ADMP Meaning

The ADMP meaning is "African Diaspora Mathematicians Program". The ADMP abbreviation has 21 different full form.

ADMP Full Forms

  1. African Diaspora Mathematicians Program Business, Supply, Stock
  2. Advanced Document Management Protocol
  3. Active Directory Migration Plan Army, War, War Force
  4. Atom-Centered Density Matrix Propagation Research, Education, Reaction, Gaussian
  5. Active Directory Management Pack Technology, Windows, Tool
  6. Ancestral Domain Management Plan
  7. Active-Duty Military Personnel
  8. Air Defense Modernization Plan Military
  9. Acid Deposition Modeling Project Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  10. Air Defense Master Plan Military
  11. Army Digitization Master Plan Military, Army, War
  12. Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy Therapy, Movement, Counselling
  13. Anti-Dorsalizing Morphogenetic Protein Medical
  14. Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy Medical, Therapy, Course
  15. Azərbaycan Uemokratik Maarifçilik Partiyası
  16. Assistance Dogs for Military Personnel
  17. Asbestos Dust Mitigation Plan
  18. Army Data Management Program Military
  19. Area Drainage Master Plan
  20. Automated Dry Material Placement Aircraft, Governmental & Military
  21. Anti-Dorsaling Morphogenetic Protein Science, Medicine, Biomedicine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADMP stand for?

    ADMP stands for Army Digitization Master Plan.

  2. What is the shortened form of Army Digitization Master Plan?

    The short form of "Army Digitization Master Plan" is ADMP.


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