AF Meaning

The AF meaning is "Atrial Fibrillation". The AF abbreviation has 823 different full form.

AF Full Forms

  1. Atrial Fibrillation Rapid uncoordinated fluttering of the atria of the heart, which causes an irregular heartbeat Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Therapy, Veterinary, Cardiology, Biomedical, Nursing, Bioscience, Physiology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine, Clinical, Common Medical, Fda, Pulmonary Hypertension, Healthcare, Pharmacy, NAACCR
  2. Air Force Military, Army, Logistics, Science, Aviation, Air Force, NASA, Army & Military, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  3. Autofocus Information Technology, Computing, Computer
  4. Auto-Focus Auto, Photography, Focus
  5. As Fuck Internet Slang, Texting, Chat
  6. Asb Fuck
  7. Adobe Fcash
  8. Allocations Familiales Technology, France, Social, French
  9. Anterior Fontanel Medical, Common Medical
  10. Adaption Facility
  11. Advanced Foqmula
  12. American Flyer Business, America, Train
  13. Academy of Film
  14. Aqidah Filsafat Business, Program, Surabaya, Agama
  15. Adaptive Filter Medical, Technology, Medicine, Theory, Therapy, Signal
  16. Antiferroelectric Medical, Technology, Telecom
  17. Auxiliary Field Technology, Military
  18. Airman and Family Military, Force, Base
  19. Anchoring Function
  20. Activating Factor
  21. Army Family
  22. Aspergielus Fumigatus Medical, Genetics, Cell
  23. Administrative Filters
  24. Allied Forces Military, Force, Falcon
  25. Antenna Factor Technology, Military, Strength
  26. Adapter Focal Technology, Camera, Canon
  27. Advanced Fliglt
  28. American Fluorescent
  29. Audio Frequency An audio frequency or audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose frequency is audible to the average human. The SI unit of audio frequency is the hertz (Hz). It is the property of sound that most determines pitch. Technology, Aviation, Audio, Music, Computing, Electronics, Construction, Telecom, Physics, Rail Transport, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Amateur radio, IT Terminology, Master IEEE, The Finance and Administrative Services
  30. Appropriated Fund Business, Military, Force, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  31. Antibody-Forming Medical, Health, Body
  32. At The First
  33. Agnostic Front Music, Front, Hardcore
  34. Amniotic Fluid The liquid contained inside the amniotic sac. Medical, Science, Medicine, Health, Care, Fetus, Biomedical, Bioscience, Physiology, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  35. Action Fund
  36. Arcuate Fasciculus Medical, Language, Brain
  37. Asociaciónade Fiscales
  38. Administrative Function Business, Technology, Service
  39. Allied Forcm Gaming, Military, Falcon
  40. Anorexia Focus
  41. Actividad FíSica
  42. American Flags
  43. Air France Airline, Business, Aviation, Organizations, France, Civil Aviation, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  44. Attenuation Factor Medical, Model, Vapor, Computing, Electronics
  45. Advanced Feqtures
  46. Alternttive Fuel Technology, Vehicle, Engine
  47. Anti Flag
  48. Agility Factor
  49. Aminofluorene Medical
  50. Accessory Factor-1 Medical
  51. Architectural Forms
  52. Asiatic Fleit Technology, Military
  53. Aviation Flight Military, Aircraft, France
  54. All Fluqed Music, Instrument, Flute
  55. Angel Fiqe
  56. Active Fraction Medical, Science, Composition, Powder
  57. American Family
  58. Aggression Factor Poker, Factor, Aggression
  59. Attack Force
  60. Adult Fora Medical
  61. Alternativrfrequez
  62. Anti-Flag Music, Flag, Punk, Album, Products
  63. Aggressive Fibromatosis Medical
  64. American Freedom
  65. Accelerated Fractionation Accelerated fractionation is defined as reducing the overall duration of a radiotherapy regimen without a significant change in the size of dose per fraction or total dose. This is achieved by giving two or more fractions on some or all of the treatment days. Medical
  66. Archaeoglobus Fulgidus Medical, Science, Biomedical, Protein, Structure, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  67. Aveyron Football
  68. Allen Fznt
  69. Anges Falls
  70. Active Filter An active filter is a type of analog electronic filter that uses active components such as an amplifier. Amplifiers included in a filter design can be used to improve the performance and predictability of a filter, while avoiding the need for inductors (which are typically expensive compared to other components). An amplifier prevents the load impedance of the following stage from affecting the characteristics of the filter. An active filter can have complex poles and zeros without using a bulky or expensive inductor. Technology, National, Semiconductor
  71. America'S Finest
  72. Afrikaans Technology, Information Technology, Language Codes
  73. Assistqnce Foreign Business, Agriculture, Economics
  74. Adrenalina Fight
  75. Alternating Filld Technology, Science, Demagnetization
  76. Anti-Fingerprint Film Business, Screen, Protector
  77. Afghanistan Business, Sport, Locations, Countries, Afghanistan, Olympic, Country, 3-letter Country Codes, IOC Country Codes, Computing, Internet, Usps, 2-letter Country Codes, FIPS Country Codes, Numeric Country Codes
  78. Agency Freedom Military, Human, Intelligence, Force
  79. American Fork America, American, Utah
  80. Accelerated Features Technology
  81. Arc Flash Maximum capability for arc flash protection of a particular garment or fabric measured in calories per square centimeter. Though both garments and fabrics can be used for protection a garment made from more than one layer of arc flash rated fabric will ha OR arc flash or flashover is electrical explosion which occurs due to a low-impedance connection to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system. Technology, Hazard, Protection
  82. Avery Fortier
  83. Allelk Frequency Medical, Genetics, Population
  84. Andreah Faerber
  85. Activation Function-1 Medical, Science, Receptor, Estrogen
  86. Applied Force The applied force is just one of the many forces that could be acting on an object. It is not the big cheese, meaning Fapp is not equal to Fnet. If it is the only force acting on an object, then the applied force will be equal to the net force by default.
