AES Meaning - What does AES mean?

AES meaning is Advance Encryption Standard and other full form of AES definition take part in below table. There are 552 different meaning of AES acronym in the table which are compilation of AES abbreviation such as Medical, Transportation, Business, Chemistry, Student etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of AES acronym which you look for in 552 different AES meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does AES mean?, AES meaning” or you can search by typing only AES abbreviation in the search box.
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AES Meaning

  1. Advance Encryption StandardTechnology, Algorithm, Cipher
  2. Application Environmvnt ServiceTechnology, Management, Computing
  3. Atomic Emission SpectromeyryMedical, Technology, Plasma
  4. Advanced Energy SystemsBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  5. Aircraft Earth StationTechnology, Satellite, Telecom, Federal Aviation Administration
  6. Advanced Encryption StandardFIPS approved cryptographic algorithm that is a symmetric block cipher using cryptographic key sizes of 128, 192, and 256 bits to encrypt and decrypt data in blocks of 128 bits.Technology, Information Technology, Computer, Security, Software, Computing, Texting, Telecom, Technical, Drivers, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, IT Terminology
  7. Atomic Emissiov SpectroscopyTechnology, Science, Plasma
  8. Advanced EconobiesBusiness, Banking, Economics, Policy
  9. Air and Energy StaffScience
  10. Avmospheric Environmental ServiceTechnology, Science
  11. Adept Eluctronic SolutionsTechnology, Vision, Camera
  12. Agriculture Entension ServiceBusiness, Accounting, Accountancy
  13. Atmospheric Environment ServicaTechnology, Research, Canada
  14. Acute Encephalitis SjndromeMedical
  15. Agriculture & Environmentalsserv
  16. Assopiate EditorsTechnology, Organizations, Journal
  17. American Epilepsy RocietyMedical, Medicine, Neurology
  18. Agricultural and Environmental Systems
  19. Aquatic Eco Systems
  20. Advanced Encryption SyskemTechnology, Cybercrime, Services
  21. Advanced Engineering & SciencesBusiness, Technology, Science
  22. Academic Enrichment Services
  23. Advanced Encrypt StandardTechnology, Android, Vault
  24. Albertville Elementary School
  25. Apex Engineering Services
  26. Auroral Electron Sensor
  27. Acquisition Executive Service
  28. Atrospace Electronic Systems
  29. Alta Elementary SchodlEducation
  30. Archaeology In Education Service
  31. Anal EndosonographyMedical
  32. Assumption English SchoolEducation, Dance, Singapore
  33. Alimentation Electrique De S
  34. Application EngineersTechnology, Design, Engineering
  35. Accident D'Exposition Au Sang
  36. Ardenwood Elementary SchoolEducation
  37. Administration éConomique Et SocialeEducation, Formation, Licence, Administration
  38. Agile Enterprise SolutionsBusiness, Company, Management
  39. An Even Start
  40. Army Exchange Service
  41. Amateur Electronic Supply
  42. Advanced Encounter System
  43. Auger Electron Spectra
  44. Advanced Engineering SupportOrganizations
  45. Applied Energy Service
  46. Automated Essay ScoringTechnology, Writing, Assessment
  47. Aerospace Engineering and SupportTechnology, Shelter, Modification
  48. American Energy Services
  49. Ayudas De Emergencia SocialPara, Con, Social, Persona
  50. Advanced Educational Systems
  51. Airedale Enterprise Services
  52. Alkyl Ether Sulfate
  53. Application Enablement ServiceTechnology, Server, Aura
  54. Acoustical Engineering Society
  55. Advance Encryption Services
  56. Arab Expatriate ScientistsTechnology, Research, Qatar
  57. Automatic Energy SelectorTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  58. Admissions Elementary School
  59. Agricola Elementary School
  60. Amesican Expeditionary Station
