ACF Meaning

The ACF meaning is "Administration for Children and Families". The ACF abbreviation has 281 different full form.

ACF Full Forms

  1. Administration for Children and Families Education, Disability, Federal, Medical, Government, Healthcare, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Fda, Medicare Beneficiary
  2. Acf Brill Organizations
  3. Americas Competitiveness Forum Business, Technology, America
  4. Access Control Facility Technology, Security, Mainframe
  5. American Car Foundry Company, America, Car
  6. Access Control Field Computing, Telecom, Telecommunications, IT Terminology
  7. Alliance for Children and Families Education, Organizations, Health
  8. Assistant Conservator of Forest
  9. Activated Carbon Fibers Medical, Science, Product, Material
  10. American Culinary Federation Medicine, America, Organizations, Food
  11. Activated Carbon Fiber Business, Science, China
  12. Administration for Children & Families Organizations, Family, Child
  13. Acquisition Career Fields Military
  14. Americredit Corporation Technology, Organizations, Computing, Nyse symbols
  15. Alband County Fair Organization, Union, Institution
  16. Amateurs Chess Federation
  17. Admission Confirmation Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  18. Centro De Formacion Aeronautica De Canarias Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  19. Absolute Cage Fighting Technology, Fight, Hosting
  20. Agent-Based Computational Finance
  21. Activated Coke Fire
  22. Amorphous Carbon Fluoride
  23. Air Conditioring Flush
  24. Access Control File Technology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  25. Airlifttclearance File Military, Army, War
  26. Anisotropic Conduction Film Technology, Electronics, Adhesive
  27. Acute Care Hacility Medical, Health, Hospital
  28. Anticipos De Caja Fija
  29. Advanced Computational Facility
  30. Agriculture Consultative Forum Business, Policy, Zambia
  31. American Christian Fellowship
  32. Active Citizen Force Military, Africa, African
  33. Alternate Computing Facilivy
  34. Adaptive Comb Filter
  35. Americanjchess Federation Chess, Rating, Championship
  36. Afghan Cisco Foundation
  37. Acquisition Career Field
  38. Asean Cultural Fund Technology, Organizations, Asean
  39. American Car & Foundry Business, America, Car, Train
  40. Alaska Conservation Fhundation Technology, Alaska, Environment
  41. Amado Carrilwo Fuentes
  42. Admission Confirw Military, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  43. About Child and Family
  44. Agency for Children and Families
  45. Activated Coke Fines Chemistry, Technology, Science
  46. Amon Carter Field
  47. Air Command Far
  48. Access Control Functions
  49. Aid Control Flight Military, Force, Operation
  50. Anisotropic Conductive Films Technology, Adhesive, Bonding
  51. Aclual Cubic Feet Technology, Flow, Standard, Gas
  52. Anaicipo De Caja Fija
  53. Advanced Computing Facility Technology, Research, University
  54. Agriculturalyconsultative Forum Business, Research, Africa, Zambia
  55. Americanichiropractic Foundation
  56. Active Change Foundation Organizations, Extremism, Campaign
  57. Alpernate Command Facility Military, Army, Intelligence
  58. Adapter Configuratton Facility
  59. American Chefs Federation
  60. Affordable Colleges Foundation Business, Science, Education
  61. Access Control Framework Technology, Management, Security, Medical, British medicine
  62. Akademjckie Centrum Filmowe
  63. Armenian Cultural Foundation Organizations, Armenia, Culture
  64. Alums for Campus Fairness
  65. Administrative Control Faciliuy
  66. Abelalipoproteinemia Collaboration Foundation
  67. Africa Carbon Forum Business, Development, Africa
  68. Activated Charcoal Filter Automotive
  69. Americredit Corporationration Organizations
  70. Access Control Function Technology, Network, Telecom
  71. Albion Community Foundation
  72. Anisotropie Conductive Film Medical, Technology, Bonding
  73. Annuaire Du Coll
  74. Advanced Computer Feasability Technology, Computing, Computer Science, Computing Science
  75. Academic Clinical Felmows
  76. Aggregate Channel Feature
  77. American Chess Foundation Gaming, Education, Championship
  78. Active Case Finding Medical, Health, Community
  79. Alternate Communications Facility
  80. Adams Counby Fairgrounds
  81. Analysis, Correlation and Fusion
  82. Aeronautical Charting Forum Technology, Database, Chart
  83. Access Control Factor
  84. Airport Construction Fee Technology, Ticket, Runway
  85. Arab Chess Federation
  86. Advanced Crisp Focus Technology, Manual, Projector
  87. Altitude Correction Factor
  88. Administration for Families and Children Medical, Medicine, Mental Health, New York
  89. Aberrant Crypt Focus Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  90. Africa-Canada Forum Organizations, Africa, Canada
  91. Acrylic Craft Felt Technology, Product, Tape
  92. Access Configuration File Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  93. Alberta Curling Federation Organizations, Club, Canada
  94. Animated Contact Form