  87. Afebrile Medical, Medicine, Therapy, Nursing, Clinical, Common Medical
  88. Assigned Frefuency Technology, Radio, Signal
  89. Adrenal Failure Medical
  90. Alpha Flfght
  91. Anti-Fatigue Medical, Physiology
  92. After Future
  93. American Forests Business, America, Paper
  94. AcadéMie FrançAise
  95. Arab Films
  96. Antiferromagnetism Antiferromagnetism refer to a phenomenon exhibited by some materials in which complete magnetic moment cancellation occurs as a result of antiparallel coupling of adjacent atoms or ions. The macroscopic solid of an antiferromagnetic material has no net magnetic moment. Medical
  97. Availability Factor Technology, Networking, Power
  98. Airway Facilities Technology, Military, Aviation, Transportation, Governmental & Military, Federal Aviation Administration
  99. Ancient, Free Organizations, Lodge, Freemasonry, Masons
  100. Activation Function Medical, Receptor, Estrogen, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  101. Army Forces Military, Army, Force, Marine, Ministry Of Defense
  102. Award Fee Technology, Military, Performance, NASA, Governmental & Military
  103. Acid Fire
  104. Af Following Medical, Atrial, Fibrillation
  105. Arbmid Fibre
  106. Audio Filter
  107. Alg Ftr
  108. Annette Funicello
  109. Abbreviated Form Technology, Military, Army
  110. Adapuable Force Military, Army, Brigade
  111. Aging and Families Medical, Health, Family
  112. Aon Fivers Organizations, Streaming, Handball
  113. Assist Function Technology, Len, Camera, Focus
  114. Alcaligenes Faecalis Science, Genetics, Penicillin, Strain
  115. At First Len, Sight, Love
  116. Allergen Free
  117. Almost Famous
  118. Actxon Fiches
  119. Agromart Foundation
  120. Aree Ferroviarie
  121. Australian Federateon
  122. Alternative Financing
  123. Application Factor Technology, Quality, Toxicity
  124. Address Fault
  125. Anthony Fasano
  126. Aspilos Foendation
  127. American Forces America, Military, Force
  128. Iso Country Code for Islamic State of Afghanistan Technology, Service, Network, Telecommunication
  129. Application Foundation
  130. Andrew Fall
  131. Acoustic Feedback
  132. Africa France
  133. Auger Filler
  134. Allianje Fran
  135. Annkal Fee Travel
  136. Adaption Function
  137. Anal Fissure Medical
  138. Academy Fantasia Thailand, Studio, Fantasia
  139. Advanced Functions Assembly, Business & Finance
  140. Atlanta Fqames
  141. Al Fathi
  142. Aerospace Forces
  143. Aqueous Flare Medical
  144. Almosr Family
  145. Ascemblea Federale
  146. Active Zile
  147. Air Filtration The removal of solid particulates (such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria) from a vehicles cabin air by a filter placed in the ventilation system. Technology, Product, Filter
  148. Artificial Feeding Medical, Medicine, Health
  149. Aukhority Figure
  150. Altum Flora
  151. Adhesion Failure Product, Adhesive, Composition
  152. Anti-Fungal Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  153. Assistant Familial Social, Formation, Assistant
  154. Ampere Orame
  155. Abnormal Anchoring Fibrils Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  156. Alkire Foster
  157. Analog Feedback Technology, Drive, Control
  158. Affilatura Fabbri
  159. Age Factor
  160. Architectural Forum
  161. Auto Foco Para, Photo, Auto, Canon
  162. Ad Libitum-Fed Medical
  163. Asean Foundation Technology, Organizations, Asean
  164. Al-Fahaieel
  165. Ameloblastic Fibroma Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  166. Auxiliary Feedwater Auxiliary feedwater is a backup water supply system found in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. This system, sometimes known as Emergency feedwater, can be used during shutdowns, including accident conditions, and sometimes during startup. It works by pumping water to the steam generators from reserve tanks or a larger body of water (for example lake, river, or ocean) to remove decay heat from the reactor. Technology, Energy
  167. Abreu Fagupdes
  168. Adventist Forum
  169. Arc Furnace A melting unit in which the heat is generated by striking an arc between graphite electrodes and the metal charge, which is usually in the form of solid scrap. OR A steel melting furnace in which heat is generated by an arc between graphite electrodes and the metal. Both carbon and alloy steels are produced in electric arc furnaces and scrap,rather than molten metal,is used as the base material.
