AFA Meaning

The AFA meaning is "Asociación Del FÚTbol Argentino". The AFA abbreviation has 333 different full form.

AFA Full Forms

  1. Asociación Del FÚTbol Argentino Para, Club, Argentina, Con
  2. Afroasiatic Locations
  3. Asociación De FÚTbol Argentino Para, Argentina, Con
  4. Afghanistan Afghani Business, Finance, Investing, Stock, Business & Finance
  5. Asian Film Awards Film, Acting, Cinema
  6. Action for Animals Organizations, Pet, Vegan
  7. All Flash Arrays Business, Technology, Performance, Storage
  8. Academy of Fine Arts Education, School, Artist
  9. All-Flash Array Business, Technology, Performance, Storage
  10. Away From Keyboard Internet Slang, Slang, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Chat
  11. Academia Da ForçA AéRea Para, Dos, Cadet, Academia
  12. Airforwarders Association Technology
  13. Association of Flight Attendants Education, Association, Hospitality, Aviation, Organization, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  14. Amateur Football Association Sport, League, Locations
  15. Air Force Academy Technology, Military, Colorado, Scientific & Educational, Academic & science
  16. Australian Furniture Association Business, Australia, Melbourne
  17. Akkumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft
  18. Argentine Football Association Sport, Organizations, Argentina
  19. Across Five Aprils
  20. American Families Association
  21. Associate of The Faculty of Actuaries
  22. Aerospace Futures Alliance Business, Industrial, Washington
  23. Ankyloblepharon Filiforme Adnatum Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  24. Alternative Fee Arrangements Business, Law, Firm
  25. Amikacin Fosfomycin Admixture
  26. Audio Frequency Amplifier Technology, America, Military, Governmental & Military
  27. Antifibrillarin Antibodies Medical
  28. Austrian Football Association
  29. Absetzungen FüR Abnutzung
  30. Algonquin Forestry Authority
  31. Army Field Artillery Military
  32. Adoptive Families of America Medical, Technology
  33. American Federation of Art America, Art, Arts
  34. Association FoncièRe Agricole
  35. Agence FrançAise Anticorruption
  36. Accounting and Financial Advisory
  37. Arab Fertilizer Association Company, Technology, Industrial
  38. Available for Adoption Organization, Dog, Animal
  39. Abstract Factor Analysis
  40. Alternative Futures Associates Business, Organizations, Future
  41. Asian First Academy
  42. Advanced Finance Association
  43. American Floorcovering Alliance Business, America, Flooring
  44. Associação Do Futebol Argentino
  45. Air Force Anniversary
  46. Australian Freshwater Algae
  47. Akkineni Foundation of America
  48. Argentinean Football Association Sport, Argentina, Football
  49. Acromegaloid Facial Appearance Medical, Medicine, Therapy
  50. American Family Assoc
  51. Associate of The Institutetute of Financial Accountants Business
  52. Aerospace Forum Asia
  53. Anime Fest Asia
  54. Air Force Auxiliary
  55. Arbeitsgemeinschaft F
  56. Alternative Fee Arrangement Business, Law, Firm
  57. Asociación De Fundaciones Andaluzas Para, Con, Sevilla, Fundacion
  58. Amfonelic Acid Medical
  59. Atrial Fibrillation Association Medical, Treatment, Heart
  60. Anti Fascistisk Aktion
  61. Austrian Fashion Association Design, Locations, Designer
  62. Abschreibung F
  63. Alaska Forest Association
  64. Arkansas Fire Academy
  65. Adaptive Focused Acoustic Technology, Science, Sequencing
  66. American Federation of Arts America, Organizations, Museum
  67. Association Des F
  68. Agence FrançAise De L'Adoption
  69. Access Flooring Association Technology, Construction
  70. Arabako Foru Aldundia
  71. Autoverkehr Frutigen-Adelboden
  72. Absolute Fighting Alliance
  73. Alternating Finite Automata
  74. Asian Finance Association Research, Education, Conference
  75. Advanced Financial Analysis
  76. American Flock Association
  77. Associação De Futebol Da Argentina Para, Argentina, Brasil
  78. Air Force and Army
  79. Akademisches Forum F
  80. Argentina Football Association Sport, Organizations, Argentina
  81. Acre-Feet Per Annum
  82. American Family Association America, Organizations, Association, Organization, Religion, Business & Finance
  83. Associate of The Institute of Financial Accountants Technology, Accounting, Accountancy, Business & Finance