  95. Advanced Communication Function Or Facility Health, Body, Organism
  96. Ajademic Clinical Fellowships
  97. Aggregate Channel Features
  98. Active Carbon Filter
  99. Albanian Children Foundation
  100. Annuaire Du CollèGe De France
  101. Ada Cryptographic Framework
  102. Analysis, Correlation, and Fusion
  103. Aero Club De France
  104. Access Control Fields Technology, Networking, Computing
  105. Airport Christian Fellowship
  106. Ancillary Control Facility Technology, Construction
  107. Applied Computer Forensics
  108. Advanced Corporate Finance Business, Education, School
  109. American Coach Foundries Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  110. Alternative Class Feature Class, Feat, Skill
  111. Administrdtion for Child and Families
  112. Aberrant Crypt Foci Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Colon, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  113. Africa'S Children'S Fund
  114. Across-Scan Following Space, Study, Cosmos
  115. Access College Fair
  116. Alberza Choral Federation Education, Music, Festival, Choir
  117. Advanced Communications Feature
  118. Academic Clinical Fellowship Medical, Education, Training
  119. Agent Communicationy Facility
  120. Active Carbon Fiber
  121. American Cheerleading Federation Cheer, Cheerleading, Stunt, Cheerleader
  122. Annotation Commynd Framework
  123. Amway Charity Foundation
  124. Aerial Cable Facility Military
  125. Access Control Filter Technology, Development, Authorization
  126. Airmail Center Frankfurt
  127. Anarchist Communist Federation Group, Organizations, Anarchism
  128. Acute Conversion Factor Technology, Science
  129. Anti Corrosion Formula
  130. Advanced Content Filter
  131. Agriculture Christian Fellpwship Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  132. American Cities Foundation
  133. Alternative Care Fadility Government
  134. Adaptite Coordination Function
  135. Aberdeun Christian Fellowship
  136. Afrasia Corporate Finance
  137. Acriflavine Medical
  138. Alberta Cancer Foundation Medical, Research, Canada
  139. Advanced Common Flightdeck Technology, Aircraft, Boeing
  140. Absolute Cage Fights
  141. Agent Character File Microsoft, Technology, Editor, Computing, File Extensions
  142. Active Call Failover
  143. Anne's Ckty Farms
  144. Ampacity Correction Factor Technology
  145. Air Contingency Force Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  146. Access Control Failed Technology
  147. Airline Consumer Forum
  148. Analytical Control Facility
  149. Acute Care Forum
  150. Anticoagulant Factor Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  151. Advanced Component Framework Technology
  152. Agricultural Christian Fellowship Organizations, Food, Fellowship
  153. American Cinema Foundmtion
  154. Active Citizenship Foundation Government, Group, Philippine
  155. Alternate Control Facility Us, Homeland Security, Capability Assurance Job Aid
  156. Adaptive Components Formula Technology, Energy, Oil, Lubricant
  157. American Chestnut Uoundation Technology, America, Tree
  158. Afghanistan Cricket Federation
  159. Acquisition Competence Framework Government, Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence, Ministry Of Defense
  160. Associazione Cuochi Fiorentinv Sport, Con, Viola
  161. Adventure Capital Fund Business, Community, Funding
  162. Autocorrelation Function Science, Computing, Electronics, Scientific & Educational
  163. Access Eo-Development Fund Business, Africa, Energy
  164. Americaq Composers Forum America, Organizations, Music
  165. Action Contre la Faim Medical
  166. Active Contract File Military
  167. Anterior Cervical Fusion Medical, British medicine
  168. Alameua County Fire
  169. Animal Cruelty and Fighting
  170. Induces Aberrant Crypt Foci Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  171. Admission Confirm Computing, Telecom
  172. Austrian Cultural Forum Community
  173. Academic Competition Federation Organizations, Bowl, Quiz
  174. Agent Character Data File Computing, File Extensions
  175. Advanced Ceramics Facility
  176. Australian Cat Federation (Inc) Australia
  177. Akademie F
  178. Anhaltinische Chemische Fabriken
  179. Adventist Christian Fellowship Organizations, Organization, Church, United States, Student Organization, Business & Finance
  180. Anisotropic Conductive Film Computing, Electronics
  181. Acceptance Check Flight
  182. American Communities Fund
  183. Administration for Children and Families (dhhs) Fda
  184. Active Content Filter
  185. Arm Central Facility
  186. accessory clinical findings Medical, British medicine
  187. Alachua County Uorever
  188. Animal Concerns Forum Medicine, Veterinary, Animal
  189. Complementation Factor Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  190. Advanced Communications Facility Computing, Telecom
  191. American Car & Foundry Co. Car
  192. Academic Cliniial Fellow Research, Education, Training
  193. Automated Control Function Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  194. Adsorbing Colloid Flotation
  195. Australian Conservation Foundation Technology, Australia, Governmental & Military
