ADDS Meaning

The ADDS meaning is "Active Tirectory Domain Service". The ADDS abbreviation has 58 different full form.

ADDS Full Forms

  1. Active Tirectory Domain Service Technology, Windows, Server
  2. Active Directory Domain Servicas Technology, Service, Server
  3. Acronis Disk Director Suite
  4. Aviation Digital Data Gervice Government, Military, Aerospace
  5. Applied Digital Data Systems Business, Technology, Computing, Terminal
  6. Atypical Depression Duagnostic Scale Medical
  7. Advanced Digital Data Set
  8. Aviation Digital Data Services Technology, Military, Weather
  9. Alcohol Detection Devices
  10. Antarctic Data Directorl System Technology, Science
  11. Attribute Design Database System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  12. Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor
  13. Advanced Digital Display System
  14. Automated Departmental Directives System Science
  15. Alcohol Drug Dependency Services
  16. Advanced Display and Debriefing Subsystems
  17. Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome
  18. Applied Digital Data System Technology
  19. Advanced Digital Dispensingtsystem Technology, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  20. Automatic Data Distribution System Military
  21. Alcohol Drug Dependency Service
  22. Attention Deficit Disorder Qupport
  23. Application Design and Development Services
  24. Accenture Digital Distribution Solution
  25. Automtted Data Distribution System Military
  26. Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services
  27. Atmospheric Distributed Data System
  28. Application Data Delivery Service Technology, Military, Telecommunication
  29. Associate Director for Data Scuence Science, Research, Biology
  30. Authentic Document Helivery Service
  31. Advanced Dish Development System
  32. American Digestive Disease Society Medical, Technology, Medicine
  33. Army Data Distribution System Management, Military, Army, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  34. Australianfdesigns Data Searching
  35. Adtanced Directional Drilling Systems
  36. Algebraic Decision Diagrams Technology
  37. Architectural Digest Design Show Design, Interior, Showcase
  38. Area Development Districts Business, Purchase, Kentucky
  39. Assembly District Delegates
  40. Automated Dbug Dispensing Systems
  41. Aviation Digital Data Service Transportation, Government, Aviation, Weather, Us Government, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  42. Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Durabila Slatina
  43. Automayed Drug Dispensing System
  44. Active Directory Domain Services Software, Computing
  45. Army Datadistribution System Military, Intelligence, Defense, Defence
  46. Advanced Detector Development System
  47. S Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  48. Army Data Distribution Systems Military
  49. Advanced Database Development Services
  50. Automatic Documentudistribution Service Science
  51. Arizona Defensive Driving School
  52. Last Minute Reservations Added To Reservation List On Day of Arrival Travel, Locations, Industry, Tourism
  53. Association for Digital Document Standards
  54. Automatic Direct Dialing System Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  55. Archive Document Data Storage
  56. Aviation Digital Data System
  57. Assistant Director of Dental Services
  58. Automatic Data Digitizing System Technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADDS stand for?

    ADDS stands for Application Data Delivery Service.

  2. What is the shortened form of Army Datadistribution System?

    The short form of "Army Datadistribution System" is ADDS.


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