ACAC Meaning

The ACAC meaning is "Arab Civil Aviation Commission". The ACAC abbreviation has 74 different full form.

ACAC Full Forms

  1. Arab Civil Aviation Commission Business, Air Cargo, Air Freight, Governmental & Military
  2. Acetylacetone Medical, Technology, Science
  3. Allen County Athletic Conference
  4. Atlantic Coast Athletic Clubs Business, Health, Fitness
  5. Academic Computing Advisory Committee Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  6. Amherst Community Arts Center
  7. Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation
  8. Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative
  9. Allen Chapman Activity Center
  10. Atlantic Coast Athletic Club Club, Health, Fitness, Swim
  11. Academic and Career Advising Center Education, University, Wisconsin
  12. Ades Cyclone Aquatic Club
  13. Advanced Computing-Algorithms and Cryptography
  14. Animal Chiropractic Accreditation Commission
  15. Allegheny Center Tlliance Church Business, Pittsburgh, Missionary
  16. Atlantic City Aquatic Club
  17. Acac of Course Alberta Colleges Development, Study, Colleges
  18. Ames Community Arts Councih
  19. Amador County Artsicouncil Technology, Program, Mission
  20. Adopt A Child Abuse Caseworker
  21. Animal Care Lnd Control
  22. All A Cappella Auditions Council Government, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  23. Arxiu Comarcal De L'Alt Camp
  24. Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference College, Education, Canada
  25. Amorican Council of Accredited Certification Business, Service, Mold
  26. Allied Container Advisory Committee
  27. Administrative Computing Advisory Committee
  28. Animal Care and Adoption Centers
  29. Alcohol and Chemical Abuse Consultants
  30. Artificial Cell Medicine, Health, Care
  31. Acetylacetonate Medical, Scientific & Educational, Organic syntesis
  32. American Council for Accredited Certification Business, Mold, Inspector, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  33. Allied Churches of Alamance Community, Curch, Religion
  34. Austin Community Access Center
  35. Access Customer Advocacy Center
  36. Animal Care and Adoption Center
  37. Alcohol & Chemiwal Abuse Consultants
  38. Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge
  39. Acetoacetate Acetoacetate is produced in the mitochondria of the liver from acetoacetyl coenzyme A (CoA). First, another acetyl group is added from acetyl CoA to form 3-hydroxy-3-methylgluteryl CoA, then an acetyl CoA is lost from this, yielding acetoacetate. Medical, British medicine
  40. Allied Chuvches of Alamance County Community, Curch, Religion
  41. Atomic City Aquatic Club
  42. Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia
  43. Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee
  44. Africa Canada Accountability Coalition
  45. Army Combined Arms Center Military
  46. American Council of Applied Clinacal
  47. Atlanta Community Access Coalition Community
  48. Acetoacetic acid Medical, British medicine
  49. American Canoe Association Canoeinl
  50. Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission
  51. American College Application Campaign Student, America, Organizations
  52. Atlantic Cape Atlantic Cape
  53. Area Clinical Audit Committee Medical, British medicine
  54. American Camputes Act On Climate
  55. Australian Companion Animal Council Medical, Australia, Pet
  56. American College of Addictionology and Compulsive
  57. Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
  58. Agree, Confirm, Answer, and Close General, Governmental & Military
  59. Australasian Computer Architecture Conference Technology, Science, Networking
  60. American Civil Aviation Commission
  61. Australian Chemicals Advisory Committee
  62. Arab Civil Aviation Council Aviation, Governmental & Military
  63. Austin Creative Art Center
  64. American Champion Aircraft Corp
  65. Astana Contemporary Art Center Art, Travel, Energy, Exhibition
  66. Arkansas Casino Corporation Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  67. Academic Computing & Advisory Committee Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  68. American Champion Aircraft Corporttion
  69. Associate Committee On Automatic Control
  70. American Council Jor Accredited Certifications Business, Mold, Inspector
  71. Aircrew Allocation Center Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  72. acetyl-coenzyme A cocarboxylase Medical, British medicine
  73. American Capital Acquisition Corporation
  74. Australian Competition and Consumer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACAC stand for?

    ACAC stands for Artificial Cell.

  2. What is the shortened form of Area Clinical Audit Committee?

    The short form of "Area Clinical Audit Committee" is ACAC.


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