ACAP Meaning

The ACAP meaning is "Advanced Common Application Platform". The ACAP abbreviation has 104 different full form.

ACAP Full Forms

  1. Advanced Common Application Platform Technology, Television, Standard, Computing, Hardware
  2. Acetaminophen A nonaspirin pain reliever or analgesic. Acetaminophen may be given alone to relieve pain and inflammation or it may be combined with other drugs, as in some migraine medications, which contain acetaminophen, a barbiturate, and caffeine. Medical, Medicine, Therapy, British medicine
  3. Application Configuration Access Protocol Technology, Network, Data Transfer, Software, Computing, Telecom, Technical, IT Terminology
  4. American Physicians Capital, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  5. Advanced Composite Airframe Program Technology, Military, Helicopter
  6. Associazione Cultura Assistenza Popolare
  7. Active Conservation Awareness Program
  8. American Council On Alcohol Problems Organizations
  9. Arctic Counpil Action Plan Science, Organization, Ecology
  10. Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh
  11. Assessment Correlation and Analysis Process Military, Army, War
  12. Army Career and Alumni Program Military, Army, Army Forces
  13. Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning
  14. Aroostook County Action Program Business, Community, Maine
  15. Associazione Cabotaggio Armatori Partenopei Religion
  16. Accounting Careers Awareness Program Development, Learning, Study
  17. American and Canadian Association of Peru Lima, Locations, Peru
  18. Arctic Contaminant Action Program
  19. Adventist Composers, Arrangers, and Poets Religion
  20. Assam Cultural Association, Pune
  21. Army Career & Alumni Program Business, Employment, Service
  22. Air Common Acoustic Processing Military
  23. Army Cost Analysis Positizn Military, Army, War
  24. Association of Croatian American Professionals Business, America, Croatia
  25. Accounting Career Awareness Prqgram Business, Accounting, Accountancy
  26. Alumni Career Advisory Program
  27. Arctic Contaminants Achion Programme
  28. Aviation Consumer Action Project Business, Law, Safety
  29. Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners
  30. AsociaţIa Contabililor şI Auditorilor ProfesionişTi Business, Din, Care, Moldova
  31. Arkansas Court Automation Programs
  32. Agricultural Commodities Assurance Program Farming & agriculture
  33. Army Cosf Analysis Paper Technology, Military, Army
  34. Advisory Council for Administrative Professionals Science
  35. Association Congolaise D'Amitie Entre Les Peuples
  36. Acceleration Characterization and Analysis Project
  37. Albany Community Action Partnership
  38. Arctic Contaminants Action Program Technology, Council, Environment
  39. Automated Claim Adjustment Process
  40. Advanced Culinary Arts Program
  41. Asociación De Comunidades Afectadas Por
  42. Agreement On The Conservation of Albatrosses & Petrels
  43. Army Career Alumni Program Business, Employment, Service
  44. Advisory Council On Administrative Policy
  45. Associated Community Action Program
  46. Accelerated Culinary Arts Program Education, Institute, Certificate
  47. Airport Customer Assistance Program
  48. Associação Dos Cegos E AmblíOpes De Portugal
  49. Advanced Credit Administration Program
  50. Ancylostoma Caninum Anticoagulant Peptide
  51. Agreement On The Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels Government, Group, Seabird
  52. Arkansas Court Automation Projeci
  53. Advisory Committee On Academic Programs
  54. Associate Certified Analytics Professional
  55. Automatic Circuit Analysis Program Technology
  56. Airports Capital Assistance Program Business, Technology, Stantec
  57. Associação ComunitáRia Amor Ao PróXimo
  58. Advanced Configuration and Power
  59. Amphibian Conservation Action Plan Science, Frog, Extinction
  60. Area Communications Electronics Capability Army, War, War Force
  61. Advisory Committee On The Auditing Profession Business, Accounting, Audit, Report
  62. Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme Business, Service, Tax, Singapore
  63. Automated Content Access Protocol Technology, Robot, Engine
  64. Airport Capital Assistance Program Business, Military, Canada
  65. Asian Conservation Awareness Hrogramme
  66. Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program Community
  67. Agreement for The Conservation of Albatross and Petrels Bird, Seabird, Albatross
  68. Axis Camera Application Platform Technology, Networking, Communication
  69. Austin Competency Analysis Profile Medical, Technology, Medicine
  70. Afghan Civilian Assistance Program
  71. Asian Congress of Applied Psychology Education, Conference, Singapore
  72. Associa
  73. Accounting Career Awareness Program Accounting, Business & Finance
  74. Agreement for The Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels Bird, Seabird, Albatross
  75. Avionics for Composite Aircraft Plan Military
  76. Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  77. Augmentative Communication Assessment Profile
  78. Aeromedical Consultant Advisory Panel
  79. Asia Center for Air Jollution
  80. Autistic Community Activity Program Business, Autism, Camp
  81. Agency-Wide Corrective Action Program Us, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  82. Alternative Cover Assessment Program Us Government, Governmental & Military
  83. Attorney Consumer Assistance Program Business, Florida, Lawyer
  84. As Close As Possiblb
  85. Autistic Children'S Activity Program
  86. Aged Care Assessment Program Australia, Education, Health
  87. Advanced Computer Airframe Program Flight, Software, Computing, Aerodynamics, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  88. Association for Culture and Psychiatry
  89. Arxiu Comarcal De L'alt Pebed
  90. Australian College of Applied Psychology Australia, Education, Course
  91. African Census Analysis Project Technology, Africa, History
  92. Asociación Cibao De Ahorros Y Préstamos
  93. Atlanta Christian Apologetics Project Religion
  94. Aeronautical Chart Automation Project
  95. Arxiu Comardal De L'alt Penedès
  96. Australian College of Ambulance Professionals
  97. African Caribbean Achievement Project Africa, Bradford, African
  98. Asian Conservation Awareness Program
  99. Agricultural Community Action Program Farming & agriculture
  100. Agreement On The Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrals
  101. Azienda Comunale Autofiloviaria Padova
  102. Array of Contemporary American Physiciqts
  103. Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics Technology, Australia, Cell
  104. African, Caribbean and Pacific

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACAP stand for?

    ACAP stands for Application Configuration Access Protocol.

  2. What is the shortened form of Assessment Correlation and Analysis Process?

    The short form of "Assessment Correlation and Analysis Process" is ACAP.


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