ACB Meaning

The ACB meaning is "Advisory Committee On Biologicals". The ACB abbreviation has 240 different full form.

ACB Full Forms

  1. Advisory Committee On Biologicals
  2. Address Compare Boundary
  3. Access Control Block Technology, Program, Communication
  4. Access Class Barring Technology, Device, Communication
  5. Amphibious Construction Battalion Military, Army, Locations
  6. Absolute Championship Berkut Fight, Russia, Event, Championship
  7. Air Cavalry Brigade Military
  8. African Centre for Biodiversity Technology, Africa, Farming
  9. African, Caribbean, and Black
  10. Area Council of The Blind
  11. Alberta Child Benefit
  12. AceríA Compacta De Bizkaia Para, China, Con
  13. Air Campaign Branch Military
  14. Aryan Coal Benefications Technology, India, Plant
  15. American Commercial Bank
  16. Adobe Color Book
  17. Association of Concerned Belizeans
  18. Active Cruise With Braking Technology, Vehicle, Brake
  19. Anti Corruption Branch Business, Government, Chief
  20. Anti-Corruption Body
  21. Airfield Construction Branch
  22. Asset-Covered Bond Business, Finance, Banking
  23. Academic Computing Building
  24. America¡¦S Community Bankers Business
  25. Advanced Capability Build Program, Military, Defense
  26. Assassin'S Creed Bloodlines
  27. Alpharetta City Band
  28. Athens Convention Bureau Organizations, City, Tourism
  29. Angel City Brigade
  30. African, Caribbean and Black Organizations, Africa, Community, African
  31. Architecture Control Board Technology, Telecom
  32. Alberta Cancer Board Medical, Health, Canada
  33. Acer
  34. Air-Operated Circuit Breaker Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  35. Arts and Culture Bureau Government, Bureaus
  36. Alumni Corporation Board
  37. Administrative Center Burlington Government
  38. African Centre for Biosafety Business, Genetics, Africa
  39. Association of Christian Broadcasters
  40. Active Control Ballast
  41. Anti-Corruption Branch Government, Corruption, Chief
  42. Arterialised Capillary Blood Medicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  43. Air Cushion Barge Technology
  44. Association of Concert Bands Education, Music, Community
  45. Anti-Corruption Bureau Government, Police, Corruption
  46. American Council of Blind
  47. Advanced Call Blocker
  48. Asphalt Concrete Base Technology, Pavement, Aggregate
  49. Analytics Certification Board
  50. Ateliers Et Chantiers De Bretagne Technology
  51. Andrea Cecilia Bernal
  52. Afghanistan Commercial Bank Business, Afghanistan, Kabul
  53. Arbitration and Control Board
  54. Alameda Civic Ballet Company, Locations, Nutcracker
  55. Accumbens Septi Medical
  56. Air-Cushion Barge Space, Study, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  57. Articulating Concrete Block Technology, Erosion, Revetment
  58. Alumni Control Board
  59. Ahmedabad Crime Branch
  60. African Center for Biosafety Business, Africa, Food
  61. Active Collection Bureau
  62. Antalya Convention Bureau Business, Turkey, Basketball
  63. Air Circuit Breakers These are used to interrupt circuits while current flows through them. Compressed air is used to quench the arc when the connection is broken. Technology, Product, Electricity
  64. Association of Clinical Biochemistry Medical, Science, Medicine
  65. Analog Circuit Behavior Technology, Sound, Roland, Synthesizer
  66. American Council for The Blind Medical, Technology, America
  67. Advanced Communicator Bronze Club, Communication, Toastmaster, Communicator
  68. Asphalt-Concrete Base
  69. Analytical Chemistry Branch
  70. Asymptomatic Carotid Bruit Medical, Health, Body, Bacteria, Blood Test, British medicine
  71. Anderson Crawley & Burke
  72. Afghanistan Cricket Board Technology, Sport, Afghanistan
  73. Aquarium Club De Beaucaire
  74. Alabama Council of The Blind
  75. Academy of Certified Businesses Business, Certification, Holdings
  76. Alpha Credit Bank
  77. Articulated Concrete Block Technology, Control, Erosion
  78. Aluminum Chambered Boat Military, Sport, Sale
  79. Ação CatóLica Brasileira
  80. Agricultural Credit Board
  81. African Caribbean In Barbados Science, Projection, Genome
