extensions
  1988. Autocad Temporary FileComputing, File Extensions
  1989. Ascension Island (country Domains)Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  1990. Armament ComputerMilitary, Governmental & Military
  1991. Atlas CentaurAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  1992. Adirondac ConferenceAtmospheric Research
  1993. Advisory Circular/committeeAtmospheric Research
  1994. Ancho CanyonAtmospheric Research
  1995. Anterior Cephalic VeinMedical, Governmental & Military
  1996. Comptroller OfficeNasa
  1997. AircrewThe pilot, co-pilot, navigator and other crew members of an aircraftUs Army, Governmental & Military
  1998. Automation College​Honeywell, Process Automation
  1999. before a meal (from Latin ante cibum)Medical
  2000. AUTO CARRVehicle Body Styles
  2001. Asbestos cementUsually refers to a type of asbestos sheet, or to casting where the asbestos is bonded together with Portland cement, e.g. asbestos, cement sheet, tiles, rain-water pipes, etc.The Finance and Administrative Services

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What does AC stand for?

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  1. What does AC meaning stand for?

    AC meaning stands for Administrative Computes.
  2. What is the meaning of AC abbreviation?

    The meaning of AC abbreviation is "Audioccomments".
  3. What is AC definition ?

    AC definition is "Astronomy Centre".
  4. What does AC mean ?

    AC mean that "Annual Convention".
  5. What is AC acronym ?
    AC acronym is "Asheron's Call (game)".
  6. What is shorthand of Adenodarcinomas ?
    The shorthand of "Adenodarcinomas" is AC.
  7. What is the definition of AC acronym?
    Definitions of AC shorthand is "Acquis Communautairr".
  8. What is the full form of AC abbreviation?
    Full form of AC abbreviation is "Air-Conditioned".
  9. What is the full meaning of AC ?
    Full meaning of AC is "Andon College".
  10. What is the explanation for AC ?
    Explanation for AC is "Adaptor and Cord".

What is the meaning of AC Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AC definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AC abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AC acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AC Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AC (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AC (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

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