AERI Meaning

The AERI meaning is "Aircraft Evaluation Readiness Initiative". The AERI abbreviation has 29 different full form.

AERI Full Forms

  1. Aircraft Evaluation Readiness Initiative
  2. Association Expositions De Résistance IntéRieure
  3. Alberta Energy Research Institutetute Science
  4. Agricultural Engineering Research Institute Technology, Science, Food
  5. Assessment and Evaluation Research Initiative
  6. Alberta Energy Research Institute Business, Canada, Oil
  7. Agricultural Exports and Rural Income
  8. Asociación EspaÑOla Para Las Relaciones Con Inversores
  9. Agricultural Exports and Rural Incomes
  10. Arts Education Resources Initiative
  11. Atmospherically Emitted Radiance Interferometer Science
  12. Agricultural Economic Research Institute
  13. Art Education Research Institute Business, Supply, Stock
  14. Atmosphere Emitted Radiance Interferometer
  15. Agricultural Economics Research Institute
  16. Albert Eye Research Institute
  17. Association Expositions De R
  18. Advanced Environmental Research Incorporated Science
  19. Atmospheric Emitted Radiances Interferometer Science
  20. Atmospheric Emitted Radiation Interferometer Science
  21. Agricultural Economics Research Institutetute
  22. Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Instrument Technology, Science, Exploration, Legal, Governmental & Military
  23. Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer Technology, Measurement, Instrument, Meteorological, Scientific & Educational
  24. Autism Education and Research Institute
  25. Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Instituteument Science
  26. Australian Energy Research Institute
  27. Asociaci
  28. Atomic Energy Research Institutetute Science
  29. Atomic Energy Research Institute Science

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AERI stand for?

    AERI stands for Aircraft Evaluation Readiness Initiative.

  2. What is the shortened form of Advanced Environmental Research Incorporated?

    The short form of "Advanced Environmental Research Incorporated" is AERI.


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