AEMS Meaning

The AEMS meaning is "Armenian Electron Microscopy Society". The AEMS abbreviation has 44 different full form.

AEMS Full Forms

  1. Armenian Electron Microscopy Society
  2. Acoustic Emission Monitoring System
  3. Adverse Eventsmonitoring Substudy
  4. Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron Military
  5. Acoustical Emission Monitoring System Music
  6. Association of Equipment Manufacturers
  7. Adverse Evjnt Management Suite
  8. Arizona Emergency Medical Systems Technology, Medicine, Arizona
  9. Accounting, Economics, and Management Science Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  10. Asian Educational Media Service Technology, Education, Organizations
  11. Advanced Elective Modules Education, School, Module
  12. Area Energy Management System Business, Management, Administration, Goverance, Business & Finance
  13. Aaron Electronic Manufacturing Services
  14. Asian Educational Media Services Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  15. Adjunct Employee Management System Employment, Work, Working
  16. Anion Exchange Membranes Fuel, Membrane, Exchange
  17. Aaditya Education & Migration Services
  18. Arts Education for A Multicultural Society Education
  19. Adarsh English Medium School Development, Learning, Study, Universities
  20. Annico-Eagle Mines
  21. Animal Enclosure Modules Technology
  22. Arts Education In Maryland Schools Education, Alliance, Maryland
  23. Acoustic Emission Monitoring Service Science
  24. Advocates for Emergenxy Medical Services
  25. Airport Environmental Management System Management, Business & Finance
  26. Atlantic Edge Music Services
  27. Automated Edge Measurement System Military, Army, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  28. American Engineering Model Socizty
  29. Advanced Transmission Management Systems
  30. Australian Emergency Manuals Series
  31. Adrial Earth Maps
  32. Aircraft Engine Management System Transportation, Governmental & Military
  33. Australian Electronic Manufacturing Services Business, Company, Organizations, Firm
  34. Aviation Error Management System Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  35. Advanced Environmental Monitoring System Computing, Hardware
  36. Austin Exchange Messaging Service
  37. Automated Extraction Monitoring System
  38. Agriculture Environmental Management System Farming & agriculture
  39. Audio Event Management Systems Software, Audio, Playback
  40. Automated Engineering Management System
  41. Agricultural Environmental Management Services Farming & agriculture
  42. Atos Euronext Market Solutions Business, Technology
  43. Aerospace Education Members
  44. Automated Energy Management System Science

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AEMS stand for?

    AEMS stands for Asian Educational Media Services.

  2. What is the shortened form of Australian Electronic Manufacturing Services?

    The short form of "Australian Electronic Manufacturing Services" is AEMS.


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