  84. Aerial Field Artillery Military, Army, War, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  85. Animation for Adults
  86. Air Force Associations
  87. Arbeitsgemeinschaft FüR Arbeitnehmerfragen Sind, Deutschland, Uns
  88. Alternative Funds Advisory
  89. Asociación De FÚTbol Argentina Para, Argentina, Con
  90. Americans for Artsakh America, Military, Armenian
  91. Atlantic Flight Academy Technology, Aviation, Pilot
  92. Anti Fascistische Aktie
  93. Austrian Fashion Awards
  94. Abschreibung FüR Abnutzung
  95. Alamo Fencing Academy
  96. Arkansans for Animals
  97. Adaptive Focused Acoustics Technology, Science, Quality
  98. American Fastpitch Association Association, Organization, Softball, Business & Finance
  99. Association Des FéDéRalistes Anarchistes
  100. Agence FrançAise D'Adoption
  101. Accelerated File Access Technology, Computer, It
  102. Aqueous-Froth Air
  103. Autoroute Ferroviaire Alpine Technology, France, Transport
  104. Absetzung FüR AußErgewöHnliche Fur, Sind, Gen
  105. All-Flash-Array Technology, Performance, Storage
  106. Artists for Art
  107. Advanced Financial Accounting
  108. American Flight Airways Airline, Technology, America
  109. Association Fran
  110. Air Force Air
  111. Akademisches Forum FüR AußEnpolitik Technology, Austria, Traffic
  112. Area Firearms Adviser Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  113. Accurate Furniture Audio Business, Product, Store
  114. Associates of Fine Arts College, Education, Associate
  115. Advocates for Access
  116. Animation and Fine Arts
  117. Air Force Association Military, Association, Organization
  118. Arbeitsgemeinschaft FüR Agrarfragen
  119. Alternative Funding Arrangements
  120. Asociacion Fisica Argentina Technology, Science, Argentina
  121. Americans for The Arts Business, America, Organizations
  122. Athletic Footwear Association
  123. Annual Funding Agreements
  124. Austria Fashion Awards Technology, Austria, Festival
  125. Abschreibung Fuer Abnutzung
  126. Alabama Forestry Association Organizations, Forest, Alabama
  127. Arizona Fiduciaries Association Organizations, Non-Profit Organization
  128. Actors Fund of America
  129. American Farriers Association America, Horse, Farrier
  130. Association Des Fournisseurs De Acces
  131. Afghani Money, Currency, Business & Finance, Currencies
  132. Amt F
  133. Aqua Forest Aquarium Design, Aquarium, Shopping
  134. Automatic Frequency Agility
  135. Absetzung F
  136. Alien Firearms Act Government
  137. Art for Artists
  138. Advanced Financial Applications
  139. American Fitness Alliance
  140. Association FrançAise D'Acupuncture
  141. Air Force Aerospace
  142. Archiv FüR Agrargeschichte
  143. Accredited Financial Analyst Business, Finance, Banking, Money
  144. Associate of Fine Art College, Education, Arts
  145. Advertising Federation of America Business, Technology, America, Media
  146. Animation & Fine Arts
  147. Air Force Assistance
  148. Arbeitsgemeinschaft FüR Atempflege
  149. Alternative Funding Arrangement
  150. Asociacion Felina Argentina
  151. Advanced First Aiders Military, Nepal, Ambulance
  152. American Furniture Alliance
  153. Athletic Financial Awards Education, Sport, University
  154. Annual Funding Agreement Business, Management, Tribe
  155. Australians for Animals
  156. Association of Financial Advisers Business, Service, Planning
  157. Alabama Folklife Association
  158. Arizona Fairs Association
  159. Activity of Foreign Affiliates
  160. American Farrier'S Association
  161. Association Des Fournisseurs D'Acc
  162. Afghan Afghani Business, Currency, Currency Code, Money, Business & Finance, Texting, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  163. Amlayc Faktr Analizi
  164. Antifilaggrin Antibodies Medical
  165. Authorised Financial Adviser Business, Investment, Insurance
  166. Absetzung FüR Abnutzung Business, Technology, Fur, Management, Business & Finance
  167. Algosec Firewall Analyzer
  168. Aromatic Free Acrylic
  169. Advanced Filipino Abroad
  170. American Fisheries Act Business, Alaska, Fishery
  171. Association FrançAise De L'Assurance
  172. Agentur FüR Arbeitsvermittlung Business, Service, Bremen, Beck
  173. Accounting Firms Associated
