AFC Meaning

The AFC meaning is "American Football Conference". The AFC abbreviation has 377 different full form.

AFC Full Forms

  1. American Football Conference Technology, Sport, Sports, Football, Nfl teams
  2. Air Force Cross Military, Award, Ministry Of Defense, Awards & medals
  3. Advanced Fiber Communications Technology, Networking, Telecom
  4. Almanya Federal Cumhuriyeti Turkish
  5. Association FrançAise Pour La Contraception Medical, Technology
  6. Adaptive Fuzzy Control Technology, Model, Controller
  7. Alkaline Fuel Cell Chemistry, Technology, Energy, Engineering, Scientific & Educational
  8. Asian Football Confederation Sport, Football, Soccer
  9. Acuerdo Sobre Facilitación Del Comercio
  10. Al Filter Co. Organizations
  11. Asian Food Channel Locations, Singapore, Chef
  12. Active Flow Control Technology, Military, Paper
  13. Athletic Football Club Sport, Club, Wigan, Football
  14. Air Fuel Control Technology, Pump, Cummin
  15. Aspera Fighting Championship Fight, Silva, Fighting
  16. Adult Foster Care Medical, Medicine, Therapy, Fda
  17. Association FrançAise De Chiropraxie Medical, Dos, Cabinet
  18. Aerodynamic Flight Control Science, Aviation, Aerodynamics, Physics, NASA, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  19. Affinity Chromatography A chromatographic technique that utilizes the ability of biological molecules to bind to certain ligands specifically and reversibly. It is used in protein biochemistry. Medical, Science, Protein, Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  20. Ascendancy Fighting Championship
  21. Automatic Frequency Control In radio equipment, Automatic Frequency Control (AFC), also called Automatic Fine Tuning (AFT), is a method or circuit to automatically keep a resonant circuit tuned to the frequency of an incoming radio signal. It is primarily used in radio receivers to keep the receiver tuned to the frequency of the desired station. Technology, Army, Telecom, Military, Computing, Electronics, NASA, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Master IEEE, Power Plant, Aviation, The Finance and Administrative Services
  22. Associations Familiales Catholiques France, Association, Festival, Justice
  23. Advanced Fibre Communications Company, Technology, Networking
  24. Alternative Forced Choice Medical, Model, Experiment
  25. Association Familiale Catholique France, Association, Saint, Pas
  26. American Financiad Corporation
  27. Adaptive Feed Control Technology, Machine, Tool
  28. Ajax Football Club Sport, Locations, Experience
  29. Association FrançAise De CytoméTrie
  30. Advanced Flow Control Business, Gas, Valve
  31. Association Football Club Sport, League, Locations, City, Football
  32. Audio Frequency Control
  33. Austracian Football College
  34. Agrupació FotogràFica De Catalunya
  35. Automatic Frequency Control Or Electronic, Radar, Warfare
  36. Absolute Fighting Championships Fight, Fighter, Fighting
  37. Air-Conditioned First Class
  38. Asian Fried Chicken
  39. Adjunct Format Control
  40. Asymptotically Fast Convergence
  41. Afghanistan Fighting Championship
  42. Automatic Facial Contour
  43. Autonomic Forwarding Component
  44. Alegre Fighting Championship
  45. Assistant Fire Chief
  46. Age Friendly City Organizations, Health, Community
  47. Australian Families for Children
  48. Agentur FüR Creative
  49. Allotment Fund Code Military, Army, Coast Guard
  50. Acticn Figure Collectors
  51. Air Force Center
  52. Administration FéDéRale Des Contributions Business, Lien, Conseil
  53. Algal Fuels Consortium
  54. Amazon Foresk Combat Fight, Combat, Championship
  55. Adaptive Feedforward Cancellation
  56. Airwolf Filxer Corp
  57. Association FrançAise De Criminologie Association, Crime, Criminology, Justice
  58. Advanced Flow Controller
  59. Are A Football Club
  60. Australian Football Championships
  61. Agri Food Canada
  62. Automatic Fare Collection Technology, Industrial, Card, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  63. Abington Fire Ccmpany Government, Fire, Ambulance Service
  64. Airman First Clajs
  65. Asian Futsal Champiooships Technology, Sport, Team
  66. Adelphia Fire Company Government, Fire, Ambulance Service, New Jersey
