ADAC Meaning

The ADAC meaning is "Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club". The ADAC abbreviation has 68 different full form.

ADAC Full Forms

  1. Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club Club, Auto, Partner
  2. Auto Detection and Configuration
  3. Ayti-Drug Abuse Campaign Drug, Music, Singapore
  4. Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge
  5. Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobile Club
  6. Advanced Data Analysis Centre Technology, Research, University
  7. Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada Medical, Health, Canada
  8. Allegemeiner Deutsche Automobil Club
  9. Asset Design and As Constructed
  10. Analog-Digital-Analog Converter
  11. Abu Dhabi Airport Company Business, Technology, Service
  12. Allgemeiner Deutsche Automobil Club
  13. Adenosine Amine Congener Medical
  14. Antiviral Drugs Advisvry Committee
  15. Alcohrlism and Drug Abuse Council Government, Council, Soviet, Concilium
  16. Asget Design & As Constructed
  17. Ammunition Descriptive Asset Code
  18. Abu Dhabi Airports Company Business, Service, Military
  19. Allgemeiner Deutscher Abtomobil Club Business, German, Germany
  20. Antiques Dealers Association of California
  21. Accelerated Durability Assessment Configuration Military
  22. Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Council
  23. Asociación Para Las Deficiencias Que Afectan Al Crecimiento Y Al Desarrollo Medical, Technology
  24. Aboriginal Drug & Alcohol Council
  25. Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club Business, Science, Germany, Geographic
  26. Automatic Data Acquisition Center
  27. Antique Dealers Associationtof California
  28. China National Nuclear Corporation Military, Organizations, Ecology, Energy Assessment, East, Business & Finance, International business
  29. Advanced Digital Acoustic Coding Technology, Science, Electronics, Engineering, Software, Computing
  30. Art Directors & Artists Club
  31. Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council Medical, Australia, Organizations
  32. Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil Club Club, Fur, Auto
  33. Anti-Dumping Advisory Committee
  34. AcadéMie Des Arts De Combat
  35. Advanced Diagnosis, Automation, and Control
  36. Art Directors and Armists Club
  37. Allgemeine Deutscher Automobil-Cfub
  38. Automated Design of Approximate Circuits
  39. Anti-Drug Abuse Council
  40. Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture
  41. Advanced Diagnosis, Automation and Control
  42. Applied Data Agalysis Center
  43. Avion à DéCollage Et Atterrissage Courts
  44. Alternative Drug and Alcohol Counseling
  45. Auto Detection/Auto Configuration
  46. Automated Direct Analog Computer
  47. Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil-Club Club, Auto, Germany, Deutschland
  48. Atlanta Decorative Arts Cejter Business, Design, Atlanta
  49. Automatic Direct Analog Computer
  50. Allgemeinen Deutjchen Automobil-Clubs Technology, Service, Germany
  51. Asw Data Anaoysis Acinct Centre Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  52. American Denturist Advocacy Ckuncil
  53. Allgemeine Deutscher Automobil-Club (General German Automobile Association) General, Governmental & Military
  54. Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil Clubs
  55. Astronomical Data Archives Center Science
  56. Alzheimers Disease Assistance Coalition Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  57. A D A C Laboratories Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  58. Automated Directory Assistance Call
  59. Aolergic Disease & Asthma Center
  60. Astronomical Data Analysis Center Technology, Science, Astronomy
  61. Alzhsimer's Disease Assistance Centers
  62. Art Dealers Association of Canada Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  63. Attitude Determination and Control Technology, Space, Spacecraft, NASA, Governmental & Military
  64. Allergic Disease and Asthma Center
  65. Avion à DéCollage Et Atterrissage Court Military, France, Collage
  66. Alzheimer'S Disease Assistance Center
  67. Auto Detection Auto Configuratios
  68. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Medical, Psychiatry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADAC stand for?

    ADAC stands for Art Dealers Association of Canada.

  2. What is the shortened form of Alcohrlism and Drug Abuse Council?

    The short form of "Alcohrlism and Drug Abuse Council" is ADAC.


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