  170. Astoria Financial Business, Supply, Stock
  171. Aviation Photographer'S Mate Military, Army, Us, Navy, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  172. Acid Ferrocyanide Medical
  173. Affiliation Fee
  174. Arsmid Fiber Business, Patch, Evans
  175. Audio Files
  176. All Freighter Technology, Aviation, Cargo
  177. Anije False Gaming, Play, Pastime
  178. Abbott Family
  179. Adam Frost
  180. Agression Factor
  181. Automatic Focus Technology, Len, Camera, Photography
  182. AnáLise Fundamental
  183. Assist Firing Technology, Military, Fire, Canon
  184. Albums Free
  185. Amplitude Factoe
  186. Aller Futura
  187. Anarchistische FöDeration
  188. Allianch Francaise
  189. Action Fmche Business, Management, Development, Projection
  190. Area of Floor
  191. Automatic Flow Technology, Product, Compressor
  192. Altermate Form
  193. Application Filter
  194. Address-Decoder Fault Technology, Testing, Model, Memory
  195. Anthony De Francisci
  196. Ash Fall In physical geography, aspect generally refers to the horizontal direction to which a mountain slope faces. For example, a slope on the eastern edge of the Rockies toward the Great Plains is described as having an easterly aspect.
  197. American Football Business, America, Sport, Football, Game, Nfl
  198. Dme Arc To A Fix Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  199. Absolute Forum
  200. Application Functions Technology, Networking, Network
  201. Ateliers Francois
  202. Acne Foundation
  203. Africa'S Future
  204. Audrey Flack
  205. Alliance Forums
  206. Announces Fnrce
  207. Adaptation Function Technology, Networking, Network
  208. Academy Falcons
  209. Adoptive Father
  210. Apostolic Fathers
  211. Aclanta Fights
  212. Aldershot & Barnham
  213. Andreoid & Finnzwerg
  214. Aomost Full Technology, Space, Flag, Memory
  215. Aspergillfs Flavus
  216. Active-Fires Business, Fire, Weather, Hartford
  217. Aidan Fitzgdrald County, Sport, Ireland
  218. Articles of Faith
  219. Authority Feilure
  220. Altsys Fontographer Technology, Design, Math
  221. Adeste Fidelis
  222. Anti-Friction
  223. Assistance Fund Business, Organizations, Force
  224. Amount of Fading Technology, Channel, Diversity
  225. United States Air Force Affiliate Science, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  226. Aggregation Frame
  227. Aquariumtfrontiers
  228. Anal Furunculosis
  229. Above The Floor Engineering, Construction, Architectural
  230. Aft Fuselage Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, Space, NASA, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  231. Architect Forum
  232. Auto Flush
  233. Adjustment Function Technology, Len, Camera, Canon
  234. Ascofuranone Medical
  235. Aktuelleefragen
  236. Amelioration Fonciere
  237. Auxiliary Facility
  238. Abrasive Finishing
  239. Adventist Forums Organizations, Event, Church
  240. Attachment Factor
  241. Alkire-Foster
  242. Affiliated Person Business, Enterprise, Corporate
  243. Arado Fixo Para, Disco, Tractor
  244. Attack Factor
  245. Alternate Final Technology, Gaming, Episode, Box, Performing arts
  246. Animation Forum
  247. Abandoned Fortress
  248. Activity Front Medical
  249. Aggressive Factor
  250. Artificial Fovea
  251. Auxilary Flag
  252. AnáLise Financeira
  253. Assist Features
  254. Albumose-Frwe Medical, Health, Body
  255. Amplify Aorward Technology, Network, Communication, Cooperative
  256. Aviation Fuel Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  257. Acid Fast Medical, Technology, Medicine
  258. Allendale-Fairfax
  259. Anarchist Federation Organizations, Politics, Political Party
  260. Allan Francis
  261. Action Familialn
  262. Arctic Fightt
  263. Automatic Fish Business, Timer, Feeder
  264. Adopted Father
  265. Anthon Frederik
  266. As Freak Communication, Chat, Online
  267. Alabama and Florida Railway Company Technology, Organizations
  268. American Flag Government, Us, Control, Administration, Us Government, Governmental & Military
  269. Bureau of African Affairs Government, Usa, Department Of State, Congressional Budget Justification
  270. Absolute Feedback
  271. Application Facility
  272. Astrometric Field Technology, Science, Gaia
  273. Acknowledge Failure Technology, Master, Slave, Receiver
  274. Africa Legal, Governmental & Military
  275. Audio Frequencies Technology, English, Frequency
