ADNC Meaning

The ADNC meaning is "Air Defence Notification Center". The ADNC abbreviation has 11 different full form.

ADNC Full Forms

  1. Air Defence Notification Center Technology, Turkey, Aviation
  2. Air Defence Notification Centre Military, Air Force, Armed Forces, Royal Military, Governmental & Military, Unclassified
  3. Adn CompléMentaire Science, Genetics, Genomics
  4. Acide DésoxyribonucléIque CompléMentaire Science, Genetics, Genomics, Medical
  5. Abu Dhabi National Carpet
  6. Attention Disorders Neurofeedback Centre
  7. Australia Day In The National Capital
  8. Association De DiéTéTique Et Nutrition Critiques
  9. Aqua Danone Nations Cup Business, Supply, Stock, Audience
  10. Air Defense Notification Centre Military
  11. Air Defense Notification Center Military

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADNC stand for?

    ADNC stands for Attention Disorders Neurofeedback Centre.

  2. What is the shortened form of Air Defence Notification Center?

    The short form of "Air Defence Notification Center" is ADNC.


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