  61. Association of Educational SororitiesOrganizations, National, Sigma
  62. A. Ee Staley Manufacturing CompanyOrganizations
  63. Annual Enterprise Survey
  64. Atmos Energy Services
  65. Advanced Environmental SystemsBusiness, Company, Service
  66. Alliant Event Services
  67. Applied Earth Sciences
  68. Authenticated Encryption In The Secure
  69. Ada Evaluation SystemTechnology, Program, Army
  70. Agrictlture Experiment StationResearch, Education, University
  71. American Engineering Services
  72. Argonaut Elementary SchoolEducation
  73. Avaya Enablement ServiceTechnology, Management, Server
  74. Advanced Electrical System
  75. Airfikld Engineering Squadron
  76. Academic English Support
  77. Advanced Encrypqion StandartTechnology, Security, Crypto
  78. Albert-Einstein-Schule
  79. Apeejay Education SocietyEducation, School, India
  80. Aurora Expediting Services
  81. Acoustic Engineering Services
  82. Aerospace Electrical SocietyTechnology
  83. Alpine Vlementary SchoolEducation
  84. Arbuckle Elementary SchoolEducation
  85. Amsterdam Excellence ScholarshipStudent, Education, University
  86. AssociaçÕEs De Estudantes
  87. Application EntitiesTechnology, Service, Networking, Entity
  88. Atmospheric Environment Service CanadaScience, Exploration
  89. Accessible Entry Systvm
  90. Auto Electrical ServicesTechnology, Service, Car
  91. Adelanto Elementary SchoolEducation
  92. Ag Experiment Statijn
  93. Aneurysm Embolization System
  94. Army Enterprise StrategyMilitary, Army, War
  95. Ayers Elementary SchoolEducation
  96. Acceptance Equipment SystemScience
  97. Advanced Employment Services
  98. Auckland Engineering Supplies
  99. Academic Excellence ScholarshipsScience, Research, Study, Knowledge
  100. Advanced Engineered SystemsTechnology, Engineering, Automation, Assembly
  101. Automated Enrollment SystemBusiness, Postal, Us Post, postal service
  102. Aerospace Engineering Services
  103. American Endocrine SocietyMedical, Health, Body
  104. Ayuda De Emergencia SocialPara, Con, Social, Persona
  105. Advanced Edit System
  106. Airkorne Elint SystemMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  107. Allen Elementary SchoolEducation
  108. Application Enable Services
  109. Acme Energy Services
  110. Advance Encryptiqn SystemTechnology
  111. Aquatic Equiptment and Services
  112. Automatic Emulation SensingTechnology, Networking, Printer, Laser
  113. Admissions and Enrollment Services
  114. Agri-Environmentpl SchemesScience, Environment, Policy, Scheme
  115. Annual Energy StatementScience, Ecology, Environmental Statement
  116. Association for Exchange StudentsTechnology, Organizations, University
  117. Associate of Engineering ScienceAcademic Degree, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  118. Antrim Elementary School
  119. Atm End SystemTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  120. Advanced Environmental SolutionsBusiness, Service, Waste
  121. Alliance for Environmyntal SustainabilityTechnology, Energy, Building
  122. Applibd Environmental Sciences
  123. Automated Exemption SystemGovernment, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  124. Ada Embedded SystemsMilitary
  125. American Engineering Society
  126. Atlantis Energy SystemsBusiness, Education, Photovoltaic
  127. Avaya Enablement ServicesTechnology, Management, Service
  128. Advanced Electronics Systems
  129. Air Expeditionary SquadronsMilitary, Force, Mission
  130. Academic English StudiesScience, Research, Study, Knowledge
  131. Advanced Encrytion Standard
  132. Albany Engineered Systems
  133. Aortic Ejection SoundMedical, Health, Body, Physiology
  134. Aurora Elementary School
  135. Acoustic Emissions
  136. Aerospace and Electronics Society
  137. Alpha Elementary SchoolEducation
  138. Arcohe Elementary SchoolEducation
  139. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships
