ADIF Meaning

The ADIF meaning is "Accounting Data Interchange Format". The ADIF abbreviation has 20 different full form.

ADIF Full Forms

  1. Accounting Data Interchange Format Technology, Accounting, Accountancy, Computing, Telecom, Business & Finance
  2. Administrador De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias Company, Technology, Spain, Occupation & positions
  3. Analog Data Interchange Format Technology
  4. Amateur Data Interchange Format Technology, Software, Radio, Amateur radio
  5. Aircraft Data Interface Function
  6. Administrator De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias
  7. AdministraciĆ³n De Infraestructura Ferroviaria Para, Argentina, Con
  8. AdministraciĆ³n De Infraestructuras Ferroviarias Para, Argentina, Con
  9. Autocrine Differentiation-Inhibiting Factor Science, Medicine, Biomedicine
  10. Audio Data Interchange Format Technology, Coding, Streaming
  11. Association for The Defense of The International Humanitarian Fundamental Laws Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  12. Administraci
  13. Amplitude-Dependent Internal Friction
  14. Antarctic Directory Interchange Format Technology, Science
  15. Spanish Infrastructure Manager Network, Railway, System
  16. Animal Derived Ingredient Free
  17. Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund Business, Banking, Azerbaijan
  18. Androgen Deficiency In Female
  19. Axiata Digital Innovation Fund Business, Malaysia, Startup
  20. Analogue Digital Interface Information, Network, Telecommunication

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADIF stand for?

    ADIF stands for Axiata Digital Innovation Fund.

  2. What is the shortened form of Antarctic Directory Interchange Format?

    The short form of "Antarctic Directory Interchange Format" is ADIF.


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