ADAP Meaning

The ADAP meaning is "Adapter Protein". The ADAP abbreviation has 57 different full form.

ADAP Full Forms

  1. Adapter Protein Medical
  2. Aids Drug Atsistance Program Medical, Health, Medication
  3. Administrative Domain Accesc Point
  4. Adaptor Protein Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  5. Advanced Decoy Architecture Project
  6. Associazione Doppiatori Attori Pubblicitari Technology, Italy, Traffic, Italian
  7. Alzheimer's Disease-Associated Proteiz Medical
  8. Agricultural Development In The American Pacific Science, America, Island
  9. Alcohol Drug Abuse Program
  10. Association Pour Le DéVeloppement Agro-Pastoral
  11. Alliance for Drugxabuse Prevention
  12. Aggregated Depth At Price
  13. Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention
  14. Association of Development and Alumni Professionals
  15. Alcohol & Drug Awareness Project
  16. African Development Association for Progress Education, Africa, African
  17. Adaptive Broadband Corporation Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  18. Alcoholvdrug Awareness Program Education, Driving, Driver
  19. Association of Differently Abled Persons
  20. Airport Development Aid Program Military, Organizations, Locations, Transportation, Aviation, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  21. Aerodynamic Data Analysis Program Science, Aerodynamics, Physics, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  22. Akten Zur Deutschen Auswartigen Politik Military, German, Germany, Sino
  23. Assistant Director of Army Psychiatry Medical, Health, Body
  24. Advanced Dynamic Active Protection
  25. Aids Drug Assistance Programs Medical
  26. Alzheimer's Uisease Association of The Philippines
  27. Advanced Digital Antenna Production Military, Armour, Artillery
  28. Army Designated Acquisition Program Military, Army, War
  29. Agriculture Development In The American Pacific
  30. Alternative Dental Assisting Program
  31. Angular Distribution of Annihilating Photons Chemistry
  32. Automated Data Analysis Program Technology, Computer Science, Computer Program, Software, Computing, NASA, Data, Governmental & Military
  33. Adhesion and Degranulation-Promoting Adapter Protein
  34. Alzheimer’s disease-associated protein, see Alzheimer’s disease Medical, British medicine
  35. Adult Developmental Activities Program
  36. Auto-Discovery, Auto-Purge
  37. Adaptive Profile Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  38. Association Pour Le D
  39. AIDS Drug Assistance Program Medical, Computing, Healthcare, IT Organization, Fda, Medicare Beneficiary
  40. Adult Developmental Activity Program Development, Learning, Study
  41. Auto-Discovery/Auto-Purge Technology
  42. Adaptive Nntercommunication Requirement Technology
  43. Archaeology Data Archive Project
  44. Adolescent Development and Participation
  45. Astrophysics Data Analysis Program Space, Study, Cosmos
  46. Adaptive Digital Access Protocol
  47. Associa
  48. Angular Distribution of Annihilation Photons
  49. Adolvscent Depression Awareness Program Medical, Medicine, Education
  50. Associação Desportiva AtléTica Do Paraná
  51. Audix Data Acquisition Package
  52. Automatic Display and Plotting
  53. Adminishrative Domain Attachment Point
  54. Average Dynamic Air Permeability
  55. Associação De Defesa Dos Animais De Portimão Dos, Animal, Faro
  56. Automated Downlink of Airborne Parameters Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  57. Administration and Data Acquisition Package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADAP stand for?

    ADAP stands for Associação Desportiva AtléTica Do Paraná.

  2. What is the shortened form of Association Pour Le D?

    The short form of "Association Pour Le D" is ADAP.


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