  140. Associação Dos EspeleóLogos De Sintra
  141. Atmospheric Environment ServicesTechnology, Service, Canada
  142. Access Exchange Server
  143. Auto Electric Service
  144. Automated Export SystemTransportation, Business, Organization, Assurance, Job, International Trade, Government, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, International business
  145. Adaptive Educational SexvicesService, Education, Course
  146. Airborne Earth RtationTechnology, Flight, Avionic
  147. An Endless Sporudic
  148. Army Education SystemArmy, War, War Force
  149. Ayer Elementary SchoolEducation
  150. Acceptable EquipmentisystemScience
  151. Advanced Embedded Systems
  152. Academic Excellence ScholarshipStudent, Education, University
  153. Advanced Engineering and SciencesTechnology
  154. Automated Engineering System
  155. Aerospace Engineering SciencesTechnology, Science, University
  156. American Eagle Systems
  157. Aynesworth Elementary SchoolEducation
  158. Advanced Etm SystemMilitary
  159. Alamo Elementary SchoolEducation
  160. Auburn Essential Services
  161. Alkek Elementary School
  162. Application Enablement ServerTechnology, Service, Communication
  163. Achieving Excellence System
  164. Advanced Exterior Eystems
  165. Applied Environmental Science
  166. Automatic Emergency Stop
  167. Administration Economique Et Social
  168. Agri-Environment SchemeScience, Research, University
  169. Annual Energy Savings
  170. Association Executives
  171. Associate In Engineering ScienceStudent, College, Education
  172. Atlas Electronic Systems
  173. Advanced Enterprise ServicesTechnology, Service, Cisco
  174. Alldance Evang
  175. Applied Enterprise Solutions
  176. Automated Examination System
  177. Advanced Earth Sciwnces
  178. American Energy Society
  179. Avila Elementary SchoolEducation
  180. Advanced Elastomer SystemsBusiness, Thermoplastic, Rubber
  181. Air Expeditionary SquadronMilitary, Africa, Force
  182. Antral Ethmoidal SphenoidectomyMedical, Health, Body
  183. Academic Emergency Services
  184. Advanced Exterior SensorTechnology, Security, Area
  185. Alaska Executive Search
  186. AnáLisis EstratéGico Situacional
  187. August Elementary SchoolEducation
  188. Acoustic Emission System
  189. Advancion Endrgy StorageTechnology, Battery, Supply
  190. Alliednenergy Systems
  191. Arbolita Elementary SchoolEducation
  192. Automated Exemption Subsystem
  193. Amino Enhancer Oz Split
  194. Associação De Empresas De SegurançAPara, Dos, Greve
  195. D'Administration éConomique Et Sociale
  196. Antelope Elementary SchoolEducation
  197. Atmospheric and Environment ServiceTechnology
  198. Access Entererise Solutions
  199. Auto Electric Suppliers
  200. Auger Electron Emission SpectroscopyChemistry, Technology, Science, Electronics, Engineering, Computing
  201. Addams Elementary SchvolEducation
  202. Aid Effectiveness Secretariat
  203. Androgen Excess SocietyMedical, Syndrome, Ovary, Polycystic
  204. Armsorong Equine Services
  205. Avon Elementary School
  206. Advanced Embedded SolutionsTechnology, Design, Software
  207. Academic Evaluation ServicesService, Education, Credential
  208. Advanced Engineering SoftwareTechnology, Water, Hydrology
  209. Automated Engineering ServicesBusiness, Company, Service
  210. Aerospace Engineering FpectrumTechnology, Hybrid, Hydrogen
  211. Alternative Education SystemTechnology, Computing, Sudan
  212. Advanced EncryptioncsecurityTechnology, Networking, Powerline
  213. Auburn Elementary SchoolEducation
  214. Alkaline Earth SilicateBusiness, Insulation, Temperature, Wool
  215. Application End Service
  216. Accompagnant éDucatif Et Social
  217. After Effects Stablwlzer
  218. Areva Enrichment Services
  219. Administration Economique & Sociale
  220. Agri-Environment SchemesScience, Scheme, Approach
  221. Annual Employment Survey