  174. Advertising Federation of Australia Business, Australia, Organizations
  175. Animal Food Additive Nutrition, Food, Victual
  176. Arab Forum for Alternatives
  177. Alternative Form of Annuity Business
  178. Asian Fraternity Association
  179. Advanced First Aid Medical, Military, Course, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical
  180. American Freestyle Association America, Organizations, Bicycle
  181. Atheist Foundation of Australia Australia, Atheist, Trinity
  182. Air Force Art
  183. Annals of Functional Analysis Technology, Science, Organizations
  184. Australian Futsal Association Business, Australia, Sport
  185. Alabama Firefighters Association
  186. Argentinian Football Association Sport, Argentina, Team, Football
  187. Activity Flow Analytics
  188. American Family Assn
  189. Association Des Fournisseurs D'AccèS Technology, France, Internet
  190. Affordable Footwear Act Business, Import, Shoe
  191. Alternative Family for Adults
  192. Amino Fruit Acids
  193. Audiology Foundation of America America, Education, Hearing
  194. Antifilaggrin Autoantibodies Medical
  195. Authentic Food Artisan
  196. Absetzungen F
  197. Algonquin Forest Authority
  198. Army Functional Assessment
  199. Advanced Factory Assesment
  200. American Federation of Astrology
  201. Association Fonci
  202. Agenda for Action Africa, Presentation, Children
  203. Accounting Firms Associated, Inc. Business, Technology, Accounting
  204. Adverse Facts Available Business, China, Commerce, Duty
  205. Anguilla Football Association Sport, Organizations, League
  206. Arab Fertilizers Association Company, Science, Industrial
  207. Average Field Attenuation
  208. Alternative Futures, Associates
  209. Asian Fisheries Academy
  210. Advanced Financial Advice Business, Training, Dip
  211. American Freedom Agenda America, Government, Conservative
  212. Asthma Foundations Australia
  213. Air Force Announces
  214. Accurate Fuselage Assembly Manufacturing, Business & Finance
  215. Air Forwarders Association Business, Logistics, Cargo
  216. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier AngestelltenverbäNde
  217. Aymerich FáBrica De Automoviles
  218. Academia De Futebol De Angola
  219. Asociación Fe Y AlegríA
  220. Average Fock Approximation Chemistry, Physics, Scientific & Educational
  221. Advanced Football Artistry
  222. Associa
  223. American Foundrymens' Association Association
  224. Airlines Flight Attendant
  225. Architecture & Fine Arts
  226. Adam Friedman Associates Business, Associate, Relation
  227. Amateur Fencing Association
  228. Associate Financial Advisor Business, Finance, Banking
  229. Advance Finance Alliance
  230. Amt FüR Agrarstruktur
  231. Angel From Above
  232. Australasian Furnishing Association
  233. Anti-Facist Association Politics, Governmental & Military
  234. ASF Group, LTD. Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  235. Angel Flight America United States, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  236. Average Field Approximation
  237. Academia De ForçA AéRea
  238. Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae Botany, Scientific & Educational
  239. Advanced Flying Automobile Transportation, Technology, Car
  240. Asociaci
  241. Automatic Fire Alarm Architecture
  242. Airlines Flight Attendants
  243. Architecture and Fine Arts Education, University, Library
  244. Accumulatoren Fabrik Aktiengesellschaft Military, War, Bombing
  245. Alzheimers Foundation of America America, Organizations, Care
  246. Associated Fund Administrators
  247. Advance Funding Agreements
  248. Amt FüR Agrarordnung
  249. Austin Firefighters Association Government, City, Fire
  250. Association Fournisseur d'Access et service internet Computing, Internet
  251. Australian Floorball Association
  252. Accounting Firms Associated, Inc. Accounting, Business & Finance
  253. Angel Fire Airport Angel Fire, New Mexico,United States Airport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA, Aviation
  254. Authorised Financial Advisor Business, Management, Investment
  255. Academia De For
  256. Acromegaloid Facial Appearance Syndrome Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  257. Advanced Fluorescence Acquisition
  258. Archiv F