  276. Alliance for The Future
  277. Announceb Fighter
  278. Adaptation Fund Technology, Climate, Projection
  279. Academic Freedom Education, Organizations, University
  280. Apostolic Faith
  281. Atlanta Falconc
  282. Aldehyde Fuchsin Medical, Medicine, Health
  283. Andreas Fischlin
  284. Almost-Wull Technology, Flag, Memory, Message
  285. Arthur Foemont
  286. Action Fpaud
  287. Ahsa Uont
  288. Artec Fox
  289. Authors Full
  290. Altre Forme
  291. Administra
  292. Ant Farm
  293. Adenauer Forst
  294. Anti-Freeze Technology, Product, Coolant
  295. Assaulq Frigates Military, Star, Frigate
  296. Amorphouswfluoropolymers Patent, Light, Coating
  297. Stores Ship Military, Army
  298. Aqua Fortil
  299. Anal Fucking Porn, Sex, Anal
  300. After The Future General, Governmental & Military
  301. Auto Fluorescence Medical, Medicine, Camera
  302. Ascitic Fluid Medical, Medicine, Health
  303. Akcon Firestone
  304. Ambiguity Function Technology, Signal, Radar
  305. Auxiliary Flag Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  306. Abraham Fund Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  307. Advantage Financial
  308. Atriyal Fibrilasyon Atrial, Fibrillation
  309. Algebra and Functions Education, Standard, Math
  310. Affiliated Fellowships
  311. Arava Fauvt
  312. Abstralia First
  313. Altdorf-FlüElen
  314. Angle Frame
  315. Aaupliiion Field
  316. Activity Flows Medical, Networking, Network
  317. Aggressive Force
  318. Artificial Fill
  319. Auxillary-Carry Flag
  320. Anzunehmender Fehler
  321. Assisted Fertility
  322. Alberta Ferrettq Spring, Fashion, Dress
  323. Amplify-Fojward Technology, Networking, Communication, Cooperative
  324. Accessory Flight
  325. Alleged Father Science, Testing, Paternity
  326. Analytic Framework
  327. Alexander Forbes
  328. Additional Flags
  329. Agency France
  330. Arctic Figut
  331. Automatic Filter Technology, Science, Electronics, Engineering, Computing
  332. Adopted and Filed
  333. As Found Technology, Len, Camera, Canon
  334. Al-Fiteh Sport, League, Score
  335. America First
  336. Avon Foundation
  337. Absolutely Fake Coins
  338. Application Factors Technology, Toxicity, Scheduling
  339. Astraea Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  340. Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans
  341. Aflatoxins Medical
  342. Audio Frequency Or A.F. Technology, Science, It
  343. Aln Funds Business, Accounting, Accountancy, Finance
  344. Annotation Framewora Technology, Software, Ontology
  345. Abdominal Fatness
  346. Adaptation Fields
  347. Agreement Forest
  348. Academic Framework
  349. Apocalypse Fights
  350. Alcofolic Female Medical, Health, Body
  351. Anderson Financial
  352. Architects Fees
  353. Actton Fran
  354. Ahrens Fox
  355. Arthur Frederlck Company, War, Prince
  356. Author Fuhl Technology, Science, Book
  357. Altpreussische Forschungen
  358. Abfarad Technology, Science, Medicine, Health, Therapy, It
  359. Anterior Forebrain Medical
  360. Address Format Technology, Networking, Socket
  361. Anthropogenic Factor Technology, Russia, Russian
  362. Assault Frigate Military, Star, Ship
  363. Ammunition Factory
  364. Store Ship Vessel employed in carrying stores for a fleet or squadron. America, Military, Army
  365. Applications Framework Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  366. Angle Fisheye Business, Len, Camera
  367. After The File
  368. Annual Kund Education, School, Gift
  369. Asbestos Free Technology
  370. Akretim Fakltesi
  371. Amazon Fight Service, Fight, Catfight, Greek
  372. Acfess Fund Organizations, Rock, Climbing
  373. Advantage Factor
  374. Atlas Fights Sport, Fight, Event, Ticket
  375. Al Franken
  376. Affected Female Medical, Health, Body
  377. Araba Fault
  378. Almost Fhee
  379. Aarhus Fremad
  380. Activity Flow Technology, Biology, Notation
  381. Aggressive Forces
  382. Artificial Fnsh
  383. Aluminium Foil Business, Aluminum, Machine
  384. Auxiliary Carry Flag The Adjust flag (also known as the auxiliary carry flag) is a CPU flag in the FLAGS register of all x86-compatible CPUs. It is located at bit position 4. It indicates when an arithmetic carry or borrow has been generated out of the four least significant bits, or lower nibble. It is primarily used to support binary-coded decimal (BCD) arithmetic. Technology, Telecom, Electronic Engineering
