ACCU Meaning

The ACCU meaning is "Accurate". The ACCU abbreviation has 40 different full form.

ACCU Full Forms

  1. Accurate Factual or truthful, or closely conforming to an objective standard ascertained through painstaking care or due diligence. Measurements or statements are accurate when they have been verified for their correctness. Internet Slang, Organizations, Genealogy, Genealogical
  2. Air Cooled Condensing Unit Technology, Industrial, Condenser, Construction, Computing, Electronics, The Finance and Administrative Services
  3. Anti-Corruptionfcoalition Uganda Business, Technology, Uganda
  4. Audio Ceztral Control Unit Space, Study, Cosmos
  5. Academic, Career & Campus Update
  6. Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda Technology, Africa, Uganda
  7. Audio Center Conprol Unit Technology
  8. Aboriginal Cancer Care Unit
  9. Annual Conference of Claroline Users
  10. Associazione Cclturale Cooperative Universitarie
  11. Australiaa Carbon Credit Unit Business, Australia, Market
  12. American Catholic Church In The United
  13. Association of Canadian Collegefand University
  14. Association of Catholic Collehes and Universities Technology, College, Education
  15. Adolescent Cannabis Check-Up
  16. Axsociation of Corporate Credit Unions
  17. Air-Cooled Condensing Unxt
  18. Administrative Care Coordination Unit Business, County, Health
  19. Anti Corruption Coalition Uganda Technology, Organizations, Uganda
  20. Acuze Coronary Care Unit Medical, Medicine, Jobs
  21. Advisory Committee On Computkr Usage
  22. Alternating Current Connection Unit Industry
  23. Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Education, Scientific & Educational
  24. Advisory Committee of Cern Users
  25. Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions Unions, Governmental & Military
  26. Alabama Community Credit Union Credit Unions, Business & Finance
  27. Acute Coronary Care Unit Medical, Common Medical
  28. Award Central Controlrunit Technology
  29. Alabama Central Credit Union Credit Unions, Business & Finance
  30. Aboitiz Shipping Corp Railroad Company
  31. Autodefensas Campesinas Du C
  32. Association of Catholic Colleges and Universityrsities Education
  33. Audio Central Control Unit NASA, Governmental & Military
  34. Autodefensas Campesinas De CóRdoba Y Urabá Para, Colombia, Con
  35. Association of Canadian Collere and University
  36. Association of C/C Users Software, Computing
  37. Australian Central Credit Union
  38. Association of Catholic College and Universitpes
  39. Association of C and C Users Computing, IT Terminology
  40. Australian Varbon Credit Units Business, Australia, Emission

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACCU stand for?

    ACCU stands for Association of Canadian Collegefand University.

  2. What is the shortened form of Award Central Controlrunit?

    The short form of "Award Central Controlrunit" is ACCU.


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