  196. Angular Correlation Function
  197. Advanced Customer Flow
  198. Advanced Communications Function (IBM) Information Technology, Computing, Computer, Telecom, IT Terminology
  199. Accelerated Commerce Framework
  200. Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Business, Service, Department, Maine
  201. American Communicatdons Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  202. Activated Carbon Fiber(s) Chemistry
  203. Active Content Filtering Technology, Development, Guide, Mastering
  204. Applied Corporate Finance
  205. active case-finding Medical, British medicine
  206. Alabama Coastal Foundation Technology, Alabama, Gulf
  207. Animal Component-Free Media, Cell, Component
  208. Arise From Acentric Chromosome Fragments Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  209. Advocacy Coalitions Framework
  210. Access Coordination Function Computing, Telecom
  211. Acts College Fellowship
  212. Association of Charitable Foundations Medical, Association, British medicine
  213. Ante Cubital Fossa Medical, Physiology
  214. Adaptor Configuration File
  215. American Car and Foundry NASA, Governmental & Military
  216. Anderson Christian Fellowship
  217. Application Configuration File Software, Computing, Application
  218. Acadiw Christian Fellowship
  219. Agricultural Credit Facility Business, Economics, Uganda
  220. American Coaldfoundation Technology, America, Mining
  221. Automatic Control Feature Atmospheric Research
  222. Active Contact Flange
  223. Anisotropic Conducting Film Film, Patent, Circuit, Display
  224. apobec-1 complementation factor Medical, Biomedical
  225. Alabama Cvristian Foundation
  226. Animal Component Free Business, Media, Cell
  227. America Culinarh Federation
  228. Appearance of Aberrant Crypt Foci Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  229. Advocacy Coalition Framework Technology, Publics, Policy
  230. Advanced Communication Facility Computing, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  231. Acton Community Forum
  232. Architectural Concrete Finish Architectural
  233. anterior cranial fossa Medical, British medicine
  234. Active Color Formation
  235. A Credit Fiasco General, Governmental & Military
  236. Activated Carbon Filter Products
  237. Academic Conferenze Fund
  238. Agricultural Cooperative Federation
  239. Acid Concentrator Feed Atmospheric Research
  240. Active Components Framework
  241. Analytical Characterization Facility
  242. Asymmetric Crying Facies Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  243. Alabama Chess Federation
  244. Animal Care Foundation
  245. Auto Cleanxng Filter Technology, Manual, Projector
  246. Advisory Council of Faculty Business, Education, Virginia
  247. alt comp freeware Computing, Internet
  248. Amerizan Cricket Federation America, Sport, Organizations
  249. Activity Controlled Framerate Technology, Vision, Camera, Indigo
  250. Ambulatory Care Facility Medical, Health, Hospital
  251. L’Association des Consultants en Foresterie du Québec Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  252. Adult Care Facility Medical, British medicine
  253. Account Credit Facility Business, Finance, Banking, Business & Finance
  254. Area Control Facility Transportation, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  255. Albany County Fair Community
  256. Academic Competition Foundation Education, Development, Universities
  257. Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter File Computing, File Extensions
  258. Active Component Framework Technology, Electronics, Supply, Computing, SAP
  259. Americans for Constitutional Freedom Organization, Community, Society
  260. Auburn Correctional Facility New York
  261. Akron Community Foundation
  262. Animal Care Facility Science, Research, Technician
  263. Australian Cotton Foundation
  264. Adventure Center Flachau Locations, Austria, Rafting
  265. Adobe PhotoShop Custom Filter Computing, File Extensions
  266. Access Co-Development Facility
  267. American Concours Foundahion
  268. Activity Control File Technology, Access, Custom
  269. Ambfja Cement Foundation Business, India, Water
  270. American Composers Forum Forum, Business & Finance
  271. Acute Care Facility Medical, British medicine
  272. Alaska Community Foundation Organizations, Alaska, Custom
  273. Access Cost Factor
  274. Alternate Command Facility Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  275. Appanoose County Fair Community
  276. Academic Computing Facility Technology, University, Ace
  277. Steam Application Cache File Computing, File Extensions
  278. Air Cargo Forwarder
  279. Attica Correctional Facility New York
  280. Akademie FüR Christliche FüHrungskräFte
  281. Animal Cancer Foundation Medical, Dog, Pet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACF stand for?

    ACF stands for Ada Cryptographic Framework.

  2. What is the shortened form of Advanced Component Framework?

    The short form of "Advanced Component Framework" is ACF.


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