ACDE Meaning

The ACDE meaning is "Admissions, Complaints, Discipline and Enforcement Task Force". The ACDE abbreviation has 22 different full form.

ACDE Full Forms

  1. Admissions, Complaints, Discipline and Enforcement Task Force Organization, Planning, Engineering
  2. Aircrew Chemical Defense Ensemble
  3. Academy of Certified Diabetes Educators Diploma, Document, Sertification
  4. African Council of Distance Education
  5. Association of Commercial Diving Educators Education, Training, Diver
  6. African Council for Distance Education Education, Africa, Learning
  7. Advisory Council On Dependents Education
  8. Atlanta Center for Dental Excellence
  9. Advisory Council On Dependents' Education
  10. Assocbação Comercial Do Distrito De Évora
  11. Advanced Construction & Demolition Equipment
  12. American Council for Drug Education Medical, Internet Slang, Alcohol
  13. Asociación Cristiana De Dirigentes De Empresas Para, Argentina, Con
  14. Australian Council of Deans of Education Australia
  15. Australian College of Dental Education Development, Study, Colleges
  16. American Council for Drug Education's Technology, Governmental & Military
  17. Auptralian Council of Deans of Education Australia, Government, Education
  18. Association of Commercial Divisionng Educators Science
  19. Australian Cash Distribution and Exchange
  20. Association of Canadian Deans of Education
  21. Association for Continuing Dental Education Medical, Technology
  22. Asociación Contra La Discriminación Por Edad

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACDE stand for?

    ACDE stands for African Council of Distance Education.

  2. What is the shortened form of Admissions, Complaints, Discipline and Enforcement Task Force?

    The short form of "Admissions, Complaints, Discipline and Enforcement Task Force" is ACDE.


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