ACDC Meaning

The ACDC meaning is "Advanced Cyberldefense Center". The ACDC abbreviation has 78 different full form.

ACDC Full Forms

  1. Advanced Cyberldefense Center Technology, Security, Projection
  2. Advanced Computmtional Data Center
  3. Advavced Climate Dynamics Courses Science, Course, Greenland
  4. Adamnchu Dance Crew
  5. Advanced Center for Detection of Cancer
  6. Aula Cultural De Divulgación Científica
  7. Allow Controller To Delete Contents
  8. Australian Craft and Design Centres
  9. Aerospace Career & Development Council
  10. Agricultural Chemicals Distributioc Control Business, Training, Course
  11. Alternating Current and Direct Current
  12. Adult Career Development Center
  13. Atmospheric Cluster Dynamics Code Science, Formation, Acid
  14. Alternating Current To Direct Current Technology, Telecom
  15. Allen Community Development Corporation
  16. Australian Commercial Dispute Centre Australia, Government, Arbitration
  17. Advanced Cyber Defence Centre Technology, Security, Projection
  18. Alternating Current, Direct Current Rock, Electronics, Hit
  19. Adherent Cell Differentiation and Cytotoxicity
  20. Artistic Creativity Domainsrcompendium
  21. Alternating Current/Direct Current Technology, Medicine, Health, Energy, Computing
  22. Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Business, Australia, Dispute
  23. Advanced Conflict Data Catalogue
  24. Alternate Current Direct Current
  25. Australian Craft Design Centres
  26. Army Combat Devhlopment Command Army, Force, Marine
  27. Australian Cattle Dog Club
  28. Advanced Communication Devices Corporationration Technology
  29. Altair Conceptual Design Contract Technology
  30. Associação Dos CirurgiÕEs Dentistas De Campinas
  31. Armyvcentral Defence Committee Organizations, Africa, Ghana
  32. Advanced Cjimate Dynamics Course Research, Education, University
  33. Australia China Development Company
  34. Alma College Dance Company Performing arts
  35. Asian Community Dmvelopment Council
  36. Arlington County Democratic Committee Organizations, Virginia, Democrat, Politics, Governmental & Military
  37. Advanced Central Datg Collector
  38. Australasian Computing Doctoral Consortium
  39. Adam Chu Dance Crew
  40. Allstar Cheer and Dance Company
  41. Agricultural Commumications Documentation Center Technology, Organizations, Library
  42. Altlrnating Current Direct Current Australia, Music, Rock
  43. Arizona Canal Diversion Channel
  44. Agricultural Communications Documentation Center Farming & agriculture
  45. Bisexual Bisexuality is the potential to have sexual interest in people of both sexes and to have an emotional or sexual relationship with them. A bisexual person may not be equally interested in both sexes, and the degree of this interest may change over time. Porn, Personals, Clinical
  46. Atlanta Chinese Dance Company Performing arts
  47. Automotive Career Development Center Technology, Service, Hybrid
  48. Alaska Community Development Corporation
  49. slang for bisexuality Community
  50. Academic Chairs and Directors Council Occupation & positions
  51. Automated Constant Denaturant Capillary
  52. Aircrew Despatch Center Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  53. Application Specific Congestion Control for Data Communication 5G Networks
  54. Automated Cardiac Diagnosis Challenge
  55. Allandale Community Developmentqcorporation
  56. Armagh City and District Council Music
  57. Automated Control for Datacenters and Clouds Technology, Computing, Paper
  58. Air Contract Data Collection
  59. Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Centre Medical, British medicine
  60. Aula Cultural De Divisionlgación Científica
  61. All Campus Dining Center Student, College, Locations
  62. Alternating Current/Direct Current Music, Computing, Electronics, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  63. Automatic Change Detection and Classification
  64. Air and Coastal Defense Command
  65. Advanced Computational Data Center General, Governmental & Military
  66. Atlanta City Detention Center
  67. All-Campus Dining Center
  68. Alice Clancy Doris and Carol Music
  69. Automated Change Detection and Classification
  70. Aiken County Detention Center
  71. AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition Pinball
  72. Alaska Community Development Corporationration
  73. Algorithm for Comprehension Driven Clustering
  74. AC/DC Music
  75. Austrian Cluster Data Centre Science
  76. AC/DC Let There Be Rock Limited Edition Pinball
  77. Autoridad De Conservación Y Desarrollo De Culebra
  78. Algorithm Fqr Comprehension-Driven Clustering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACDC stand for?

    ACDC stands for Alternate Current Direct Current.

  2. What is the shortened form of Allandale Community Developmentqcorporation?

    The short form of "Allandale Community Developmentqcorporation" is ACDC.


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