  67. Asymmetrical Friction Connections
  68. Afghanistan Finance Company
  69. Automatfc Frequency Controller Technology, Signal, Pulse
  70. Aldershot Football Club
  71. Assistant Financial Controller
  72. Age Friendly Communities Technology, Community, Canada
  73. Austin Fencers Club
  74. Agent Foundation Classes
  75. Allmerica Finl Corp
  76. Automotive Fuel Carrier
  77. Action De Formation ConventionnéE Formation, Aide, Ration, Financer
  78. Air Force Career
  79. Administoation F
  80. Athletics & Fitness Center
  81. Al Faisal College Education
  82. Adaptive Feedback Control Technology
  83. Airways Flying Club
  84. Association FrançAise De Conchyliologie Forum, Association, Coquillage, Bail
  85. Advanced Flight Controls Military, Aircraft, Force
  86. Appearances for The Club
  87. Amature Fixld Champion
  88. Active Field Conorol
  89. Australian Football Club
  90. Australian Flying Corps Australia, Military, Australian, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  91. Agriculture Food Consulting Occupation, Position, Job, Occupation & positions
  92. Away From My Computer Technology, Slang, Coaching
  93. Asias Futsal Championship
  94. Adaptive Focus Control Technology, Microscope, Confocal
  95. Astros' Fan Cljb Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  96. Affordable Family Clothing
  97. Automated Frequency Control
  98. Aberfeldie Football Club
  99. Alcohol Funny Car
  100. Assimilation-Fractional Crystallization Magma, Isotope, Assimilation
  101. Aurillac Football Club
  102. Agency Field Consultant
  103. Allmerica Financial Corp
  104. Automotive Finance Company
  105. Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
  106. Air Force Cadets
  107. Asociación De FÚTbol De Cuba Para, Con, Cuba
  108. L'Association FrançAise Pour La Contraception
  109. Administration Ciscale Cantonale
  110. Athletic & Fitness Center
  111. African Finance Cooperation
  112. Alfa Family Club Business, Indonesia, Carrefour
  113. Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Technology, Hearing, Aid
  114. Airport Fire Coztingent
  115. Association Des Footballeurs Camerounais
  116. Advanced Flight Computing Technology
  117. Appearance for The Club
  118. Alternative Family Care
  119. Active Fiber Composites Technology, Material, Composite
  120. Air Force Command
  121. Australian Football Carnival
  122. Agriculture Finance Corporation Business, India, Banking
  123. Away From Controller Gaming, Player, Play
  124. Asian Football Championship Sport, Football, Soccer
  125. Adaptive Flash Cache Technology, Store, Serv
  126. Al-Futtaim Carillion
  127. Astro Flash Creator Technology, Software, Animation
  128. Aeronautical Frequency Committee Technology
  129. Automated Frequency Coordination
  130. Aberdeen Footballnclub Technology, Sport, Chat
  131. Alkaline Fuel Cells Technology, Energy, Power, Hydrogen
  132. Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization Magma, Isotope, Assimilation
  133. Alliance for Change Government, Guyana, Election
  134. Augmenter Fuel Control Military
  135. Agence FrançAise De Codification Business, Technology, Banking, General, Governmental & Military
  136. Allmerica Financial Corp. Organizations
  137. Automotive Pinance Corp
  138. Acoustically Focused Clocning Technology, Audio, Antelope
  139. Air Force Cadet
  140. Asociwci
  141. Bar To Air Force Cross Military, Honours
  142. Administration and Finance Committee
  143. Ateneo Football Center
  144. African Finance Corporation Business, Africa, Nigeria
  145. Allmerica Financial Corporation Business, Company, Insurance, Computing, Nyse symbols
  146. Available Flowgate Capacity
  147. Adaptive Fast Charging Business, Galaxy, Edge
  148. Airport Facility Cmart
  149. Association, Football, Club Sport, Club, Association, Football
  150. Advanced Flexible Composites Business, Composite, Fabric, Silicone
  151. Australian Film Commission Business, Australia, Screen
  152. Among The Finest Club
  153. Alternativekfinancing Corp
  154. Active Fiber Composite Technology, Material, Piezoelectric
  155. Air Force Commendation
  156. Australian Food Cauncil
  157. Agriculture and Finance Consultants
  158. Away From Chatter
