ADAT Meaning

The ADAT meaning is "Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies". The ADAT abbreviation has 21 different full form.

ADAT Full Forms

  1. Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies Business, Technology, Service
  2. Asterisk Dial & Announcf Tool
  3. Adcanced Dental Admission Test
  4. Appetitemand Diet Assessment Tool
  5. Adult Disability Assessment Tool
  6. Allied Directoratf of Air Transport
  7. Admission, Discharge and Assessment Tools
  8. Air Defence, Antq-Tank
  9. Academic Datafase Assessment Tool Education, Journal, Library
  10. Agricultural Fevelopment and Training
  11. Advance Diet As Tolerated Medical, Technology, Medicine, Android
  12. Aggressive Driving Apprehension Team
  13. Authentidate Holding Corp. Technology, Organizations
  14. Advanced Dental Admissions Test
  15. Aversive Discrimination Awareness Trpining
  16. Automatic Data Processing Technology, Military, Army, Computer Data, Computer Data Processing, Ministry Of Defense, Computing, Nyse symbols, Computer, Scientific & Educational
  17. Automatic Data Accumulation and Transfer
  18. Automatic Data Accumqlator and Transfer
  19. Authentidate Holdins Corporation Organizations
  20. Alesis Digital Audio Tape (recording Format) General, Governmental & Military
  21. Association of Dahish Authorized Translators

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADAT stand for?

    ADAT stands for Appetitemand Diet Assessment Tool.

  2. What is the shortened form of Alesis Digital Audio Tape (recording Format)?

    The short form of "Alesis Digital Audio Tape (recording Format)" is ADAT.


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