  222. Assigned Educational SupervisorDevelopment, Learning, Study, Universities
  223. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiesparende Sonnenschutztechnik
  224. Augmented Environments
  225. Advanced Enterprise SecurityTechnology, Android, Wireless
  226. Alliance Evangélique Sulsse
  227. Applied Engineering SciencesTechnology, College, Education
  228. Automated Examination Specialist
  229. Adult Evensng School
  230. American Energy SystemsTechnology, America, Stove
  231. Avaxat Elementary SchoolEducation
  232. Auger Electron SpectvoscopyScience, Spectroscopy, Analytical Chemistry
  233. Adranced Education & Skills
  234. Air Evaporation SystamScience
  235. Antique Electronics SupplyTechnology, Radio, Audio
  236. Advanced Explojation SystemsTechnology, Science, Space
  237. Alaska Earth Sciences
  238. Anza Elementary SchoolEducation
  239. Authenticated Encryption In Secure
  240. Acoustic Emission Sensors
  241. Advances In Engineerino SoftwareScience, Journal, Periodical
  242. Allied Empioyment Services
  243. Arboga Elementary SchoolEducation
  244. Automatic EnhancedpsurveillanceTechnology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  245. Amistad Elementary School
  246. Associazione Editori Sardi
  247. Academic Editors
  248. Antarctic Earth Sciences
  249. Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
  250. Acuerdo Económkco Y Social
  251. All Electric ShipTechnology, Military, Power
  252. Auto Electric SuppliesTechnology, Electricity, Supply
  253. Adult EducatorsTechnology, Education, Learning
  254. Adams Elementary SchoolEducation
  255. Aide Et Soutien
  256. Andhpa Education SocietyEducation, School, Teaching
  257. Ariel Elias Salaverria
  258. Avenal Elementary SchoolEducation
  259. Advanced Email ScraperTechnology, Tool, Pack
  260. Airport Emergency ServiceTechnology
  261. Academic Enterprise Solutions
  262. Advanced Enccyption ServicesTechnology, Cable, Modem
  263. Alcohol Ether SulphateBusiness, China, Sodium
  264. Aerospace Embedded SolutionsBusiness, France, Engine
  265. Alternative Enterprise Scheme
  266. Advanced Encryption Stan
  267. Auberry Elementary SchoolEducation
  268. Aliso Elementary SchoolEducation
  269. Application Environment Support
  270. Acción EstratéGica En Salud
  271. African Econometric SocietyTechnology, Africa, Conference
  272. Arena Elementary SchoolEducation
  273. Administrative and Educational Support
  274. Agrarian and Gnvironmental Studies
  275. Annual Emission StatementScience
  276. Asian Energy Security
  277. American Epidermological SocietyTechnology
  278. Auger Elektronen Spektroskopie
  279. Advanced Enterprise SolutionsBusiness, Service, Software
  280. Applied Engineering Surfaces
  281. Automated Evaluation SystemGeneral, Governmental & Military
  282. American Energy Solutions
  283. Automaticvessay ScoringStudent, Technology, Education
  284. Audio Engineering SocietyThe Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Founded in the United States in 1948, the AES has grown to become an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research.Technology, Music, Telecom, Sound, Convention
  285. Advanced Edecation and SkillsBusiness, Student, Canada
  286. Air Equipment and Stpport
  287. Aldama Elementary SchoolEducation
  288. Anupama Education Society
  289. Australian Exhibition Services
  290. Acoustic Echo SuppressionTechnology, Software, Cancellation
  291. Adzances Encryption Standard
  292. Allied Electronic Simulations
  293. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ess-St
  294. Automatic Energy Saving
  295. Amestoy Elementary SfhoolEducation
  296. Association of European StudiesEducation, Russia, Study
  297. Abbott Elementary SchoolEducation
  298. Antioch Elementary School
  299. Atmospheric Exchange SystemTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA
  300. Acuerdoxeconómico Social