  82. Arkansas Community Bankers
  83. Active Chilled Beams Business, Energy, Conditioning
  84. Another Cubs Blog
  85. Air Circuit Breaker Technology, Product, Electricity, Computing, Electronics, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  86. Asean Centre for Biodiversity Climate, Locations, Workshop
  87. Association for Community Broadcasting
  88. American Council of The Blind Medical, America, Education, Disability, British medicine
  89. Advance Communicator Bronze Club, Communication, Toastmaster, Communicator
  90. Asociación Para La Conservación De La BióSfera
  91. Assurances Et CréDits BéJanin
  92. Anatomy and Cell Biology Science, University, Department
  93. Aeronautical College of Bangladesh Technology, Engineering, Bangladesh
  94. Applied Climatology Branch Technology
  95. Akiba Commercial Bank Business, Tanzania, Kazi
  96. Academic Counselling Board Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  97. Amphibious Constuction Battalion
  98. Allocated Configuration Baseline
  99. Articles Pour Le Commerce Et Le Bureau
  100. Aluminum Chamber Boat
  101. Average Cost Basis
  102. African Capacity Building
  103. Arizona Council of The Blind
  104. Active Chilled Beam Business, Product, Energy, Architecture
  105. Anonymous Confession Board Student, College, Education
  106. Air Circuit-Breaker Business, Product, Manufacturer
  107. As Cities Burn
  108. American Composite Breed
  109. Adult Content Blocker Technology, Porn, Store
  110. Asociación De Clubs De Baloncesto Para, Club, Con, Madrid
  111. Association of Cyprus Banks Business, Banking, Alpha
  112. Anatomy & Cell Biology Medical, Science, Medicine
  113. Application Control Blocks Technology
  114. Airport City Belgrade
  115. Academic Council Board
  116. Amphibious Construction Battalions Military, Army, Locations
  117. Advanced Capability Builds Technology, Program, Defense
  118. Arterialized Capillary Blood Medical, Health, Body, Bacteria, Blood Test
  119. Association of Clinical Biochemists Medical, Science, Medicine, British medicine
  120. Aluminium Center Belgium
  121. Australian Corrugated Box
  122. African Caribbean and Black Organizations, Health, Community
  123. Are Coming Back
  124. Alberta Congress Board
  125. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira
  126. Anonymous Call Blocking Technology, Service, Caller
  127. Air Cargo Belgium
  128. Asbestos-Cement Board
  129. American Community Bankers
  130. Adult Coloring Books Book, Stress, Colour
  131. Asociación Clubes Baloncesto
  132. Association of Commercial Banks
  133. Activity Control Block
  134. Anarchist'S Cook Book
  135. Application Control Block Technology, Program, Database
  136. Airman Classification Battery
  137. Associacion De Clubs Baloncesto
  138. Academic Consortium Board
  139. Ames Community Bank
  140. Advanced Capabilities Build
  141. Assassin'S Creed Brotherhood Technology, Gaming, Assassin
  142. Alpine Community Band
  143. Australian Conservatoire of Ballet
  144. Angevine De Construction Bois
  145. Association Des Conservateurs De BibliothèQues
  146. Analisi Costi-Benefici
  147. Auxiliary Controller Bus
  148. Autocad Color Book File Computing, File Extensions
  149. á ChÂU Bank
  150. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry
  151. African Central Bank Business, Africa, Economics
  152. Arm Cavity Baffle
  153. Aliansi Cirebon Bersih Business, Media, Indonesia, Hashtag
  154. Graphics (ACMB) Computing, File Extensions
  155. Ashland City Band
  156. Association of Custom Brokers
  157. African Cargo Services ICAO Aircraft Codes
  158. Agent Communications Broker Technology
  159. Address Control Block Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  160. Association Canadien Des Brasseurs
  161. Amsterdams Centrum Buitenlanders
  162. Auxiliary Charcoal Bed Science
  163. Adobe Photoshop Color Book File Computing, File Extensions
  164. State Board of Accountancy Business, Accounting, Education, Finance, Agency
  165. Animal Control Board
  166. Arlington Custom Browser Technology, Software, Internet
  167. Alexandria Carbon Black
  168. Advanced Communicator - Bronze Toastmasters
