ACAF Meaning

The ACAF meaning is "Academy Culinary Arts Faculty". The ACAF abbreviation has 36 different full form.

ACAF Full Forms

  1. Academy Culinary Arts Faculty
  2. Ascender Compact Asian Font
  3. Advanced Certificate In Accounting Finance Diploma, Document, Sertification
  4. Abraxas Center for Adolescent Females
  5. Advanced Certificate In Accounting & Finance
  6. Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida Business, Florida, Pavement
  7. Advanced Certificate In Accounting and Finance Program, Education, Canada
  8. Asian Contemporary Art Fair
  9. Addison Community Athletics Foundation Accounting, Program, Education
  10. Asian Canadian Artists Fund Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  11. Adapted Conventional Armed Forces
  12. Asia Computer Animation Festival Organizations, Asia, Computing, Technology, Information Technology, Conference, Event, Governmental & Military
  13. Advisory Committee On Animal Feeding
  14. Accessory After The Fact Government
  15. Ascender Compact Asian Fonts
  16. Advisory Committee On Animal Feedingstuffs Organizations, Agency, Food
  17. All Children All Families
  18. Autoridade Central Administrativa Federal
  19. Association Des Cooperatives Agricoles De Figuig Nutrition, Food, Victual
  20. Alianza CíVica De Asociaciones Femeninas
  21. Autograph Collectors Against Fakes
  22. Animal Care and Assistance Fund Business, Program, Certificate
  23. Alexandria Contemporary Art Forum
  24. Australian Contemporary Art Fair
  25. Associaci
  26. Animal Care & Assistance Fund
  27. Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum
  28. Australia China Art Foundation Technology, China, Istanbul
  29. Amphibious Corps, Atlantic Fleet
  30. African & Caribbean Association of Foyle
  31. Aureos Central American Fund Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  32. American Counseling Association Foundation Medical, America, Organizations
  33. Associazione Catanese Amatori Fotografia
  34. American Combat Arts Federation
  35. Associação Cruz Alta Futsal Accounting, Para, Education, Finance
  36. Association of Canadian Archivists Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACAF stand for?

    ACAF stands for Animal Care and Assistance Fund.

  2. What is the shortened form of American Combat Arts Federation?

    The short form of "American Combat Arts Federation" is ACAF.


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