ACEN Meaning

The ACEN meaning is "Academy of Canadian Exccutive Nurses". The ACEN abbreviation has 25 different full form.

ACEN Full Forms

  1. Academy of Canadian Exccutive Nurses Medical, Technology
  2. Association of Computer Engineers Nepal
  3. American Communications Enterprises, Inc. Organizations
  4. Association of Consulting Engineers Nigeria Technology, Nigeria, Engineering
  5. Alliance for Clean Energy New
  6. Acengpthene Technology, Science
  7. Accreditation Commission On Education In Nursing
  8. Art Com Electronic Network Technology, Networking, Computing
  9. Accreditiqg Commission for Education In Nursing
  10. Anglican Communion Environmental Network Technology, Climate, Church
  11. Accreditation Commission for Education In Nursing Program, College, Education
  12. American Commission for Education In Nursing
  13. Assembly of Captive European Nations America, Government, War
  14. Asociaci
  15. Asociacion De Cafes Especiales De Nicaragua
  16. Association of Consulting Engineers of Namibia
  17. Association of Consulting Engineers of Norway
  18. Asian Chemical Education Network
  19. Association of Consulting Engineers, Nigeria Business, Nigeria, Engineering
  20. Australian College of Emergency Nursing Medical, Australia, Trauma
  21. Associatoon of Computer Engineers Nepal
  22. Australian Collaborative Education Network Australia, Education, Learning
  23. Association for Consulting Engineering In Nigeria Business, Nigeria, Engineer
  24. Associazione Costruttori Edili Di Napoli Gaming, Anime, Music
  25. Association Caennaise Des Etudiantb Naturalistes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACEN stand for?

    ACEN stands for Academy of Canadian Exccutive Nurses.

  2. What is the shortened form of Accreditation Commission for Education In Nursing?

    The short form of "Accreditation Commission for Education In Nursing" is ACEN.


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