  169. Asheville Community Band
  170. Association of Certification Bodies
  171. Antrim County Airport, Bellaire, Michigan, United States Michigan, United States, Faa Airport Codes, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  172. Agencia Central De B
  173. Adaptive Combat Bayonet
  174. Association Canadienne Des BibliothèQues
  175. Amsterdam Convention Board
  176. Automovil Club Boliviano
  177. A Choose B Medical, Human genome
  178. Iata Code for Antrim County Airport, Bellaire, Michigan, United States Locations
  179. Ani Character Battle
  180. Arlington Community Band
  181. Alert Contingency Battalion Military
  182. Association for Clinical Biochemistry Medical, Science, Medicine, Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  183. Auto Crew Builder Hobbies
  184. Annular Confinement Beam Technology, Star, Trek, Transporter, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  185. Asean Compliance Body Community, Economics, Asean
  186. Amplifier Control Board
  187. Austrian Convention Bureaus Austria
  188. Agencia Central De BÚSquedas
  189. Adapter Control Block Technology, Driving, Linux
  190. Association Capacity Building
  191. Amsoil Cetane Boost
  192. Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
  193. Accreditation and Certification Branch Medical, Fda
  194. Angular Contact Ball Business, Product, Bearing
  195. Albumin Cobalt Binding Medical, Cardiac, Marker, British medicine
  196. Association Des Conservateurs De Biblioth
  197. A-Cap Resources Ltd (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX]) Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  198. Annoyance Call Bureau Technology, Service, Telecom
  199. Aluminum Chambered Boats Military, Sale, Water
  200. Armadyl Crossbow Texting, Game, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  201. Agence Culturelle Bretonne
  202. All City Band
  203. Actuarial Commandments Board Business
  204. Associated Credit Bureau
  205. Automobile Club Di Brescia
  206. aorto-coronary bypass Medical, British medicine
  207. Adjusted Cost Basis Business, Insurance, Tax, Income
  208. Angular Contact Bearings
  209. Albina Community Bank
  210. Association De Culture Berb
  211. Automated Clearing Bureau Accounting, Business & Finance
  212. Aircrew Bulletin Military, Governmental & Military
  213. Asian Congress On Biotechnology Science, Conference, Engineering
  214. Advanced Code Builder Technology, Barcode, Scanner
  215. Annie Costello Brown Design, Fashion, Jewelry
  216. Access method Control Block Computing, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  217. African Continental Bank Business, Africa, Nigeria
  218. All Circuit Breakers
  219. Actual Customer Behaviour Technology, Future, Consumer
  220. Asian Commercial Bank Business, Banking, Vietnam
  221. Associated Credit Bureaus Business, Service, Collection
  222. Automatic Circuit Breaker Business, Technology, Military
  223. aortocoronary bypass Medical, Bacteria, Blood Test, Common Medical, Medicine for Children
  224. Agricultural Credit Bank
  225. Adjusted Cost Base Business, Tax, Stock, Mortgage, Investing, Business & Finance
  226. Angular Contact Bearing Technology, Ball, Headset
  227. Association De Culture BerbèRe
  228. Association of Certified Book-Keepers Accounting, Business & Finance
  229. Aol Cab Launcher Computing, File Extensions
  230. Actinium B
  231. Ann Clin Biochem
  232. ACB Compressed file archive Computing, File Extensions
  233. African Charter On Broadcasting
  234. All-Climate Battery
  235. Asia Commercial Bank Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Finance, Banking, Business & Finance
  236. Automatic Contrast and Brightness
  237. antibody-coated bacteria Medical, Bacteria, Blood Test, British medicine
  238. Agent Control Block
  239. Associa
  240. Adjusted-Cost Base

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACB stand for?

    ACB stands for Anderson Crawley & Burke.

  2. What is the shortened form of Amphibious Construction Battalions?

    The short form of "Amphibious Construction Battalions" is ACB.


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