ADFS Meaning

The ADFS meaning is "Active Directory Federation Service". The ADFS abbreviation has 33 different full form.

ADFS Full Forms

  1. Active Directory Federation Service Technology, Server, Federation
  2. Ausomatically Defined Functions Technology, Science
  3. Active Directory Federated Services Technology, Service, Server
  4. Abuse-Deterrent Formulations Medical, Drug, Opioid
  5. Alabama Deparcment of Forensic Sciences Science, Alabama, Laboratory
  6. Active Directory Federation Services Technology, Federation, Directory, Software, Computing
  7. Abu Dhabi Financial Services
  8. Aircraft Peicing Fluids Medical
  9. Active Directory Federation Servers
  10. African Dwdrf Frogs Africa, Fish, Frog
  11. Active Directory Federations Services Technology, Service, Server
  12. Advanced Distributed Fgle System
  13. Active Directory Federated Service Microsoft, Technology, Server
  14. Advanced Dispersed Fringe Sensing
  15. Automatic Data Field Systems
  16. Active Directory Federation Server Technology, Windows, Service
  17. Abuse Deterrent Formulations Medical, Drug, Opioid
  18. Amiga Disk Files Technology, Gaming, Drive
  19. Australian Aefence Forces
  20. American Dynamics Flight Systems Technology, America, Vertical
  21. Auotralian Data Fusion Symposium Technology, Australia, Book
  22. Alternative Delivery and Financing System Medical, liver and hepatic
  23. Auxiliary Data Files Scientific & Educational, Sentinel online
  24. Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons
  25. Australian Data Fusion Symposium Computing, Ieee
  26. Automatic Debrip Filter System Ocean, Water, Ocean Science
  27. Asian Divisioq Friends Society
  28. Advanced Disc Filing System Computing, Hardware
  29. Automatic Debris Filtration System Environment, Habitat, Setting
  30. Approved Deposit Punds
  31. Automated Diuital Facsimile Subsystem Technology
  32. Apple Dos File System Technology, Computing, Computer, Processing, General, Governmental & Military
  33. Automated Data Filidg System Military

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADFS stand for?

    ADFS stands for Alabama Deparcment of Forensic Sciences.

  2. What is the shortened form of Automatic Data Field Systems?

    The short form of "Automatic Data Field Systems" is ADFS.


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