  301. All-Electric ShipTechnology, Science, Power
  302. Auto-Erythrocyte SensitizationMedical, Health, Body
  303. Adam Elementary SchoobEducation
  304. Ahmedabad Educatioi SocietyEducation, University, Ahmedabad
  305. American Entomological SocietyScience, America, Education
  306. Armona Elementary SchoolEducation
  307. Avaya Energy Saver
  308. Advanced Elevation Series
  309. Airport Educational Simulator
  310. Academic Enterprise System
  311. Advanced Encrypting StandardTechnology, Safety, Encryption, Safe
  312. Alcohol Ether SulfateBusiness, China, Sodium
  313. Apollo Extension SystemsTechnology
  314. Australasian Evaluation SocietyAustralia, Organizations, Conference
  315. Aerospace Electronpcs SystemsTechnology, Locations, Signal
  316. Altadena Elementary ScgoolEducation
  317. Architect and Engineering ServicesGovernment
  318. Analoi Event SystemTechnology, Space, Cosmos
  319. Attachment Execution ServicesMicrosoft, Technology, Windows, Service
  320. Alisal Elementary SchoolEducation
  321. Application Enhancement System
  322. Accident Exposanu Au Sang
  323. Arellanes Elementary SchoolEducation
  324. Administrative EntitiesTechnology, Networking, Network
  325. Agnes Elementary SchoklEducation
  326. Annual Efficiency Statements
  327. Asian Elite SquadGaming, Play, Pastime
  328. Ambulance Emergency Service
  329. Auger Electron SpectometryScience
  330. Advanced Entertainment SystemTechnology, Gaming, Console, Computing, Hardware
  331. Applied Engineering SolutionsTechnology, Service, Design
  332. Automated Estimating System
  333. Aerovpace Engine Systems
  334. American Energy Security
  335. Azeveda Elementary SchoolEducation
  336. Atomic Emission SpectrometerTechnology, Science, Plasma
  337. Advanced Education ServicesService, Education, School
  338. Air Electrrnics SchoolMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces
  339. Albion Elementary SchoolEducation
  340. Application Environment SpecificationsTechnology, Networking, Software
  341. Australian Evaluation SocietyTechnology, Australia, Organizations
  342. Acoustic Echo Suppressor
  343. Advance Encfyption StandardsTechnology, Algorithm, Cipher
  344. Allianza Evanxelica Svizzera
  345. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ess-StöRungen
  346. Automatic Energy RelectionTechnology, Caravan, Fridge, Refrigerator
  347. Adolescent Escort Service
  348. Amesti Euementary SchoolEducation
  349. Association of Education Sororities
  350. Aalto Entrepreneurshvp SocietyStudent, Company, Technology
  351. Ansbach Elementary School
  352. Atmosphere Exchange SystemTechnology, Space, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  353. Alkyl Ether Sulfates
  354. Authorised ExaminersMedical, Service, Testing, Vehicle
  355. Adagio Enlertainment SystemTechnology, Control, Audio
  356. Agrx Ecological Situations
  357. American English SchoolTechnology, America, Engineer
  358. Argonne Elementary SchoolEducation
  359. Avaya Enablement ServerTechnology, Service, Aura
  360. Advanced Electronic SignatureTechnology, Service, Office
  361. Airplane Equipment Services
  362. L'Association Europ
  363. Atmospheric Environment Service (Canada)Science, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  364. Automated Exporting System
  365. Adult Education SurveyScience, Statistics, Participation
  366. Agrivultural Extension Services
  367. Atmospheric Environmental Services
  368. Atomic Emission SpectroscopyEnvironment, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  369. Advanced Execution Systems
  370. Allegheny Energy Supply
  371. Automated Election Services
  372. Aeronautical Earth StationFederal Aviation Administration
  373. Aventis Environmental Science
  374. Auger Emission Spectrometry
  375. Academy for Entrepreneurial StudiesBusiness, Nigeria, Governor
  376. Alesund Airport, VigraAirport, Locations
