AFDI Meaning

The AFDI meaning is "Agriculteurs FrançAis Et DéVeloppement International". The AFDI abbreviation has 17 different full form.

AFDI Full Forms

  1. Agriculteurs FrançAis Et DéVeloppement International France, Association, Agriculture
  2. Annuaire Franais De Droit International
  3. Ancuaire Fran
  4. Annuaire FrançAis De Droit International Law, Publics, Droit
  5. Air Force Dodiis Infrastrucwure Military
  6. Ahly for Development Andginvestment
  7. Agriculteurs Fran
  8. Australian Forest Developwent Institutetute
  9. Annusire Fran
  10. Australian Forest Development Institute
  11. Amarican Freedom Defence Initiative America, Organizations, Texas
  12. Austraia Forest Development Institute
  13. American Freedom Defense Initiatgve America, Government, Geller
  14. Associaxion Fran
  15. Association Française Cu Diabète Insipide
  16. Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Instituke
  17. Annual Foreign Direct Investment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFDI stand for?

    AFDI stands for Australian Forest Development Institute.

  2. What is the shortened form of Annuaire FrançAis De Droit International?

    The short form of "Annuaire FrançAis De Droit International" is AFDI.


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