  259. American Federation of Aviculture Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  260. Airline Flight Academy Technology, America, American
  261. Arc Flash Analysis
  262. Australian Field Artillery Austalia
  263. Aluminium Finishing Association
  264. Associated Fraternities of America
  265. Advance Funding Agreement
  266. Amt FüR Abfallwirtschaft
  267. Augusta Ferry Authority
  269. Australian Flyball Association Australia, Sport, Organizations, Dog
  270. Alfa Air Airline, Organizations, Call Sign, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  271. American Factoring Association Business, America, Factor
  272. Androstenone Fragrance Additive
  273. Associazione Fotografica Alessandrina
  274. Academia Da F
  275. Alcohol-formaldehyde-acetic Acid Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  276. Advanced First Aider
  277. American Finance Association Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  278. Air Freight Asia
  279. Arbitration Fairness Act
  280. United States Air Force Academy Government, Education, Organizations, Us, Locations, Air Force, United States, Astronomy, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  281. Academy of The Fine Arts
  282. Alumina Forming Austenitic Technology, Steel, Stainless
  283. Assistant Financial Adviser
  284. Average Fock Approxn. Chemistry
  285. Advanced Funding Agreement
  286. Augsburg Fairview Academy
  287. Anime Freaks of America Hobbies
  288. Australian Financial Advisers Business, Australia, Group
  289. Akademischen Forum FüR AußEnpolitik
  290. America Finance Association
  291. Ancient Forest Alliance Tree, Canada, Locations
  292. Asian Football Awards Technology, Sport, League
  293. Academia Da Fora Area Education, Academy, Force
  294. All Fluids Allowed Medical, Physiology
  295. American Fence Association Sport, Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  296. Air Freight Association
  297. Arbeitsrecht FüR Arbeitnehmer Business, Traffic, Berlin, Germany
  298. L'Association FrançAise D'Astronomie
  299. Academy of Football Australia
  300. Alumina-Forming Austenitic Technology, Steel, Stainless
  301. Assam Football Association Sport, India, Football
  302. Abstract Factor Anal. (statistics) Chemistry
  303. Advanced Fund Administration Business, Service, Hedge
  304. Audism Free America
  305. Association of Fat Asses Funnies
  306. Australian Fisheries Academy
  307. Akademische Forum FüR AußEnpolitik Service, Organizations, City
  308. Architecture Feasibility Assessment Computing, Hardware
  309. American Fan Association
  310. Amcor Flexibles Americas Business, America, Cost, Packaging
  311. Associate of Fine Arts Program, College, Education, Academic Degree, Degree, Scientific & Educational
  312. Amt FüR Arbeit
  313. Another Fucking Acronym
  314. Abundant Forests Alliance
  315. Afro-Asiatic (Other) Language codes (3 letters)
  316. American Ferret Association Association, Organization, Business & Finance
  317. Airframe Assembly Technology, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Flight, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  318. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Angestelltenverb
  319. Iata Code for San Rafael Airport, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina Locations
  320. Academic Film Archive
  321. AsociaţIa Femeilor De Afaceri Din, Care, Moldova
  322. American Forestry Association Atmospheric Research
  323. Advanced Fuel Assembly Technology, Nuclear, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Physics
  324. Agriculture Future of America Farming & agriculture
  325. Airlines for America
  326. Architecture of The Future Army Military, Army, War
  327. Alma Fishermen-S Association
  328. Amateur Football Alliance Sport, Organizations, Club
  329. Associate In Fine Arts Program, College, Education
  330. Amt FüR Arbeitsschutz
  331. Australian Family Association Australia, Sex, Family
  332. Abstract Factor Anal. Chemistry, Science, Study, Discipline
  333. San Rafael, MD, Argentina Airport codes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFA stand for?

    AFA stands for All-Flash Array.

  2. What is the shortened form of Angel Flight America?

    The short form of "Angel Flight America" is AFA.


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