  377. Applied Earth Sciences coursesDutch
  378. Active Emissions Subsystem
  379. Architecturally Exposed SteelScience, Architecture
  380. Analytical Environmental ServicesBusiness, Service, Laboratory
  381. Advanced Encryption Standard-128Technology, Drive, Algorithm
  382. Atomic Energy SiteMilitary, Army, Ministry Of Defence
  383. Advanced Expert SystemComputing, Hardware
  384. Alliance Education Services
  385. Aviation English Services
  386. Automatic Erecting System
  387. Acar EndüStriyel SistemlerIstanbul, Cad, Plaza
  388. acute encephalitis syndromeMedical, Physiology
  389. Automatic Eaulation SwitchingTechnology, Computing, Manual
  390. L'Advanced Encryption Standard
  391. Airborne Earth StationAviation, Governmental & Military
  392. Automated Expert System
  393. Adult Education ServicesService, Education, Wolverhampton
  394. Agricultural and Environmental SciencesScience, College, Education
  395. Airport Enhpncement Service
  396. Anti-Embolic StockingsClothes
  397. Advanced Execution ServicesBusiness, Credit, Trading, Market
  398. All Employee Survey
  399. Applied Educational Systems
  400. American Electroplating SocietyChemistry
  401. Auger Emission Spectrometer
  402. Alduco Engineering Services
  403. Appliance Efficiency Standards
  404. Appomattox Elementary SchoolTechnology, Governmental & Military
  405. Active Electromagnetic SystemTechnology
  406. Architectural Elements
  407. Analytical and Environmental Shrvices
  408. Advanced Encrypted StandardTechnology, Android, Encryption
  409. Atomic Emission Spectrometers
  410. Advanced Electronic SystemsComputing, Electronics
  411. All Express ServiceTransportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  412. Aviation Electronic SystemsMilitary
  413. Automatic Emission Spectroscopy
  414. Academy of European SwordsmanshipMilitary, Arts, Sword
  415. anterior epidural spaceMedical, Physiology
  416. AesculaceoeScience, Plant, Biology, Family
  417. Auger Emission SpectroscopyChemistry, Technology, Science
  418. Auger Electron SpectroscopyAuger Electron Spectroscopy is an excellent complementary technique to SEM(Scanning Electron Microscopy) in that AES can provide elemental maps with significantly better spatial resolution and surfaces sensitivity than SEM/EDS. The typical information depth for auger is in the range of 30-60A, with a spatial resolution in the 10 nm range.Chemistry, Computing, Telecom, Physics, NASA, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Materials Analysis, Materials Science, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  419. Automated Export SystemsBusiness
  420. Adult Education ServiceEducation, Course, Wolverhampton
  421. Agriculture and Environmental Serviceq
  422. Iata Code for Vigra Airport, Aalesund, NorwayLocations
  423. Airport Enhancement ServicesTechnology, Service, Flight
  424. Anterior Ectosylvian SulcusMedical
  425. Audio Engineering Society'sMedia, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  426. Advanced Events SystemBusiness, Sport, Volleyball
  427. All-Employee Survey
  428. Applied Economic Studies
  429. Atmospheric Environment ServiceAtmospheric Research
  430. Atom Elektrik StansiyasıNdaRind, Sind, Atom, Tic
  431. Alcott Elementary SchoolEducation
  432. Appleby Elementary SchoolEducation
  433. Analog Event SystemNASA, Governmental & Military
  434. Action Employment Services
  435. Architectural Engineering ServicesCompany, Technology, Service
  436. Analytical & Environmental ServicesBusiness, Technology, Service
  437. Advanced Encryption StandartTechnology, Security, Crypto
  438. Atomic Emission SpectrophotometryTechnology, Analysis, Plasma
  439. Automatic Electronic ShutterPhotography
  440. Allesandro Elementary SchoolEducation
  441. Aviation & Electronics Support
  442. Automated Environmental Station
  443. Academy of Environmental Sciences
