ADH Meaning

The ADH meaning is "Academy of Dentistry for The Handicapped". The ADH abbreviation has 80 different full form.

ADH Full Forms

  1. Academy of Dentistry for The Handicapped Medical, Medicine, Therapy
  2. Adhesive A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment. Adhesive is a general term and includes, among others, cement, glue, mucilage and paste. Or A substance which applied as an intermediate is capable of holding materials together by surface attachment. Engineering, Construction, Architectural, The Finance and Administrative Services
  3. Anti-Diuretic Hormone Medical, Medicine, Nursing, Clinical
  4. Adhesions Medical
  5. Antidiuretic Hormone Antidiuretic hormone, is a neurohypophysial hormone found in most mammals. Its two primary functions are to retain water in the body and to constrict blood vessels. It regulates the body's retention of water by acting to increase water reabsorption in the collecting ducts of the kidney nephron. Medical, Nursing, Veterinary, Science, Pharmacy, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, Human genome, NAACCR
  6. Adhesion The property of a lubricant that causes it to cling or adhere to a solid surface.  Or The degree of attachment of a paint coating to a surface. Weak adhesion of paint to a surface is a common cause of paint failure. The quality or degree of attachment between a paint coating and the surface or paint beneath it. The ability of dry paint to remain on the surface without blistering, flaking or cracking. Medical, Health, Body, Physiology
  7. Adhere To cling or stick together
  8. Acid Dihydrazide Medical
  9. Accidental Damage From Handling Business, Planning, Warranty
  10. Adult Developmental Home
  11. Asia Digital Holdings
  12. Alfred Delp-Haus
  13. Africa Delivery Hub
  14. Analogue Digital Hybrid Product, Computing, Audio
  15. Adult Day Hospital Medical, Treatment, Therapy, Hospital
  16. Arkansas Department of Human
  17. Advances In Developing Human
  18. American Dental Hygienists
  19. Accumulated Degree Hour
  20. Arizona Department of Health
  21. Average Delay To Handle Technology, Telecom
  22. Advanced Double Hull
  23. Alvi Dental Hospital
  24. Accidental Damage Handling Business, Planning, Warranty
  25. Architectural Doors & Hardware
  26. Alcohol Dehydrogenase Medical, Medicine, Health, Nature, British medicine
  27. Average Daily Hours Science, Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  28. Advanced Digital Hybrid
  29. Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband Education, Sport, University
  30. Academic Departmental Heads
  31. Anti-Diuretic Hormon
  32. Advanced Development Hardware Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  33. Autosomal Dominant Hypercholesterolemia Medical, Science, Biomedical, Patent, Bioscience, Invention, Scientific & Educational
  34. Allgemeinen Deutschen Hochschulsportverband
  35. Air Danger Height Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  36. Abu Dhabi Holding
  37. Anitdiuretic Hormone Science
  38. Advanced Data Hub
  39. Assistant Department Head
  40. Allgemeine Deutsche Hochschulsportverband Sport, Organizations, Berlin
  41. AgêNcia De Desenvolvimento Habitacional Medical, Planning, Hosting, Medicare
  42. Aaron Davis Hall
  43. Angra Do Heroismo Portugal, Locations, City, Hero
  44. Auto Drive Hellas
  45. Aktion Deutschland Hilft Technology, Fur, Germany
  46. Additional Duty Hour Us Government, Governmental & Military
  47. Iata Code for Ada Municipal Airport, Ada, Oklahoma, United States Locations
  48. Adult Day Health Medical, Disability
  49. Australian Dermatological Hospital Military, Army
  50. Aktion-Deutschland-Hilft
  51. Actual Discharge Head
  52. Article Display Hook Products
  53. Alcohol Dehydrogenase Locus Medical
  54. Azalia Digital Header Technology, Motherboard, Audio, Panel
  55. Adult Day Healthcare Medical, Disability
  56. Atypical Duct Hyperplasia Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  57. Air One Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Business & Finance
  58. Hollow Auger
  59. ADaptive Hydraulics Construction
  60. Albany Democrat Herald
  61. Assistant Director of Hygiene Medical, British medicine
  62. Activated Diffusion Heating
  63. Air Duct Heaters Business, Manual, Heat
  64. Additional Doctors Hours University of Exeter
  65. Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy Awards & medals
  66. Alanine Dehydrogenase Medical
  67. additional duty hours (for junior doctors) Medical, British medicine
  68. Accidental Damage and Handling Business, Planning, Warranty
  69. Air Distribution Header
  70. Anti-Duretic Hormone Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  71. Asia Digital Holdings, PLC. Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  72. Alacak Devir HıZı
  73. Ada Muni Airport Faa Airport Codes
  74. Autosomal Dominant Hypocalcemia Medical, Science, Biomedical, Receptor, Bioscience, Calcium, Scientific & Educational
  75. Alcohol Dehydrogenase (reg: 9031-72-5) Chemistry, Biotechnology, Scientific & Educational
  76. Automatic Document Handler
  77. Akvareli Development Holding
  78. Aldan Airport, Aldan, Russia Russia, Airport codes, Iata Airport Codes
  79. Iata Code for Aldan Airport, Aldan, Russia Locations
  80. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Medical, Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADH stand for?

    ADH stands for Antidiuretic Hormone.

  2. What is the shortened form of Actual Discharge Head?

    The short form of "Actual Discharge Head" is ADH.


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