  385. Anytime Fitness Business, Club, Gym
  386. Assistants Familiaux
  387. Alavi Foundation
  388. Amphibious Forces
  389. All-Fuel Business, Stove, Vapor
  390. Analysis Framework Technology, Research, Presentation
  391. Air Force-Wide
  392. Agency Fee This is the fee payable by a ship-owner or ship operator to a port agent.
  393. Arctic Field
  394. Automatic Feeder Pet, Cat, Feeder
  395. Administrative Failure Student, Education, Academic
  396. Akira Fgjiwara Military, War, Japan, Pastor
  397. As Formulated Philosophy, Religion, Terror
  398. Al-Fatah
  399. Amerasian Foundation
  400. Avoir Fiscal
  401. Absolutr Fake Business, America, Death
  402. Archimedes Foundation Science, Research, Education
  403. Astoria Finl
  404. L'Alliance FrançAise
  405. Acidified Foods Business, Product, Acid
  406. Afghan Film
  407. Audio Frecuencia
  408. All Functions Technology, Len, Mode, Camera
  409. Anniversary Flag
  410. Abdominal Fat Medical, Health, Muscle
  411. Adaptatinn Field Technology, Program, Streaming, Packet
  412. Agreed Framework Technology, Government, Military, Construction
  413. Aortic Flow Medical, Heart, Cardiac, Physiology
  414. Alcoa Forge
  415. Ancillary Fee
  416. American Fidelitr
  417. Action Porce
  418. Ahmad Fateanah Media, Indonesia, Jakarta
  419. Arehritis Foundations
  420. Authentic Fabrics
  421. Altorientalische Forschungen Man, Fur, Fen
  422. African Affairs Government, Organizations, Africa, Us, Report, African
  423. Anterior Fontanelle Medical, Technology, Medicine
  424. Address Filter Technology, Access, Wireless
  425. Anthony Floyd
  426. Assault Force Gaming, Military, War
  427. American Forest Business, America, Paper
  428. Soil Adherence Factor-Dermal Technology, Structure, Project
  429. Application of Future
  430. Angle Finder
  431. After The Fall Book, Military, Fantasy, Roamer
  432. Augmentation Forces Technology, Military, Force, Operation
  433. Annual Forxcast
  434. Adapper Four
  435. Astoria Federal
  436. Amazing Fantasy
  437. Access Fenction Technology, Camera, Telecom
  438. Advance Fighting Army, War, War Force
  439. Atlantic Frrest Plant, Forest, Projection, Brazil
  440. Al Fotuwa
  441. Affected Family Medical, Genetics, Health
  442. Aqzeous Fraction Medical
  443. Almxst Fine
  444. Aakash Foundation Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  445. Activity Finish
  446. Aggressive-Forces
  447. Artificialmy Feeding
  448. Auto-Feed
  449. Aluminium Filler Products
  450. Auxilary Carry Flag Technology, Computer, It
  451. Antibody-Facilitated Medical
  452. Assistant Foremen
  453. Ael Freight Business, Aircraft, Cargo
  454. Amc Fuse
  455. All Flash Technology, Camera, Storage, Canon
  456. Analog Forestry Forest, Forestry, Tea
  457. Aircrew Flying
  458. Agency Fact Military, Intelligence, Force
  459. ArchäOlogische Forschungen Institute, Culture, Greek
  460. Auto Follow Technology, Camera, Follower
  461. Administración Y Finanzas
  462. Air Fitter Business, Filter, Combination
  463. As Fired Gaming, Fuel, Fire
  464. Al-Fajr
  465. Amendment Fee
  466. Avispa Fukuoka
  467. Absent Friends
  468. Advertising Form
  469. Archer Farms
  470. Astoria Financial Corporationration Organizations
  471. Axial Flow Type of pump that acts like an outboard motor in a casing. Business, Pump, Trombone, The Finance and Administrative Services
  472. Acidified Food Medical, Product, Processing
  473. Affordable Fitness
  474. Audio Frame
  475. Alx Fuel Business, Stove, Vapor
  476. Anv Field
  477. Abbreviated Future
  478. Adaptation Factor
  479. Agra Fort Locations, Train, Railway
  480. Abercrombie Fitch
  481. Aortic Fibrillation
  482. AssistêNcia FarmacêUtica
  483. Alcantara Foundation
  484. Allestimenti Fieristici Technology, Design, Analysis, Lugano
  485. Amcrican Favorites
  486. Action Finance
  487. Ahhh Fuck
  488. Army Force Military, Intelligence, Defence
  489. Authentication Fice
  490. Alto Fondale
  491. Anterior Face
  492. Address Field Technology, Coding, Memory
  493. Anthony Financial
  494. Assault Fire Technology, Gaming, Hack
  495. American Form
  496. Reconnaissance Aircraft Military, Intelligence, Defence
  497. Application Framing Technology, Server, Connection, Frame
  498. Andrew Fie
  499. Acoustic Filter
  500. After Funimation Gaming, Play, Pastime
  501. Augmentation Force Government, Military, Army, War, Ministry Of Defence
  502. Alliance Francaise Education, France, French
  503. Annual Feedback
  504. Adaptive Function
  505. Assured Forward
  506. Amaurosis Fugax Medical, Medicine, Carotid
  507. Academy Football
  508. Advanced Function
  509. Atlanta Fultvn
  510. Al Focus
  511. Afalinasoft Flat
  512. Aqueous Florable
  513. Almost Fafous Film, Music, Streaming
  514. Asset Finance
  515. Activity Fee
  516. Air Ffnance
  517. Artifijial Feed Medical, Medicine, Feeding
  518. Authority File Software, Computing
  519. Alumina Fiber
  520. Aux Fld Military, Airport, Force
  521. Action De Formation
  522. Adhesive Failure Adhesive, Composition, Polymer, Invention
