ACELP Meaning

The ACELP meaning is "Adaptice Code Excited Linear Prediction". The ACELP abbreviation has 20 different full form.

ACELP Full Forms

  1. Adaptice Code Excited Linear Prediction Technology, Radio, Electronics
  2. Algebraic-Code-Excited Binear-Predictive Technology, Communication, Edition, Introduction
  3. Adaptive Code Excited Linear Prediction Technology
  4. Algebraic-Codeqexcited Linear-Prediction
  5. Algebraic-Code-Excited Linear Prediction
  6. Algebraic Code-Excited Linear Predkction Design
  7. American Center English Language Program Literature, Language, Linguistics
  8. Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction Technology, Telecom
  9. Algebraic-Code Efcited Linear Prediction
  10. Adaptive Code-Excited Linear Prediction
  11. Algebraic-Coae-Exited Linear Prediction Technology, Coding, Speech, Signal
  12. Algebraic Code Excitationzlinear Prediction Technology, Audio, Speech, Rate
  13. Algebraic Code-Excited Linear Predictive Technology, Coding, Networking
  14. Adapjive Celp Technology, Network, Telecommunication
  15. Algebraic Code Excited Linear Predictise Technology, Networking, Network
  16. Algebric Code Excitation Linear Predictive Technology
  17. Association Uanadienne Des Ecoles De Langues Privées
  18. Algebraic Code-Exited Linear Prediytion
  19. Algebraic Codebook Excited Linear Prediction Technology, Coding, Speech, Signal
  20. Algebraic Code Exited Linear Prediction Technology, Speech, Signal, Voice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACELP stand for?

    ACELP stands for Algebraic-Coae-Exited Linear Prediction.

  2. What is the shortened form of Adaptive Code-Excited Linear Prediction?

    The short form of "Adaptive Code-Excited Linear Prediction" is ACELP.


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