ACG Meaning

The ACG meaning is "American College of Gastroenterology". The ACG abbreviation has 218 different full form.

ACG Full Forms

  1. American College of Gastroenterology Medical, Technology, Medicine, Safety, Health, Business & Finance, Professional organizations, Bowel Gastric And Intestine, Fda
  2. American Casino Guide
  3. Ambulatory Care Group Medical, Business, Medicine, British medicine
  4. All Conditions Gear Business, Collection, Nike
  5. Advanced Computing Group Technology, Ocean, Ocean Science, Atmospheric Research
  6. Academic Competitiveness Grant Business, Student, Education
  7. Advanced Concepts Group Technology, Trek, Bicycle
  8. Association Des Communes Genevoises Association, Gen, Commune, Canton
  9. Academic Competetiveness Grant
  10. Area Coordination Group Military, Army Regulation
  11. Analyst Consulting Group
  12. Apexcardiography Medical
  13. Anti-Corruption Agency Organizations
  14. Arthropod Containment Guidelines
  15. Alley Cat Guardians
  16. Assistant-Comptroller-General
  17. Anime Comic Games
  18. Academy of Computer Graphics
  19. Ashby Computers & Graphics Technology, Gaming, Spectrum, Play
  20. America Corporate Growth
  21. Automatic Code Generation
  22. Angle Closure Glaucoma Medical, Genetics, Symptom, British medicine
  23. Addictions Consulting Group
  24. American Custom Golf
  25. Advanced Component Group Business, Trek, Bicycle
  26. Association Catalane De G
  27. Academic Competitive Grants
  28. Arab Coordination Group
  29. Analog Call Generator
  30. Apexcardiogram Medical, Health, Body, Cardio
  31. Achievement Consulting Group
  32. Arts Consulting Group Business, Museum, Culture
  33. Allergen Control Group
  34. Assignment Coordination Group
  35. Anime Comic Game Anime, Comics, Wallpaper
  36. Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil
  37. Academie Canadienne Du Genie
  38. Appalachian Consulting Group
  39. Ascot Consulting Group
  40. American Comics Group America, Book, Comics
  41. Automatic Code Generator
  42. Automation Consulting Group Business, Technology, Frankfurt
  43. Anime Cosplay Games
  44. Acquisition Coordinating Group
  45. Assistant Chaplain-General
  46. Advanced Computer Graphics
  47. Association Canadienne Du Gaz
  48. Academic Competitiveness Grants Student, College, Education
  49. Arab Constructors Group
  50. Amsterdam Coordination Group
  51. Accelerator Globulin Medical, Medicine, Health, Body, Therapy, British medicine
  52. Apex Cardiogram Medical, Medicine, Therapy, Physiology, Cardio
  53. Acetogenins Medical
  54. Art Consulting Group Arts, Organizations, Culture
  55. Alpine Consulting Group Business, American, Nike
  56. Audio Comparer Group
  57. Animation, Comics & Games
  58. Azeri Chirag Guneshli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil
  59. Academic Computing Group
  60. Apostolic Church of God
  61. Asante Calcium Green
  62. America'S Comic Group
  63. Automatic Code Gap Technology, Networking, Telecom
  64. Automation Center Germany Business, Company, Germany
  65. Anime Cosplay and Gaming Gaming, Play, Pastime
  66. Acoustocardiogram Medical
  67. Allied Command Group
  68. Assistant Comptroller-General
  69. Adjacent Charging Group Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  70. Association Canadienne De Gastroenterologie Medical, Technology
  71. American College of Greece America, Education, Greece
  72. Automatic Cross Generation
  73. Academic College Group College, Education, School
  74. Aqueous Chemical Growth
  75. Amrita Consulting Group
  76. Acci
  77. Apelbaum Consulting Group
  78. Accounting & Consulting Group
  79. Architectural Consulting Group Business, Locations, Projection
  80. Allied Consultants Group
  81. Auckland City By Graham
  82. Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil
  83. Academic Competitivness Grant
  84. Apogee Consulting Group
  85. Arxiu Capitular De Girona
  86. America'S Comics Group
  87. Automatic Code Gapping Military, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  88. Anime Club Generation
  89. Acorn Computer Group
  90. Alliance Consulting Group
  91. Assistant Comptrollers General Service, Government, Nigeria, Customs
  92. Analytic Consulting Group
  93. Adherent Compensateur General Business, Finance, Banking
  94. American College of Gastroenterolgy Medical, Technology
  95. Automatic Crosstell Gate
  96. Assistant Chaplain General Military
  97. Amphibious Combat Group Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  98. Aortocoronary Graft Health, Body, Organism, Medical, British medicine
  99. Account Control Group
  100. Asset Consulting Group
  101. Allen Consulting Group Business, Australia, Report
  102. Association of Chinese Graduates Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  103. Academic Competiveness Grant
  104. Arbitrary Code Guard
  105. Arts Centre Group Film, Education, School
  106. Ambulatory Care Groups Medical, Business, Health
  107. Audit Et ContróLe De Gestion
  108. Anime, Comics and Games Gaming, Anime, Organizations
  109. Acomplishments, Completed, and Goals Management, Marketing, Trade
  110. Alliance Communications Group
  111. Assistant Comptrollers-General Service, Nigeria, Customs
  112. Animation, Comics and Gaming Gaming, China, Animation
  113. Address Coding Guides Science, Geography, Information System
  114. American College of Gastroenterologists Medical, Testing, Cancer, Colorectal
  115. Automatic Contingency Generation
  116. Area De Conservacion Guanacaste Medical, Technology, Conservation
  117. Amos-Comenius-Gymnasium
  118. Anti Camber Grip