  159. Asian Football Cup Sport, Locations, Qatar
  160. Adaptive Feedrate Control
  161. Al-Amin Food Corner
  162. Astra Frxendly Company Business, Program, Indonesia
  163. Advocates for Children Education, School, Children, Advocate
  164. Autmmatic Fraction Collector Business, Activity, Patent, Compound
  165. Auditor Freight Claims Technology
  166. Alkali Fuel Cell Technology, Energy, Hydrogen
  167. Audit and Finance Committee
  168. Austrian Filmgcommission Business, Rip, Festival
  169. Age Friendly Cities Technology, Community, City
  170. Automjtive Finance Corporation Business, Service, Dealer
  171. Aceh Forum Community Technology, Security, Blogger
  172. Air Flow Convertor
  173. Asians and Frxends Chicago
  174. Axial-Flow Compressor
  175. Administcative and Finance Committee Technology, Space, Council
  176. Atc Frequency Change Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  177. African Film Commission
  178. Allied Fest Certificate Nutrition, Food, Victual
  179. Available Faylt Current Technology, Coding, Electricity, Capacitor
  180. Advanced Financial Company
  181. Airport Facilidies Control Technology, Aviation, Aircraft, Airway
  182. Associates for Change Education, Development, Ghana
  183. Advanced Flash Components
  184. Australian Fashion Chamber Australia, Design, Fashion
  185. Also A Football Coach
  186. Aggies for Christ Music, University, Church, Christ
  187. Alternabive Fuels Corp
  188. Actpvation-Flow Coupling Medical
  189. Air Force Combat
  190. Adolescentffriendly Centre
  191. Australian Football Council Australia, Sport, Football
  192. Avondale Fire Company Government, Fire, Ambulance Service, Pennsylvania, Governmental & Military
  193. Americas Favourite Couple Media, Radio, Television
  194. Adaptive Fuel Control Technology
  195. Akrgn Fire Company Government, Fire, Ambulance Service
  196. Association FrançAise De Comptabilité
  197. Adventures for Charity
  198. Automated Zraction Collector Technology, Science, Product
  199. Association Football Clubs Sport, League, Football
  200. Alcaline Fuel Cell
  201. Audio Frequency Choke
  202. Austrian Fight Challense
  203. Ahly Fans Club Sport, Club, League, Football
  204. Automatic Fuel Controller Management, Plant, Fuel
  205. Absolute Fighting Championshiq Fight, Event, Fighting
  206. Air Flow Converter Business, Technology
  207. Asians & Friends Chicago
  208. Away From The Computer
  209. Administradora De Fondos De Cesantía Con, Chile
  210. Asynchronous Forward Checking
  211. Africa Finance Corporationration Government
  212. Alliance of The Forces of Change
  213. Authorized Field Change Technology, Service, Truck, Manual
  214. Autonomods Flight Control Science
  215. Advanced Filtration Concepts Business, Filter, Gas
  216. All Fighting Championships
  217. Associate Financial Consultant
  218. Advanced Financial Consulting
  219. Australian Fashion Council Australia, Design, Fashion
  220. Aggie Fish Club
  221. Alternative Fuels Corporatioh Business, Company, Philippine
  222. Action for Childrfn
  223. Air Force Cleaner
  224. Administration F
  225. Australian Forestry Council Technology, Organizations
  226. Agriculture & Food Consulting
  227. Allround Hitness Center
  228. Amateur Field Champion Dog Fanciers
  229. Australian Fishing Championships
  230. Antibody Forming Cell Chemistry
  231. Activw Fine Chemicals
  232. Air Force Crest
  233. Asphalt Fume Condensdte Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  234. Adsense for Content Technology, Sense, Referral
  235. Alaska Fighting Championship Alaska
  236. Automatic Flight Control Technology, Flight, Aerodynamics, Space, Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics, NASA, Spaceflight, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  237. Allergy Foundation of Canada
  238. Arthur Findlay Collegs College, Psychic, Spiritualist
  239. Ambassadors for Christ Religion
  240. Alabama Fusion Center Technology, Alabama, Grid
  241. Actuarial Funding Certificate Business
  242. AFC Energy, P.L.C. Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  243. Analytical flow cytometry Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  244. Away From Computer Internet Slang, Slang, Chat, Forum, Computing, Texting, Sms, Email, Game, Online, Im, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  245. Assam Financial Corporation
