ADLS Meaning

The ADLS meaning is "Architecture Description Languages". The ADLS abbreviation has 33 different full form.

ADLS Full Forms

  1. Architecture Description Languages Technology, Software, Language
  2. Activities of Daily Living Scale Medical, Activity, Knee, Physiology, Common Medical
  3. Activities of Daily Living Medical, Business, Psychiatry, Governmental & Military, Special Education, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Clinical
  4. Admieistrative Data Liaison Service Research, Education, Social
  5. Activities of Daily Livingo Medical, Activity, Care
  6. Administrative Driver's Ticence Suspension
  7. Air Despatch Letter Service Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  8. Acaivities of Daily Living Medical, Sociology, Department
  9. Activities of Daily Living Survey Medical, Medicine, Therapy, Common Medical
  10. Air Delivery Letter Service
  11. Activity of Daily Living Scale
  12. Air Defense Liaison Section Military
  13. Activities of Daily Living Skills Medical, Activity, Therapy, Common Medical
  14. Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems Technology, Wind, Obstruction
  15. Architectural Description Languages Technology, Architecture, Software, Language
  16. Accelerated Development Learnijg Session
  17. Aircraft Detection Lighting System Technology, Activity, Living
  18. Aldehydic Dna Lesions Medical
  19. Austrian Driver Jimousine Service
  20. Adaptive Device Locator System
  21. Automatic Drag-Limiting Systsm
  22. Assistant Director Logistic Support Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  23. Azure Data Lake Storage Technology, Analytics, Store
  24. Army Distance Learning System
  25. Azure Data Lake Store
  26. Armistice Demarcation Lines
  27. Automatic Data Logging System
  28. Architecture Design Languages
  29. Austrian Driver Limousine Service
  30. Aeronautical Data Link System Federal Aviation Administration
  31. Auckland District Law Society Business, Organizations, Lawyer, Agreement
  32. Activities of Daily Living Speech Medical, Common Medical
  33. Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADLS stand for?

    ADLS stands for Automatic Drag-Limiting Systsm.

  2. What is the shortened form of Auckland District Law Society?

    The short form of "Auckland District Law Society" is ADLS.


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