ADG Meaning

The ADG meaning is "Anaerobic Digester Gas". The ADG abbreviation has 133 different full form.

ADG Full Forms

  1. Anaerobic Digester GasTechnology
  2. Air Driven GeneratorTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft
  3. Air Defence Gun
  4. Additional Director GeneralGovernment, Military, Locations
  5. Art Directors GuildArt, Design, Award
  6. Aerospace, Defense & GovernmentBusiness, Service, Aerospace
  7. Alonso De Garay
  8. Asian Diva Girls
  9. Advanced Communications Group, Inc.Organizations
  10. Angers DéPannage GazTechnology, Service, Pannage
  11. Average Daily Weight GainMedical, British medicine
  12. Audience Development Group
  13. Aggregated Diagnostic Groups
  14. Associated Dry GoodsBusiness, Company, Department, Store
  15. AntidiskriminierungsgesetzGovernment, German, Law
  16. Administrateur DéLéGué GéNéRal
  17. Australian Disc Golf
  18. Airport Development GroupBusiness, Australia, Darwin
  19. Alokasi Dana Gampong
  20. Ashton Drake Gallery
  21. Advanced Data GuardTechnology, Storage, Controller
  22. Andrews Design Group
  23. Average Daily GainsMedical
  24. Aggregated Diagnosis GroupsMedical, Patient, Health
  25. Ambulatory Diagnostic GroupMedical, Health, Care, Healthcare, British medicine
  26. Associated Design Group
  27. Anti-Dandruff Gel
  28. Acellular Dermal GraftMedical
  29. Australian Directors GuildAustralia, Award, Australian
  30. Airport Design Group
  31. Architecture Design Group
  32. Advanced Data GuardingTechnology, Computing, Storage
  33. Axiodistogingival-DentistryMedicine, Health, British
  34. Allston Development Group
  35. Anchorage-Dependent GrowthMedical
  36. Automated Driving GroupTechnology, Car, Autonomy
  37. Aggregated Diagnosis Group
  38. Amberwood Dairy Goats
  39. Assistant District GovernorService, Organizations, Club
  40. Annotated Domain GraphicsTechnology, Computing, Computer, Processing, General, Governmental & Military
  41. Accountable Democratic Governance
  42. Australian Device Groups
  43. Airplane Design GroupTechnology, Military, Airport
  44. Architecture & Design Group
  45. Advance Data GuardingTechnology, Storage, Controller
  46. AxiodistogingivalHealth, Body, Organism
  47. Allied Defense Grp
  48. Anadolu DüşüNce Grubu
  49. Australian Design GroupGaming, Military, Organizations
  50. Africa In Democracy and Good
  51. Aluminium De Grece
  52. Assistant Director-GeneralBusiness, India, Authority
  53. Anggota Dewan Guru
  54. Accomodated Device GatewayTechnology
  55. Australian Development Gateway
  56. Air-Driven Generator
  57. Architectural Design GroupBusiness, Architecture, Architect
  58. Adult Dependants Grant
  59. Authorized Distributor GroupTechnology, Computing, Telecommunications
  60. Allied Defense GroupTechnology, Organizations, Supply
  61. Assistant Director GeneralBusiness, Organizations, India
  62. Affinity Development Group
  63. Alt Design Graphics
  64. Asset Data Governance
  65. Advanced Data GuardianTechnology, Security, Cyber, Governmental & Military
  66. Anggota Dewan GubernurBusiness, Indonesia, Banking, Jakarta
  67. Accommodation Drafting Group
  68. Australian Dangerous GoodsTechnology, Australia, Coding
  69. Aide Au DéVeloppement Gembloux
  70. Association Development Group
  71. Architectual Design Group
  72. Administrative Development Group
  73. Australian Doctor Group
  74. Akihabara Denno Gumi
  75. Aerospace and Defence Group
  76. Alpha Delta GammaEducation, University, Fraternity
  77. Askesis Development Group
  78. Advanced Data Grid
  79. Anggaran Dana GampongProgram, Indonesia, Lama
  80. Accessory Drive Gearbox
  81. Augmented Drafting GroupMilitary
  82. Aide Au D
  83. Associate Director General
  84. Architects Design Group
  85. Administrateur D
  86. Australian Dietary Guidelines
  87. Akademie Deutscher GenossenschaftenBusiness, Technology, Hotel, Android
  88. American Development GroupBusiness, America, Funding
  89. Assured Digital Group
  90. Ableton Device GroupComputing, File Extensions
  91. Deperming ShipMilitary, Army, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  92. Ambulatory Diagnostic GroupsBusiness, Health, Care
  93. Advance Development GroupMilitary
  94. Average Daily GrowthAfrica, Fish, Diet
  95. American Design Group
  96. Associação Dos Designers GráFicosPara, Design, Designer
  97. Aerodynamics and Design Group
  98. Average Daily GainMedical, Science, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  99. Axis Design Group
  100. Attribute Dependency Graph
  101. Advanced Development GroupMilitary, Army Regulation
  102. Atlassian Design GuidelinesTechnology, Product, Guideline
  103. American Dendrobatid Group
  104. Associação De Designers GráFicosPara, Design, Association, Designer
  105. Aero Data Gathering
  106. ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Dependent GeneMedical, Human genome
  107. Attacker Defender GoalkeeperPenalty, Defender, Shootout
  108. Advanced Design Group
  109. Arab Digital GenerationTechnology, Media, Internet
  110. American Data Guard
  111. Association of Dental GroupsMedical, Patient, Cancer
  112. Aerea Flying Training OrganizationAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  113. axiodistogingival–dentistryMedical, British medicine
  114. Atrial Diastolic GallopMedical, Health, Body, Physiology
  115. Advanced Data Governance
  116. Alta Docenza Giuridica
  117. American Drama Group
  118. Association De Developpement De Gemmayze
  119. Advertising Design Goodness
  120. Lenawee County Airport, Adrian, Michigan, United StatesMichigan, United States, Faa Airport Codes, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  121. Amsoil Dealer Group
  122. Athena Design Group
  123. Advanced Data Graphics
  124. American Data Group
  125. Advances In GeosciencesScience, Earth Science, Geoscience, Computing, Periodical, Serial Publication, Scientific & Educational
  126. Alt.Design.GraphicsComputing, Internet
  127. American Dry Goods
  128. Atheist Discussion Group
  129. Average daily body weight gainNANP Modeling Commitee
  130. Iata Code for Lenawee County Airport, Adrian, Michigan, United StatesLocations
  131. American Dance GuildAmerica, Education, Arts
  132. Advanced Distributed Generation
  133. Area Delivery GroupRail Transport, Business & Finance

Related Questions

Most frequently asked related question patterns.

  1. What does ADG initialism stand for?
    ADG abridgment stands for Association of Dental Groups.
  2. What is the shortened form of Additional Director General?
    The short form of "Additional Director General" is ADG.


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