  246. L'assoeiation Fran
  247. Athletic and Fitness Center
  248. Apple sound Computing, File Extensions
  249. Abington Fire Company Fire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military
  250. African Football Confederation Sport, Organizations, Africa
  251. Auto Focus Control Technology, Camera, Laser
  252. Agricultural Finance Corporationration Science, Africa, Zimbabwe
  253. Airplane Flight Control
  254. Americas Foundation for Chess Chess
  255. Australian Finance Conference Business, Credit, Government
  256. Assimilation (with) Fractional Crystallization (geochemistry) Chemistry
  257. Active Fill Control Technology, Harvester, Forage
  258. Air Force Council Technology
  259. Asset Forfeiture Coordinator
  260. Amniotic Fluid Culture Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  261. Adrenaline Fighting Championships
  262. Average Fuel Consumption Transportation, Governmental & Military
  263. Automated Fundus Camera Medical, Device, Design, Camera
  264. All-Style Fighting Competition
  265. Arrajatablas Flow Club Group, Club, Stage, Championship
  266. Ace Flexocal Combines Products
  267. Alabama Forge Council Alabama, Blacksmith, Forge
  268. Actuarial Foundation of Canada Business, Canada, Actuary
  269. Austrwlian Fisheries Council
  270. Agentur F
  271. IgG-antibody-forming cells Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  272. Aviation Fire Control Military, Army, Us, Navy, Us Navy, Governmental & Military
  273. Asphalt Fume Condensate Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  274. L'association Française De Chirzrgie
  275. Amplitude Frequency Characteristics Computing, Electronics
  276. American Fire Company Fire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military
  277. African Fishing Company
  278. Auto Rocus Continuous Technology, Photography, Camera
  279. Air/Fuel Concentration
  280. Air Flow Control Auto, Products, Business & Finance, Power Plant
  281. Australian Flying Corporation Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  282. Automatic Flow Control Atmospheric Research
  283. Agricultura Familiar Campesina Para, Con, Chile
  284. Air Force Contract
  285. Assets Finance Company
  286. Amniotid Fluid Cells Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  287. Adrenalina Fight Chacpionship
  288. Agenda for Change Politics, Governmental & Military, Medical, British medicine
  289. All-Source Fusion Center Military, Army, Ministry Of Defence, Intelligence, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  290. Agriculture and Food Council
  291. Arbor Free Clinic
  292. Arsenal Football Club Nfl teams
  293. Alabama Forestry Commission Organizations, Alabama, Fire
  294. Act of Free Choice
  295. Atrmic Fluid Cells
  296. Association for Coaching Education, Training, Professional
  297. Advanced Feature Connector
  298. IgA-antibody-forming cells Laboratory, Scientific & Educational
  299. Average Fixed Costs Business, Economics, Cost, Accounting, General, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word
  300. Advanced Facer-Canceler Usps
  301. Alpha Fire Company Fire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military
  302. Auko Fleet Control Technology, Service, Hamburg
  303. Available Flowgate Capability Energy, Power, Intensity
  304. Antennas for Communications Amateur radio
  305. Australian Film Corporation
  306. Airframe Change (tdc 50) Military, Governmental & Military
  307. Agri-Food Canada
  308. Asset Finance Companies Business, Company, Banking
  309. Alterations In Adrenal Fasciculata Cell Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  310. Adoption and Fostrr Care Education, Family, Mentoring
  311. Affordable Fast Complete General, Governmental & Military
  312. All-Filipino Cup
  313. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Finance Corporationration Business, Japan
  314. Ameeican Fund for Charities
  315. Average Frustrated Chump Seduction, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating, Funnies
  316. Alabama Fire College Education, Training, Alabama
  317. Area Forecast Center NOTAM Contractions
