ACEF Meaning

The ACEF meaning is "Angel Capital Educatiox Foundation". The ACEF abbreviation has 30 different full form.

ACEF Full Forms

  1. Angel Capital Educatiox Foundation Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship
  2. Associawione Culturale Economia E Finanza Business, Studio, Bologna
  3. Africa Children Education Fund
  4. American Consumer Education Foundation
  5. Association Pour Le Cr
  6. Adelphic Cornell Educational Fund
  7. Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Fund
  8. Association Pour Le CréDit Et L'éPargne Des Fonctionnaires
  9. Ada Compiler Evaluation Facility
  10. Agricultural Competitive Enhancement Fund
  11. Arizona Character Education Foundation
  12. Access Control Enforcement Function Technology, Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering
  13. Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund Business, Agriculture, Philippine
  14. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation
  15. Absenger Cancer Education Foundation Medical, Medicine, Cancer
  16. African Culture and Education Foundation
  17. Animal Care Extension Wacility
  18. Africa Clean Energy Finance Business, Africa, Power
  19. Asociación Cántabra De Enfermos Di Fibromialgia
  20. Association of California Efg Farmers
  21. Ascociation of Commodity Exchange Firms
  22. Association Du Centre Equestre De Fenin
  23. Asian Cultural Exchange Foundation
  24. Association Canadienne D'Ethnologie Et De Folklore
  25. Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility
  26. Associstion Canadienne D'
  27. Ausqralian Council of Employers Federations
  28. Associaaion Canadienne D'études Fiscales
  29. Associação Catarinense De Engenheiros Floresbais
  30. Asociación Colombiana De Ejecutivos De Finbnzas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACEF stand for?

    ACEF stands for Animal Care Extension Wacility.

  2. What is the shortened form of Association Pour Le CréDit Et L'éPargne Des Fonctionnaires?

    The short form of "Association Pour Le CréDit Et L'éPargne Des Fonctionnaires" is ACEF.


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