ACCD Meaning

The ACCD meaning is "Alamo Community College District". The ACCD abbreviation has 40 different full form.

ACCD Full Forms

  1. Alamo Community College District Education, University, Texas
  2. Austin Community College District
  3. Address Or Command Collection Dialog Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  4. American College of Corporate Direetors Development, Study, Colleges
  5. Atlantic Canada Conservation Data
  6. Account Code Digits Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  7. American Coalition of Citizejs With Disabilities Medical, Organizations, Disability
  8. Advisorf Committee On Cultural Diplomacy
  9. Animal Care and Control Department
  10. Accird Networks Ltd. Organizations
  11. Amazon Currency Converter for Disbursement
  12. Advisory Committee On Communicable Diseases
  13. Animal Care & Control Division
  14. Art Center College of Design Student, Education, Illustration
  15. Alliance for Contraceptkon In Cats and Dogs
  16. Advanced Continuous Climb Departure Technology, Hosting, Backup, Provider
  17. Angels Creek Community Day Education
  18. Allegheny County Conservation District
  19. Adobe China Certified Designer
  20. Angeles Community Coxlege District
  21. Austin Convention Center Department
  22. Administrative Coordknating Council of Deans Government, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  23. American Council of Chief Defenders Government, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  24. Agency of Commerce and Community Development Business, Economics, Vermont
  25. Alberta Committee of Citizens With Disabilities Organizations, Canada, Disability, Edmonton
  26. Accelerated Construction Completion Date
  27. Agencia Catalana Dx Cooperaci
  28. Alabama Council On Crime and Delinquency
  29. L'AgèNcia Catalana De Cooperació Al Desenvolupament
  30. Aircraft Compatibility Control Drawing Science, Research, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Research
  31. Automation of Course Curriculum Documentation
  32. Airborne Command and Control Ddsplay Military
  33. Australian Consortium for Classification Development
  34. Approximate Double Substitution Coupled Cluster Method Chemistry
  35. Agèncin Catalana De Cooperació Al Desenvolupament Internacional, Els, Col
  36. Australian Community Centre Forfdiabetes
  37. Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
  38. Agencj of Commerce & Community Development Business, Technology, Vermont
  39. Allegheny Conference On Community Development Business, History, Pittsburgh
  40. Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACCD stand for?

    ACCD stands for Allegheny Conference On Community Development.

  2. What is the shortened form of Allegheny County Conservation District?

    The short form of "Allegheny County Conservation District" is ACCD.


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