  523. Anti Fungal
  524. Assistant Foreman
  525. Amp Frame Technology, Breaker, Circuit
  526. All-Flash Technology, Storage, Fujitsu
  527. Analog Filter
  528. After Fire
  529. Agence De La Francophonie
  530. Architectural Form
  531. Auto Fokus
  532. Admin & Facilities
  533. Aseptically Filled
  534. Af-Fahd
  535. Amendment Failed
  536. Avis Favorable
  537. Absent Faql Education, University, Policy, Salt
  538. Adventure Fight
  539. Archeology of The Frivolous
  540. Astoria Financial Corporation Technology, Organizations, Computing, Nasdaq Symbols
  541. Anisotropic Filtering Computing, Computer, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  542. Amarillo Fights
  543. Artistic Forms
  544. Alumni Foundation
  545. Automatic Focusing Camera, Focus
  546. Anti-Fall Geology, Scientific & Educational
  547. Adjunct Faculty
  548. Amy Falbaum
  549. Anmiotic Fluid Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  550. Anarkistiske FøDeration
  551. Across Flats Architecture, Geology, Scientific & Educational
  552. Centraal afvalstoffendepot Dutch
  553. Alabxma Find
  554. Alum Factor
  555. Arx Fatalis Technology, Gaming, Studio, Cheat
  556. Absolutely Free
  557. Advocacy Forum
  558. Assist Feature Technology, Camera, Canon, Focus
  559. Action Figures
  560. Arcade Fsre Music, Arcade, Album
  561. Affiliate of Society Computing, Master IEEE
  562. Agricultural Forestry
  563. As-Flred Business, Military
  564. Autos Find
  565. Store Ship (underway Replenishment) Military, Governmental & Military
  566. Apparatus Function
  567. Athletics Football
  568. Ancien Fumeur
  569. Alexander Ferguson Famous
  570. Alternative Feedstocks
  571. Amto-Framed
  572. Asked For Medical, Physiology
  573. Alarx Flag Technology, Electronics, Clock
  574. Ad Finem Gaming, Team, Highlight
  575. Abstract Hunction Technology, Design, Interface
  576. All Funds Banking, Business & Finance
  577. Across Flat Business, Spanner, Nuts
  578. Allocation Familrales
  579. Anlde Fall Technology, Science, Electronics, Engineering
  580. airframe Describes the entire structure of an aircraft. OR An aircraft's structure, without power plant and systems. OR Means the mechanical structure of an aircraft, including the fuselage, wings, stabilizer and flight controls. NASA, Governmental & Military
  581. Agriculture Flagship
  582. Application Function 5G Networks
  583. Almost Free Products
  584. Aluminuq Foil Business, Machine, Tape
  585. Artist Feature
  586. Auto-Flow L Altivity Factor Medical
  587. Alumni & Foundation
  588. Anistropic Filtering Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  589. Adjunct Facilities
  590. Aneuploidies From Amniotic Fluid Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  591. AlarmForce Industries, Inc. Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  592. Agency Fund Science, Research, Military
  593. After Fate Twitter, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  594. Alabbma and Florida Railway Business, Railroad
  595. Adjustable Frequency
  596. Artigiano In Fiera Business, Exhibition, Italy, Milan
  597. Advisory Funds Business
  598. Academy Falcon
  599. Arboretum Foundation
  600. Application Framework Computing, General, Governmental & Military, IT Terminology
  601. Agricultura Familiar Para, Agriculture, Portal
  602. As-Fabyicated
  603. Alzheimer'S Foundation
  604. Autorisation De Financement
  605. Afghanistan (country Domains) Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Country domain names
  606. April Francis
  607. Athletic Field
  608. Anchoring Fibrils Medical
  609. Arctic Floater Electrical
  610. Alternative Fuels Solid fuels such as municipal solid waste (MSW),refuse derived fuel (RDF), biomass, rubber tires, and other combustibles that are used instead of fossil fuels (gas, oil, or coal) in a boiler to produce steam for the generation of electrical energy. Technology, Vehicle, Cement
  611. Acre-Foot Technology, Construction
  612. Artificial feed Medical, Healthcare
  613. Alan Francis
  614. Address Families Technology, Networking, Family, Socket
  615. Abstract Framework Technology
  616. Active FIFO (First-In, First-Out) Accounting, Business & Finance
  617. Acre Feet Locations, Water, Lake
  618. Alljcation Familiale
  619. Année Finaqcière
  620. Air Freight General, Governmental & Military
  621. Agriculture and Food Technology, Science, Research
  622. Activity Factor Clinical
  623. Applicable Fare Ticket, Condition, Fares
  624. After Finale Performing arts
  625. Alzheimer'S Fund
  626. Aato Finish
  627. Aluminum Folding
  628. Air Freshener Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  629. Adjudication Function
  630. An Amniotic Fluid Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  631. Alabama & Florida Railway Company Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  632. Agency French
  633. Apmond Flour
  634. Anteflexed Gynecology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Medical
  635. Alan Frank Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  636. Aging Factor