  119. Assessment Compliance Group
  120. Air Cargo Germany Airline, Military, Germany
  121. Association of Corporate Growth Business, Company, Organizations
  122. Academic Competitive Grant Student, Financial, Education
  123. Aragon Consulting Group
  124. Analytical Consulting Group
  125. Azeri, Chirag, and Guneshli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil, Gas
  126. Anime, Comics, and Games
  127. Acm Government Income Fund, Inc. Organizations
  128. Artistic Concepts Group
  129. Alliance Capital Group
  130. Assistant Comptroller General Government, Nigeria, Customs
  131. Anime Comics Games Gaming, Anime, Wallpaper
  132. Ashby Computer Graphics Technology, Gaming, Spectrum
  133. American Capital Group Business, Company, America
  134. Automatic Control Gear
  135. Anterior Cingulate Gyrus Medical
  136. Address Coding Guide Business, Finance, Banking
  137. Amiga Computer Group
  138. Anti-Cybercrime Group Technology, Police, Philippine
  139. Asociación CíVica Guerrerense Para, Con, Pol
  140. American Communications Group
  141. Axbridge Caving Group
  142. Agent Preview File Computing, File Extensions
  143. Association Canadienne De GéRontologie Technology, Canada, Recherche
  144. Association for Corporate Growth's Community
  145. Azeri-Chiraq-Guneshli Technology, Turkey, Azerbaijan
  146. Applegate Consulting Group
  147. Automotive Consulting Group
  148. Annapolis Consulting Group
  149. The Access Control Group Software, Computing
  150. Assistant Chief Geologist Science, Us, Geology
  151. Angiocardiography Angiocardiography is contrast radiography of the heart and great vessels. A liquid radiocontrast agent, typically containing iodine, is injected into the bloodstream, then the tissues are examined using X-rays. To avoid dilution, the radiopaque material is typically introduced with a catheter, a process known as selective angiocardiography. Normally, rather than just a single image, hundreds of X-ray images are rapidly captured on high-speed serial media, such as 35 mm film or a digital imaging counterpart, thus allowing the motion to be observed. Medical, Medicine, Health, Physiology, Cardio
  152. Air Cargo Glider
  153. Access Customer Gateway
  154. Applied Computational Geometry
  155. American Color Graphics
  156. Aviation Consulting Group Airline, Business, Aircraft
  157. Audio Comparer Group File Computing, File Extensions
  158. Association Canadienne Des Geographes Science, Geography, Information System
  159. Advanced Communicator Gold Award, Toastmaster, Toastmasters
  160. Accu-Grade Coins
  161. ACM Government Income Fund, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  162. Alternating-Current Generator
  163. Angel Consulting Group
  164. Access Control Groups
  165. Access Control Gateway
  166. Applied Computing Group
  167. American College for Girls America, Turkey, Education
  168. Aviation Capital Group Business, Aircraft, Boeing
  169. Atom Connectivity Graph Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  170. Associated Capsule Group
  171. Atcor Medical Holdings Ltd (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX]) Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  172. adaptive code generation Computing, IT Terminology
  173. Andrews Consulting Group
  174. Azienda Chimica Genovese Technology, Anode, Copper
  175. Access Control Group Technology, Management, Security
  176. Applied Communications Group
  177. Automotive Components Group Business, Company, Corporation
  178. activated charcoal granule Medical, British medicine
  179. Associated Carriers Group
  180. Asociación Costarricense De Geotecnia
  181. American Consulting Group
  182. All Condition Gear Products
  183. Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Guneshli
  184. Access Control Gate
  185. Applied Coatings Group
  186. Asia Carbon Global
  187. Automobile Club Group Business, Insurance, Auto
  188. Annual Capital Guideline
  189. Air Partner ICAO Aircraft Codes
  190. Associated Carrier Group Technology, Service, Wireless
  191. Alliance Capital Management Holding L.P. Technology, Organizations
  192. Army Corporation General
  193. American Computer Group
  194. Azeri, Chirag and Guneshli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil
  195. Additive Congruential Generator Products
  196. Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli
  197. Access Consulting Group
  198. Applicazioni Contabili Gestionali
  199. Asheron'S Call Guilds
  200. Automation Controls Group
  201. Annual Capital Guidelines Education
  202. ATN/CNS Consultancy Group Aviation, Governmental & Military
  203. Assoc for Corporate Growth
  204. Anarchist Communist Group Business, Industrial, Product
  205. Acción Cristiana Guatemalteca
  206. American Commodities Group
  207. Azeri, Chirag and Gunashli
  208. Assistant Contrôleur de Gestion Medical
  209. Armed Cute Girls Media
  210. Azeri Chirag Gunashli Business, Azerbaijan, Oil
  211. Access Community Group
  212. Application Consulting Group Business, Technology, Management
  213. Axiom Consulting Group
  214. Annotated Call Graph
  215. Advanced Concept Group Aviation, Governmental & Military
  216. Assistant Commandant General
  217. Alliance Consumer Growth Business, Company, Investment
  218. Acción CatóLica General Para, Con, Cat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ACG stand for?

    ACG stands for America Corporate Growth.

  2. What is the shortened form of Access Control Gateway?

    The short form of "Access Control Gateway" is ACG.


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