AESOP Meaning

The AESOP meaning is "An Electronic Student Observatory Project". The AESOP abbreviation has 34 different full form.

AESOP Full Forms

  1. An Electronic Student Observatory Project
  2. Australian European Southern Observatory Positioner
  3. Adherence To Exercise Scale for Older Patients
  4. Afloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program Technology
  5. Australian Enterogoccal Sepsis Outcome Programme
  6. Academic Enrichment and Sports Ottawa Program Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  7. Aetiology and Ethnicity In Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses Science, Health, Care
  8. An Extensive Symbolic Optics Package Technology
  9. Academic Enrichment Special Options Program Development, Learning, Study
  10. Aetiology and Ethnicity of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses
  11. An Evolutionary System for Online Processing Technology
  12. Ab-Initio Effective Spin-Orbit Operator Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  13. Automated Electronic Systep for Ocean Pollution Technology, Science, Ocean
  14. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Program Science
  15. An Evolutionary System for On-Line Processing Technology
  16. Authoring Edutainment Stories for Online Players
  17. Advanced Engineer Scheduling Optimisation & Prediction
  18. An Evolutionary System for On-Line Programming Technology, Computing, Language
  19. Australian Executive Service Overseas Program
  20. Advanced End-To-End Simulation for Onboard Processing
  21. Automatic Engineering and Scientific Optimization Program Science
  22. Association of The European Schools of Planning Science, University, Urban
  23. Automated Experiment Xummary and Overview Program Military
  24. Association of European School of Planning
  25. Automated Endoscope System for Optimal Positioning
  26. Association of European Schools of Planning
  27. Automated Electronic System for Ocean Pollution Chemistry
  28. Automated Endoscopic Sgstem for Optimal Positioning Medical, Surgery, Robot
  29. Automated Environmental Station for Overtemperature Probing
  30. Airborne Experiment To Study Ozone Production Chemistry
  31. Association for Energy Systews, Operations and Programming
  32. Automated Endoscopic System for Optimal Positioning Medical, Physiology
  33. Automatic Environmental Surface Abservation Platforms Science
  34. an easy system of programming NASA, Governmental & Military

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AESOP stand for?

    AESOP stands for Automated Experiment Xummary and Overview Program.

  2. What is the shortened form of Automated Experiment Xummary and Overview Program?

    The short form of "Automated Experiment Xummary and Overview Program" is AESOP.


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