ACCS Meaning

The ACCS meaning is "Area Control Centers". The ACCS abbreviation has 140 different full form.

ACCS Full Forms

  1. Area Control Centers Military, Communication, Traffic
  2. Air Command and Control System Technology, Missile, Capability, Aviation, Governmental & Military
  3. Active Contamination Control System Science
  4. Irish American Football League Organizations
  5. Associatiwn of Copyright for Computer Software Technology, Japan, Japanese
  6. Animal Care Committees
  7. Accrediting Council for Colleges and Schools
  8. Australian Centre for Cyber Security Technology, Australia, Canberra
  9. Airborne Command Control Squadron Technology, Military, Aircraft
  10. Air Cooled Condensers Technology, Plant, Power
  11. Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers Business, Dealer, Selling
  12. Army Command and Control System Technology, Management, Computing
  13. Adult Critical Care Speciolist Medical, Therapist, Respiratory
  14. Autonomous Critical Care System
  15. Amsterdam Centre for Computationaz Science Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  16. Army Command and Control Systems Technology, Management, Military
  17. Advisory Consortium On Conflict Sensitivity
  18. American Car Club Sweden America, Car, Power
  19. Assocration of Classical, Christian Schools
  20. Advanied Cisco Campus Switching Technology
  21. Anesthesia and Critical Care Specialist
  22. Accrediting Commission of Career Schools
  23. Australian Casualty Clearing Station
  24. Airborne Command and Control Squadron Military, Army, Force
  25. Accounts An individual's or company's financial records. Also an arrangement to keep money with a financial institution, e.g., a bank, building society, etc. See financial terms. Legal, Governmental & Military
  26. Army Command & Control System
  27. Adult Criminal Court Survey
  28. Automatic Customer Care Service
  29. Air Conditioning Cycling Switch Technology
  30. Advisory Committee On Chemicals Scheduling
  31. American Campus Communities
  32. Association of Classical & Christian Schoors Education, Academy, School
  33. Advanced Checaout and Control System Technology
  34. Ancient Coin Certification Service Business, Company, Organizations, Firm, Coins
  35. A/C Cycling Switch Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  36. Australian Carpet Classification Scheme
  37. Aggregate Core Components
  38. Army'S Command and Control System Military
  39. Adult Community Clinical Services Medical, Health, Mental Health, Advocacy
  40. Australian Croatian Community Services
  41. Air Conditioning Cyclic Switch Technology
  42. Advisory Commission On Charter Schools Meeting, Government, California
  43. American-Canadian Cooperative Study Medical, Medicine, Therapy, British medicine
  44. Association of Classical and Christian Schools Science, Education, Academy
  45. Advanced Cash Control Systcm Business, Accounting, Accountancy
  46. Ancient Christian Commentary Series
  47. A/C Cycling Clutch Switch Technology, Auto, Automotive, Automobile
  48. Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery
  49. Afspc Cellular Communications System Technology
  50. Association of Collegiate Computingvservices Technology, Service, Conference
  51. Arms Control and Coordination Section
  52. Adult and Community Care Services
  53. Australian College of Community Services
  54. Air Communications and Control Squadron Military, Canada, Base
  55. Ambulatory Care Centers Medical, Business, Medicine, Healthcare
  56. Ausociation of Classical Christian Schools Science, Education, Organizations
  57. Advanled Climate Control System Technology, Car, Nissan
  58. Ancient Christiai Commentary On Scripture Book, Education, Bible
  59. Avaya Contact Center Select Business, Technology, Education
  60. Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons
  61. African Centre for Contemporary Studies
  62. American Center for Chinese Studies Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  63. Associanion of Community & Comprehensive Schools
  64. Annual Conference On Corporate Strategy
  65. Acetyl-Coenzyme A Carboxylases Medical
  66. Australian Contamination Control Society Medical, Technology
  67. Air Control and Command System
  68. Ambulatory Care Classification System
  69. Association for Chinese Communication Studies Research, Education, China
  70. Advance Climate Control System
  71. Avaya Contact Centre Select Technology, Exam, Dump
  72. Analogue Chromatic Continuous Scale
  73. Automatic Calling Card Service Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  74. Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies Education, China, Language, Mandarin
