ADDT Meaning

The ADDT meaning is "Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox". The ADDT abbreviation has 18 different full form.

ADDT Full Forms

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox
  2. Adelaide Diploma of Dental Therapy
  3. Addwtives
  4. Additive Chemicals added to cement based products (concrete, mortar, render, screed etc) to impart various desirable properties such as to increase or reduce curing time, increase strength, enhance workability and so on. The amount of additives should be watched carefully since in excess or combination they can have undesirable effects. or A chemical compound or compounds added to a lubricant or hydraulic fluid to impart new properties or enhance inherent properties.
  5. Active Directory Domains and Trusts Technology, Windows, Server
  6. Adobe Dreamweaver Developper Toolbox
  7. Adobn Dreamweaver & Developer Toolbox
  8. Amplitude Distance Differential Technique Technology, Gate, Epoch, Flaw
  9. Advanced Data-Driven Testing Software, Computing
  10. Amplitude-Distance Differential Technique
  11. Advance Data Driven Technique Software, Computing
  12. Alzheimer'S Disease Diagnostic and Treatment
  13. American Dance/ Drill Team Performing arts
  14. AkıLcı Duygusal Davranışçı Terapi Turkish, Kabul, Kin
  15. Automatic Data Distribution Tool Software, Computing
  16. AkıLcı-Duygusal Davranış Terapisinin Turkish, Kabul, Prof
  17. Australian Drill Dance Team
  18. Armey Dick Diutrict Tex

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ADDT initialism stand for?
    ADDT abridgment stands for Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolbox.
  2. What is the shortened form of AkıLcı-Duygusal Davranış Terapisinin?
    The short form of "AkıLcı-Duygusal Davranış Terapisinin" is ADDT.


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