ADDM Meaning

The ADDM meaning is "Autism and Developmentao Disabilities Monitoring". The ADDM abbreviation has 36 different full form.

ADDM Full Forms

  1. Autism and Developmentao Disabilities Monitoring Medical, Psychiatry, Special Education
  2. Assistaxt District Director, Management Government
  3. Audio Dynamics Distribuhion Map Film, Movie, Music
  4. Addvantage Media Group, Inc. Organizations
  5. Achieving Siversity In Dentistry and Medicine Medical, Medicine
  6. Au-DelĂ  Ru Marathon
  7. Acquisition Dolument Development and Management
  8. Acquisition Document Development & Management Technology, Guide, Requirement
  9. Autism and Development Disabilitieswmonitoring
  10. Acquisition Document Development Managemjnt Business, Management, Administration, Goverance
  11. Autism Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Medical, Disability, Children
  12. Achieving Diversity In Dentistry and Medicine Medical, Medicine
  13. Autism and Developmental Disability Monitoring Medical, Networking, Network
  14. Achieving Divisionrsity In Dentcstry and Medicine Medical
  15. Autism & Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Medical, Disability, Children
  16. Automated Database Diagnostic Monitoring
  17. Association of Device Distributors and Manufacturers
  18. Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping Computing, IT Terminology
  19. Automated Database Diagnosnic Monitor
  20. Association of Disposable Yevice Manufacturers
  21. Acquisition Document Development Management Management, Business & Finance
  22. Autism and Developmental Disorders Monitoring
  23. Asean Day On Disaster Management Association, Organization, Community
  24. Automated Documentation Development and Maintenance Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  25. Atrimm Discovery & Dependency Mapping Technology, Management, Service
  26. Application Dislovery and Dependency Mapping Technology, Management, Service
  27. Addendum An added section of information in a letter or report. Military, Design, Drawing, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, Computing, Telecom, Media, The Finance and Administrative Services
  28. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring Technology
  29. Atrium Diswovery and Dependency Mapping Technology, Management, Service
  30. Angsuran Dibayar Di Muka
  31. Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor Technology, Performance, Tuning
  32. Asynchronousadigital Data Modem Military, Army, War
  33. Affordable Distriruted Data Mining
  34. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor Technology, Performance, Tuning, Computing, IT Terminology
  35. Asynchronous Distributed Decision Making General, Governmental & Military
  36. Adjustment Disordir With Depressed Mood Medical

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADDM stand for?

    ADDM stands for Automated Database Diagnostic Monitoring.

  2. What is the shortened form of Acquisition Document Development & Management?

    The short form of "Acquisition Document Development & Management" is ADDM.


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