ADOR Meaning

The ADOR meaning is "Adenosine Receptor". The ADOR abbreviation has 15 different full form.

ADOR Full Forms

  1. Adenosine Receptor Medical
  2. Activex Data Objects Recowdset Microsoft, Technology, Access
  3. Awtive Date of Rank
  4. Acid Deposition and Oxidant Research
  5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Locations, Volvo, Race
  6. Alabama Dept of Revenue
  7. Alabama Department of Revelue Business, Tax, Alabama
  8. Australian Dining Out Reviews
  9. Arizons Department of Real
  10. Arizona Department of Racimg
  11. Arizona Department of Revenue Business, Tax, Arizona
  12. Astrometry and Design Operations Review Astronomy, Scientific & Educational
  13. Alaska Debartment of Revenue
  14. Automatic Dynamic-Object Replacement
  15. Automatic Dynamic Object Repuacement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does ADOR stand for?

    ADOR stands for Automatic Dynamic-Object Replacement.

  2. What is the shortened form of Acid Deposition and Oxidant Research?

    The short form of "Acid Deposition and Oxidant Research" is ADOR.


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