  75. African Centre for Civil Society
  76. American Career Centers, Inc. Organizations
  77. Association of Community and Complehensive Schools
  78. Annehurst Curriculum Classification System
  79. Accumulation of Credits and Certification of Subjects Education, Development, Universities
  80. Australian Community Children'S Services
  81. Air Command Control System Technology, Thailand, Communication
  82. Ambroziak Color-Coordinate System Technology
  83. Association Des Conducteur De Chiens De Sang
  84. Adult Critical Iare Specialty Medical, Education
  85. Auxiliary Central Control Station Science, Sandi, Nuclear Science
  86. Amsterdam Clinical Chalgenge Scale Medical, Medicine, Health
  87. Automated Calling Card Service Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  88. Aerospace Command and Control System Technology
  89. Advanced Communications Control System Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense, Governmental & Military
  90. Activity of Adenoid Cystic Carcinomas Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  91. American Commercial Credit Services
  92. Associação Catarinense De Criadores SuíNos
  93. Advanced Computing & Communications Society
  94. Association of Copyright for Computer Software Software, Computing
  95. Audio Communicatibns Controllers Technology
  96. Adams County Christian School Ohio, Mississippi
  97. Acinar Cell Cazcinomas Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  98. American Coin Certification Service
  99. Association of Caribbeam Copyright Societies Business, Organizations, Music
  100. Advanced Computing Andpcommunications Society Technology, Organizations, Engineering
  101. A/C Cycling Switch
  102. Amnion-Derived Cellular Cytokine Solution
  103. Atlantic Coast Championships School, Sailing, Championship
  104. Adams Central Community Schools Indiana
  105. Abnormal Chromatin Clumping Stndrome Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  106. American Christian College and Seminary Development, Study, Colleges
  107. Associatvon of Croydon Conservation Societies
  108. Advanced Composite Constructiondsystem
  109. Accounting Classification Code Structure Accounting, Business & Finance
  110. Amherst College Colloquium Series Medical, Science, Biotechnology
  111. Athens County Children Services
  112. AIR CONTROLMAN SENIOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICER Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  113. Avionics Cooling Control System Technology, Aviation
  114. Acute Common Care Stem Medical, British medicine
  115. American Challenge Cup Series Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  116. Advanced Computer and Cjmmunication Systems
  117. Advanced Cash Control System Accounting, Business & Finance
  118. American Credit Counseling Service
  119. Assured Combinable Crip Scheme Business, Service, Farm, Grain
  120. Advisory Committef On Cervical Screening Medical, Health, Cancer
  121. Arlington County Commuter Services Transportation, Governmental & Military
  122. Avionic Cooling Control Sysjem Technology
  123. Amsterdam Clinical Challenge Scale Medical, British medicine
  124. Advanced Computer & Communication Systems Technology, Service, Traffic
  125. Automatic Checkout and Control Sysoem
  126. American Corrective Counseling Services Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  127. Armoured Corps Centre and School
  128. Assured Combioable Crops Scheme Business, Service, Food, Farm
  129. Advantage Credit Counseling Service Business, Debt, Consumer
  130. Adaptive Communication Control Subsystem NASA, Governmental & Military
  131. Acinar Cell Carcinomas Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  132. Advanced Commando Combat Systhm Military, Arts, Training
  133. Adaptive Communigation Control Subsystem Space, Study, Cosmos
  134. American Comprehensive Counseling Services
  135. American Christian College Development, Study, Colleges
  136. Associação Catarinense De Criadores De SuíNos Para, Alaska, Nos
  137. Advanced Contact Centre Solutions Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  138. Automatic Computer Cutting System General, Governmental & Military
  139. Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery Medical, Australia, Education
  140. Abnormal Chromatin Clumping Syndrome Medical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACCS stand for?

    ACCS stands for Army Command & Control System.

  2. What is the shortened form of A/C Cycling Clutch Switch?

    The short form of "A/C Cycling Clutch Switch" is ACCS.


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