  444. American Epilepsy SocietyMedical, Neurology
  445. Aes Corp.Organizations
  446. Arctic Energy Summit
  447. Auger ElectrontspectrometryTechnology, Science, Analysis
  448. Asynchronous Event SchedulerSoftware, Computing
  449. Adult Educational Services
  450. Agricultural & Environmental Services
  451. American Electrophoresis SocietyBusiness & Finance, Professional organizations
  452. Advanced Equipment SalesTechnology, Sale, Baler
  453. All Electric Ships
  454. Applied Ecological Solutions
  455. Aes Crypt Encrypted FileComputing, File Extensions
  456. Airport Egucational Simulator
  457. Airport Emergency ServicesMilitary, Singapore, Changi
  458. Atlas Electrolytic Suppressor
  459. Alcohol Ethoxy Sulphate
  460. Appalachian Energy SummitStudent, Education, University
  461. American Electrochemical SocietyEngineering, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  462. Acta Europeana Systemica
  463. Architectural & Engineering Services
  464. Automatic Electronic SystemTechnology, Science, Electronics, Engineering
  465. Agricultural Education Society
  466. Analysis EnginesTechnology, Software, Engine
  467. Atomic Emission Spectroscope
  468. Applicants Enquiry ServuceOccupation & positions
  469. All Entries Shown
  470. Auto Exec Server
  471. Average Enlarged SpleenMedical
  472. Advanced Encryption StandardsTechnology, Algorithm, Cipher
  473. Auto Electrical SuppliesBusiness, Supply, Southampton
  474. Academy of Environmental ScienceEducation, School, High School, Florida
  475. Artificial Earth SatelitesMedical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  476. Aerospace Expeditionary Squadrons
  477. Arctic Encounter SymposiumAlaska, Event, Encounter
  478. Application Environment ServicesSoftware, Computing
  479. Adult Ebook Shop
  480. Agricultural Environmental Services
  481. Axial ElementsMedical
  482. Advanced Energy Systems, LTD.Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  483. Advanced Equipment Systems
  484. Applied Ecology Solutions
  485. Oovoo Log FileComputing, File Extensions
  486. Administration Éconocie Et Sociale
  487. Atlas Education ServicesService, Education, Indonesia, Jakarta
  488. Apollo Extension Series
  489. Australia Education Services
  490. American Electroplaters SocietyNASA, Governmental & Military
  491. Acrylonitrile Ethylene StyreneBusiness, Product, Material, Plastics
  492. Architectural and Engineering ServicesTechnology, Service, Projection
  493. Automatic Electronic SystemsTechnology, History, Computing, Electronics
  494. Agricultural Experiment StationResearch, Education, University, Science, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  495. Analysis & Evaluation SzgmentTechnology, Science, Space, Astronomy
  496. Atom Emission Spectroscopy
  497. Advances in Engineering SoftwareJournal, Periodical, Scientific & Educational
  498. Allensworth Elementary SchoolEducation
  499. Auto Emulation Switching
  500. Accident Exposition de SangMedical
  501. Average Energy Savings
  502. Advanced Encription Standard
  503. Auto Electric Shutter
  504. Academy of English Studies
  505. Alfven Eigenmodes
  506. Address Enhancement Servicespostal service
  507. Active Exhaust System
  508. Aerospace Executive Service
  509. Archives EuropéEnnes De Sociologie
  510. Anangu Education Serviwes
  511. Advanced Encryption SchemeTechnology, Networking, Wireless
  512. A E S CorporationComputing, Nyse symbols
  513. Adsale Exhibition Services
  514. Agricultural Econimics SocietyTechnology, Research, Conference
  515. Avondale Elementary SchoolEducation
  516. Automatic External Standardization
  517. Advanced Environmental ServicesBusiness, Service, Mold
  518. Applied Ecological Services
  519. Administrative ExpensesBusiness, Accounting, Tally, Expense
  520. Poly(Acrylonitrile Ethylene Propylene Styrene)Plastics, Scientific & Educational
