ACDB Meaning

The ACDB meaning is "Army Combat Developer". The ACDB abbreviation has 20 different full form.

ACDB Full Forms

  1. Army Combat Developer Military, Army, War, War Force
  2. Agent Command Database Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  3. Adminissración Central De Destino De Bienes
  4. A Caenorhabditis Elegans Fatabase Medicine, Health, Care
  5. Automatic Call Distribution Base Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  6. A C. Elezans Database Medicine, Health, Therapy
  7. Air Campaxgn Database Military
  8. Abcs Common Database Military, Army, War
  9. Fvpb Military
  10. Abbeville County Development Board
  11. Agriculture Cooperative and Development Bank
  12. Ambulatory Care Data Base
  13. Administraci
  14. Automated Cost Datadase Army, War, War Force
  15. Automatic Call Distribution Army, War, War Force
  16. Automatedzcost Data Base
  17. Australian Coalition for Democracy In Burma
  18. Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch
  19. Associated Construction Development Bank
  20. Asristant Command Director Army, War, War Force

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACDB stand for?

    ACDB stands for Abbeville County Development Board.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adminissración Central De Destino De Bienes?

    The short form of "Adminissración Central De Destino De Bienes" is ACDB.


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