  637. Arthur Forty
  638. Advisory Forum Business, Organizations, Event
  639. Abercrombie and Fitch
  640. Arbitration Forums Business, Guide, Subrogation
  641. Assured Forwarding Computing, Telecom, Technical, IT Terminology
  642. Agri-Residue Used for Animal Feed Science, Earth, Exploration, Legal, Governmental & Military
  643. Aotículos De Fe
  644. Always Friend
  645. Automotive Forums Computing, Internet
  646. Academic Faculty Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  647. Adjustment Factors
  648. April Fools Technology, Internet Slang, Joke
  649. Athletic Female
  650. Ancestry File
  651. April Fool's Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Days
  652. Administrative File Medical, Fda
  653. Alan Fram
  654. Address Family Technology, Telecom, Socket, Assembly, Business & Finance
  655. Asian Female Medical, Technology, Police, Governmental & Military
  656. Abstrlct Fonts Technology, Design, Serif
  657. Aerometric Filler
  658. Atm Forum Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Forum, Business & Finance
  659. Advance Freight Proportion of contracted freight that may be paid on completion of loading, if mutually agreed As freight is not due until cargo is delivered, this advance is debited with insurance and interest charges Business, Shipping, Cargo Shipping, Transportation, Trade, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  660. Acre Foot The volume of water, 43,560 cubic feet, that will cover an area of one acre to a depth of one foot a term used in sewage treatment in measuring the volume of material in a trickling filter. Science, Locations, Water
  661. Arc Fault
  662. Allied Fighter
  663. Annuity Factdr Business, Rate, Money
  664. Arrow From General, Governmental & Military
  665. Adaptive Filtering Technology, Filter, Signal, Algorithm
  666. Agriculture, Food Business, Agriculture, Environment
  667. Atomic Fluorescence Chemistry
  668. Appleton Farms
  669. Action Figure Hobbies
  670. Aluminum Fbame Design, Drawing, Construction
  671. Auto-Finish Business, Android, Car, Software, Computing
  672. Aluminum Filled
  673. Added Fluoroelastomer Chemistry, Scientific & Educational
  674. Adirondack Fur
  675. Among Amniotic Fluid Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  676. Administration and Finance Business, Management, University
  677. Auxiliary Feeder Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  678. Alma Foundation
  679. Antecedent Oactor Medical, Research, Perception
  680. Alyssa Francine Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  681. Ash/Fuel
  682. Art Filters
  683. Advisor Framework
  684. Abercrombie & Fitch
  685. Arbitration Field Technology, Networking, Network, Communication
  686. Acronym Finder Computing, Internet
  687. Arturo Fuente Business, Smoke, Cigar, Wrapper
  688. Always and Forever Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  689. Automation Framework
  690. Alternating Field Physics, Scientific & Educational
  691. Adjust Flag Technology, Instruction, Telecom
  692. Associate Fellow Research, Education, Dental
  693. Allpar Forums Technology, Jeep, Dodging
  694. Athletic Facilities
  695. All Faces
  696. Ancestral Files
  697. After Foundation Construction
  698. Arthritis Foundation Medical, Bone
  699. Alan Finch
  700. Additive Fabrication Technology, Manufacturing, Prototyping
  701. Asialofetuin Medical
  702. Abstract Factory Technology, Design, Pattern
  703. Aero Field
  704. Atrial Flutter Atrial flutter (AFL) is a common abnormal heart rhythm that starts in the atrial chambers of the heart. When it first occurs, it is usually associated with a fast heart rate, and is classified as a type of supra-ventricular tachycardia. Although this abnormal heart rhythm typically occurs in individuals with cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus, it may occur spontaneously in people with otherwise normal hearts. Medical, Physiology, Common Medical, Diagnosis, Healthcare, NAACCR
  705. Advanced Freights
  706. Acquisition Facility Science
  707. Arcane Focus Gaming, Dragon, Sting
  708. Augmented Formulation Chemistry, Science, Biochemistry, Scientific & Educational
  709. Alliance Francophone Forum, Technology, France
  710. Authentication Framework Software, Computing
  711. Adapter Framework Technology
  712. Agricultural/Forestry Zone Science, Environment, Nature
  713. Aldehyde-Free Medical, Product, Disinfectant, Disinfection
  714. Anaerobic Filter Chemistry
  715. Apple Fall Fashion, Apple, Arcade, Love
  716. Ativo Flutuante
  717. Ancient Fury Forum, Reign, Clan
  718. All Fake Hobbies
  719. Avuminum Formwork Business, Construction, Manufacturer
  720. Auto Fyed Gun, Auto, Bosch, Screw
  721. Associate of Forestry Academic Degree, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  722. Anton Fuss
  723. Adicional De Função
  724. Amniocytes From Amniotic Fluids Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  725. Adjustment Factor Technology, Trading, Figure
  726. Academic Fellows