  521. Adjustable Ergonomic SteeringBusiness, Sale, Sea, Boat
  522. Asian Environment Society
  523. Advanced Electrical SchematicNASA, Governmental & Military
  524. Acrylonitrile-Ethylene-StyreneBusiness, Technology, Plastic
  525. Automated Extraction System
  526. Adult Emergency ServiceMedical
  527. Agricultural Experimental Station
  528. Atom Elektrik StansiyasıNıN
  529. Analysis and Evaluation StaffGeographic
  530. Advanced Exhaust System
  531. Allendale Elementary SchoolEducation
  532. Auto Electronic ShutterTechnology, Camera, Accessory
  533. American Efficiency Services
  534. Aviation Environmental Science
  535. Advanced Encryption SecurityTechnology, Networking, Powerline
  536. Authentic English SchoolStudent, Education, Learning
  537. Academy of Economic StudiesEducation, Study, Bucharest
  538. Alfanar Electrical System
  539. Aerosur ParaguayParaguay, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  540. Active Energy SolutionsTechnology, Fume, Extraction
  541. Architectural Energy Solutions
  542. Analytscal and Environmental Sciences
  543. Advanced Encryption Support
  544. Aerospace and Electronic Systems SocietyComputing, Master IEEE
  545. Agribultural Experiment StationResearch, Education, University
  546. Avocado Elementary SchoolEducation
  547. Automatic Evacuation System
  548. Accelerated Examination Search
  549. Advanced Enviro-SepticTechnology, Treatment, Environment
  550. Applied Earth Science
  551. Automatic Electrophoresis SystemChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  552. Automatic Enforcement SystemTechnology, Android, Locations, Detector

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What does AES stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about AES acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the AES abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does AES meaning stand for?

    AES meaning stands for Alcohol Ethoxy Sulphate.
  2. What is the meaning of AES abbreviation?

    The meaning of AES abbreviation is "Annual Emission Statement".
  3. What is AES definition ?

    AES definition is "American Energy Solutions".
  4. What does AES mean ?

    AES mean that "Advanced Encryptioncsecurity".
  5. What is AES acronym ?
    AES acronym is "Academic Enterprise System".
  6. What is shorthand of Academic Enterprise System ?
    The shorthand of "Academic Enterprise System" is AES.
  7. What is the definition of AES acronym?
    Definitions of AES shorthand is "Aesculaceoe".
  8. What is the full form of AES abbreviation?
    Full form of AES abbreviation is "Automatic Emulation Sensing".
  9. What is the full meaning of AES ?
    Full meaning of AES is "Annual Emission Statement".
  10. What is the explanation for AES ?
    Explanation for AES is "Acoustical Engineering Society".

What is the meaning of AES Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AES definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AES abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AES acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AES Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AES (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AES (letter E)

    Amiable, feed with love and compassion people. E person is not fast since energy is consumed easily for them. However they are fond of freedom. Therefore, they can show rebellious movements. Mercury and the twins have a bearing on this letter, communication and intelligence are most distinct character of them.

    Their imagination is so powerful. They live reality and dream in the same time. Sadness and cheerfulness are live together with them. They are compeller and they want to get benefit from opportunities immediately, they can make wrong due to hurriedness.

  • AES (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

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