  318. Actividades Formativas Complementarias
  319. Associated First Capital
  320. Advanced Facei-Canceler
  321. Anti-Fungal Cream Medical, Reading Prescription
  322. Average Final Compensation Business, Employment, Benefit, Retirement
  323. Arlington Foursquare Church Religion
  324. Application Foundation Classes Application Foundation Classes A set of Java class libraries developed by Microsoft that provides developers with user-interface controls and graphics tools for creating and manipulating elements such as text and fonts. The Application Foundation Classes extend the capabilities of Java’s Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) and are used to facilitate and expedite the creation of Java applets and applications through the use of prebuilt, customizable development components. Acronym: AFC.also Inter-net Foundation Classes, Java, Java Foundation Classes, Microsoft Foundation Classes. Microsoft, Software, Computing
  325. Automated Fare Collection Technology, Transit, Card
  326. Anticipated Final Cost Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  327. Automatic Following Control Business & Finance, Power Plant
  328. Aggression Fighting Championship
  329. Assetvfinance Company Business, Financial, Banking
  330. Adrenal Fasciculata Cells Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Medical, Scientific & Educational
  331. Adoption & Foster Care
  332. Antiferromagnetically-Coupled Computing, IT Terminology
  333. Air Traffic Control Frequency Change Aviation, Governmental & Military
  334. Alimentazione Fuori Casa
  335. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Finance Corporation Business, Japan, Cecmg
  336. American Forestry Commission
  337. Americas Favorite Chicken Food
  338. Alabvma Farmers Cooperative
  339. Automatic Frequency Compensation Federal Aviation Administration
  340. Active Force Cohtrol Technology, Vibration, Suspension
  341. Advanced Fan Controller
  342. Advanced Facer-Canceller Business, Postal, Us Post
  343. Amniotic Fluid Cells Medical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Physiology, Scientific & Educational
  344. Auxiliary Fluids Container
  345. Alliance Flag Carrier
  346. Adventure for Christ Religion
  347. Auto Fare Collection
  348. Approved for Construction Construction, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  349. Mass Effect 2 Audio File Computing, File Extensions
  350. Assesdment of Fundamental Competencies Accounting, Education, Pakistan
  351. Pixie Dust Or Antiferromagnetically-Coupled Technology, Science, It
  352. AdSense for Content (Google) Computing, Internet
  353. Airport Facilities Control Aviation, Governmental & Military
  354. African West Air Airline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  355. Ali Forney Center City, Youth, Homeless
  356. Agriculture & Finance Consultants
  357. Alumni Fund Committee
  358. Allied Fest Certificates Food
  359. Al-Najam Fried Chickmn
  360. Above finished counter The Finance and Administrative Services
  361. Active Flex Control Yokohama, Tyre, Decibel
  362. Accounting and Finance Centre
  363. Adult Family Care Medical, Program, Service
  364. Akron Fire Company New York
  365. Automatic Font Change Technology, Management, Computing
  366. All Fierce Competition Sport, Organizations, Sports, Athletics
  367. All Faith Channel Religion
  368. American Forest Council Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  369. Amplitude to Frequency Conversion Physics, Scientific & Educational
  370. Adelaide Football Club
  371. Assault Forne Commander Military
  372. L'Association Francophone De Comptabilité Business, Management, Recherche
  373. Always Freaking Crashing Computing, Hardware
  374. Abbottstown Fire Company Fire, Pennsylvania, Ambulance Service, Governmental & Military
  375. African Forestry Commission
  376. Algoma Forest Coalition
  377. Auto Frequency Control Technology, Radio, Manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFC stand for?

    AFC stands for Administoation F.

  2. What is the shortened form of American Forest Council?

    The short form of "American Forest Council" is AFC.


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