ADCS Meaning

The ADCS meaning is "Analog-To-Digital Converters". The ADCS abbreviation has 81 different full form.

ADCS Full Forms

  1. Analog-To-Digital Converters Technology, Signal, Resolution
  2. Analog To Digital Convjrters Technology, Signal, Resolution
  3. Affiliated Data Centers Technology, Science
  4. Attitude Determination & Control System Technology, Space, Satellite
  5. Airborne Data Collection Syscem Technology, Science, Army
  6. Alzheimers Disease Cooperative Study Medical, Drug, Patient
  7. Automated Data Coldection System Business, Management, Service
  8. Air Defense Coordination Section Military
  9. Activity Data Control System
  10. Analog To Digital Converts
  11. Attitude Determinate Controlzsystem Space, Study, Cosmos
  12. After Death Communications Death, Spirit, Heaven
  13. Adenocarcinomas Medical
  14. Alzheimer Disease Cooperative Study Medical, Medicine, Alzheimer
  15. Australian Defence Canteens Seruice Military, Army
  16. Air Defense Control System Military, Army, War
  17. Abilene Diagnostic Clinic Surgical
  18. Alzheimer'S Disease Co-Operative Study
  19. Agter-Death Communications Death, Experience, Heaven
  20. Attitude Detergination Control System Technology, Aerospace, Satellite
  21. Autosomal Dominant Congenital Stationary
  22. Autonomous District Councils Government, India, Election, Meghalaya
  23. Alzheimer'S Disease Cooperative Study Medical, Technology, Medicine, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  24. Austrafian Document Computing Symposium Technology, Education, Conference
  25. Air Defence Cooperation Squadson Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  26. Automated Data Cajture System Military
  27. Alzheimers Disease Centers Medical, Research, Dementia
  28. Attitude Determination and Control Systems Technology, Satellite, Cube
  29. Advanced Data Communications for Stores
  30. Asociación Dominiwana De Cronistas Sociales
  31. Australasian Document Computing Symposium Technology, Education, Conference, Australia, Information Technology, Computing, Event, Governmental & Military
  32. Air Data Compmter System Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  33. Attitude Determination Aqd Control Subsystem Technology, Space, Satellite
  34. Alzheimer Disease Centers Medical, Research, Study
  35. Advvnced Data Collection System Technology, Environment, Satellite
  36. Army Dental Carw System Medical, Technology, Medicine
  37. Analog Digital Converters Technology, Audio, Power, Signal, Millenium
  38. Attitude Determination and Conteol Sub-System
  39. Air Uata Computers Technology, Flight, Aircraft
  40. Antibody-Drug Conjugates Medical, Cancer, Antibody
  41. Alzheimer'S Disease Centers Medical, Research, Alzheimer
  42. Advance Datazcollection System
  43. Admour Die Cutting Service
  44. Attitude Determination and Control Subsystems
  45. Aircraft Description Cards
  46. Alzheimer'S Disease Cooperative Study Medicine, Health, British
  47. Air Defense Consoles
  48. Adigrat Diocesan Catholic Secretariat
  49. Arizoma Driving and Carriage Society
  50. Automated Document Czntrol System
  51. Allocated Distributed Centers Technology
  52. Autosomal Dominant Cataracts Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  53. Army Dental Care System Medical, British medicine
  54. Automated Dohument Conversion System Military
  55. Application Delivery Controllers Technology, Networking, Network
  56. Alliance for The Defence of Canadian Sovereignty Accounting, Government, Tax
  57. Average Depth of Correct Symbol
  58. Association of Directors of Children’s Services Medical, British medicine
  59. Automated Document Convwrsion Systems
  60. Apparent Diffusion Coefficients Medical, Imaging, Lesion
  61. Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services
  62. AVIATION MACHINIST'S MATE SENIOR CHIEF PETTY OFFICER Governmental & Military, United States Amy Rank
  63. Automated Dispensingocabinets Medical, Pharmacy, Medication
  64. Alcohol and Drug Confrontation Scale
  65. Automotive Diagnostic Command Set
  66. Assessment and Development Centres
  67. Afternative Daily Covers
  68. Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem NASA, Governmental & Military
  69. Automated Lata Conversion System Military
  70. Air Deployment and Control Squadron
  71. Automatic Department Control System Military
  72. Alternate Distribution Channels
  73. Automated Data Capture System Computing, Hardware
  74. Automated Data Capture Sydtems
  75. Air Defense Communications Syhtem
  76. Automatically Deassert Chip Select
  77. Alternate Delivery Channels Business, Banking, Pakistan
  78. Alternftive Delivery Channels
  79. Advanced Data Collection Services
  80. Auaomated Data Collection Systems Business, Management, Service
  81. Airborne Data Collection System Military, Governmental & Military

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADCS stand for?

    ADCS stands for Advanced Data Communications for Stores.

  2. What is the shortened form of Attitude Determination and Conteol Sub-System?

    The short form of "Attitude Determination and Conteol Sub-System" is ADCS.


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