AFE Meaning

The AFE meaning is "Agence France Entrepreneur". The AFE abbreviation has 133 different full form.

AFE Full Forms

  1. Agence France Entrepreneur Business, France, Reprise
  2. Advanced Flow Engineering Business, Filter, Intake, Architecture
  3. Above Field Elevation Technology, Aviation, Aerospace, Governmental & Military
  4. Antiferroelectric Medical, Technology, Telecom
  5. Amniotic Fluid Embolism Medical, Medicine, Fluid, British medicine, Common Medical
  6. American Flight Echocardiograph Technology, Space, Mission, NASA
  7. American Financial Group, Inc. Technology, Organizations
  8. Approval for Expenditure Business, Management, Projection
  9. Acquisition Front End
  10. Authority Furnished Equipment Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  11. Aide FinancièRe Aux éTudes
  12. Alfabet Fonetike Etern
  13. Art for Everyday
  14. Advanced Front End Technology, Speech, Recognition
  15. Agilent Feature Extraction
  16. Analog-Front-End Technology, Power, Electronics
  17. Association of Facilities Engineers Technology, Science, Industry
  18. Advocacy for Ethiopia
  19. Appropriation for Expenditure
  20. Apple File Exchange Technology, Computing, Apple
  21. Authorizations for Expenditure
  22. Agriculture, Forestry and Environment
  23. Association of Future Educators
  24. Alert Forces Exercise
  25. Armed Forces In Europe
  26. Advanced Front-End Technology, Speech, Voice, Recognition
  27. Automobile Fuel Economy
  28. Amor, Fe Y Esperanza School, Children, Dump
  29. Association for Facility Engineering Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  30. Advance for Expenses
  31. Applied Financial Economics Business, Research, Conference
  32. Analog Front End Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  33. Authorization for Expenditures Business, Oil, Gas, Expenditure
  34. Agriculture, Food, and Environment
  35. Analyse Fonctionnelle Externe
  36. Association of Former Employees
  37. Aprenda FáCil Editora
  38. Active Front End Technology, Drive, Power, Computing, Electronics
  39. Automatic Feature Extraction
  40. Alberta Finance and Enterprise
  41. Amniotic Fluid Embolization
  42. Association for Facility Engineers Business, Management, Engineering
  43. Advance Flow Eng
  44. Applied Field Experience Education, Study, Peace
  45. Analog Front-End Technology, Military, Design
  46. Authority for Expenditures
  47. Agriculture, Food and Environment
  48. Analog Factory Experience
  49. Association FrançAise D'Ecotourisme
  50. Aprenda F
  51. Active-Front-End Technology, Drive, Power
  52. Automated Feature Extraction Science, Geography, Information System, Geographic
  53. Alaska Forum On The Environment Alaska
  54. Amniotic Fluid Embolus Medical
  55. Asia for Educators Education, Asia, China
  56. Advance Flow Engineering Business, Filter, Intake
  57. Application for Employment Business, Management, Service
  58. Agricultural Facilities Exhibition Technology, China, Beijing
  59. Analogue Front-End Technology, Device, