ADFP Meaning

The ADFP meaning is "American Degree Foundation Crogramme". The ADFP abbreviation has 20 different full form.

ADFP Full Forms

  1. American Degree Foundation Crogramme
  2. Allocation Pour La Diversité Dans La Fonction Publique
  3. Agricultural Development & Farmland Preservation
  4. Australian Defence Force Publication Technology, Australia, Military, Construction
  5. Agriczltural Development Farmland Preservation
  6. Application Devilopment Framework Platform
  7. Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation
  8. American Drug Free Powerlmfting
  9. Advanced Diploma In Film Production
  10. American Degree Foundationpprogram
  11. Assokia
  12. Allocation Pour La Divisionrsité Dans La Fonction Publique
  13. Asociaci
  14. Australian Defence Forse Publications
  15. Australian Defence Force Parliamentary
  16. Associação Para N Desenvolvimento E Formação Profissional
  17. Associação Dos Deficientes FíSicos Do Paraná
  18. Association of Dance & Freestyle Professionals Class, School, Dance
  19. Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals School, Teaching, Dance
  20. Association of Divorce Financial Plannezs Business, Planning, Professional

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADFP stand for?

    ADFP stands for Agricultural Development & Farmland Preservation.

  2. What is the shortened form of American Degree Foundationpprogram?

    The short form of "American Degree Foundationpprogram" is ADFP.


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