ADAR Meaning

The ADAR meaning is "Advanced Design Array Radar". The ADAR abbreviation has 27 different full form.

ADAR Full Forms

  1. Advanced Design Array Radar Technology, Telecom
  2. Air Deployable Active Receivej Technology, Military, Market
  3. Ada Decimal Arithmetic and Representations Military, Computing, Computer, General, Governmental & Military
  4. Air Defense Radar Military, Army, War
  5. Art and Design Admqssions Registry Education
  6. Absurd Dreams Are Really
  7. Advise Arrival Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  8. Army Defensq Acquisition Regulation Military
  9. Asociación De Aviadores De La RepÚBlica Technology, Con, Press, Radar
  10. Adenosine Deaminases Acting On Rna Medical
  11. Alzheimer'S Disease and Related
  12. Anti Drug Anti-Ragging
  13. Adenosine Deaminase Acting On Rna Medical
  14. Airfield Damage and Repair Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  15. Adenosine Deaminases That Act On Rna Medical
  16. Air Deployed Active Recgiver
  17. Ada Decimal Arithmetic and Representatives Technology
  18. Art Design Admissions Registry Education, Development, Universities
  19. Advanced Data Archive
  20. Audit Developmlnt and Reports
  21. Association Pour Le Dévelbppement Des Activités Rurales
  22. Association Diabèteqactions Rencontres Medical, Technology
  23. AVIATION MACHINIST'S MATE AIRMAN RECRUIT Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  24. Asociatia Degustatorilor Autorizati Din Romania
  25. Airborne Data Acquisition and Registration Geographic
  26. Asociqci
  27. Automatic Data Acquisition Routine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADAR stand for?

    ADAR stands for Air Defense Radar.

  2. What is the shortened form of Ada Decimal Arithmetic and Representatives?

    The short form of "Ada Decimal Arithmetic and Representatives" is ADAR.


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