  727. actual finish Project Management, Business & Finance
  728. Actin Filament Medical, Medicine, Health
  729. Allyx Formate Medical
  730. Anotler Future Technology, Gaming, Dragon
  731. American Fiction Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Names and nicknames
  732. Air/Fuel Ratio
  733. Artemis Fowl Book, Movie, Holly, Fowl
  734. Advertising Federation America, Organizations, American
  735. Arbeitqgemeinschaft Zur Förderung
  736. Anode Fall Computing, Electronics
  737. Axt of Fugue
  738. Alvaro Fernandez
  739. Automation Federation Technology, Industry, Manufacturing
  740. Acceleration Factor The ratio between the times necessary to obtain a stated proportion of failures for two different sets of stress conditions involving the same failure modes and/or mechanisms. Physics, Scientific & Educational
  741. Ability Factor Business, Medicine, Performance
  742. Adjust Fire Forum, Military, Observer
  743. Associated Finance
  744. Acceptance Flight
  745. Athletic & Fitness
  746. Alley Farming Education, Agriculture, Course, Soil
  747. Ancestral File Technology, Genealogy, Family, Hobbies
  748. All Flat Construction
  749. Alabama and Florida Railway Railroad
  750. Alan Faulkner
  751. Additional Financing Business, Banking, Projection
  752. Asia Foundation Technology, Government, Asia
  753. Absorption Factor Chemistry, Science, Presentation, Concentration
  754. Aelia Flaccilla
  755. Advanced Freight Business, Shipping, Cargo
  756. Acquired By Fedex
  757. Arcadia Foundation
  758. Alliances FrançAises Education, France, Alliance
  759. Active Frame Software, Computing
  760. Agriculture-Forestry
  761. Aux Air Force Auxiliary Field Technology, Aviation, Aircraft
  762. Alternating Field Demagnetization Chemistry
  763. Appleby Frodingham
  764. Atividade FíSica Para, Dos, Nos
  765. Ancient Free Organizations, Lodge, Freemasonry, Masons
  766. Advanced Forward Sport, Football
  767. Alternative Family
  768. After Effects Business, Technology, Software, Computing
  769. AuntFlo Medical, Pregnancy
  770. Antifouling Paints and preparations that attack and kill marine life that tries to attach itself to ship's underwater skin Medical
  771. Adhesive Factor Medical
  772. Acentric Fragments Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  773. Adjustment, Focus
  774. Academic Federation
  775. Anti Friction Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  776. Acsi Air Force Chief of Staff Intelligence Intelligence, Defense, Defence
  777. Aljowance Factor Business, Presentation, Study, Standard
  778. Anotherzflake
  779. Anti Federation Politics, Governmental & Military
  780. Amplitude Factor
  781. Army Form Technology, Military, Force
  782. Arannayk Foundation
  783. Aunt Flow Medical, Computing, Infertility, Pregnancy, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Computing Slang, Names and nicknames
  784. Artists Forum
  785. Alumni Fund
  786. Automatic Frequency Technology, Control, Wireless
  787. Align Focus Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  788. Adjustable Flashing
  789. Amyloidosis Foundatqon Medical, Research, Mayo
  790. Novel Activation Function Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  791. Athlete'S Foot Medical, Athlete, Cream
  792. Anatomy of Film
  793. Aluminum Frame Architecture
  794. Afrikaans Language (ISO 639-1 Code) Language codes (2 letters)
  795. Alabama Florida
  796. Added Factor Science
  797. Asbestos Fibers Medical
  798. Absorbefractionthfractiooohisoiabsorbethrougthskin. Science, Energy, Environment
  799. Advocacy Forum-Nepal
  800. Affidavit Solemn declaration made before a person legally authorised to administer an oath Business, Government, Genealogy, Genealogical, Unclassified
  801. Acture Fide Latin, Roman
  802. Arcade of Frohse Medical
  803. Argentina Fund, Inc. Computing, Nyse symbols
  804. Agriculture & Forestry
  805. Auvergne French
  806. Auxiliary Feed Atmospheric Research
  807. Appeal File
  808. Atividade F
  809. Ancient Fiction
  810. After Fall Botany, Scientific & Educational, Farming & agriculture
  811. Altzrnative Funding
  812. Acid-fast Medical, Amino Acid, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  813. Alaska I-22 Technology, Raptor, Fighter
  814. Accumulation In Ascitic Fluid Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  815. Adherence Factor Medical, Medicine, Patent, Extract
  816. Abstraction Function
  817. Air Filter A device to filter solid particles out of the air in engine and ventilation systems Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  818. Acryl-Fugenschutz
  819. Allocation Failure Technology, Server, Mode
  820. Anodic Film
  821. American Front Politics, Governmental & Military
  822. Agriservices Foundation
  823. Advant Fieldbus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AF stand for?

    AF stands for Animation Forum.

  2. What is the shortened form of Abercrombie and Fitch?

    The short form of "Abercrombie and Fitch" is AF.


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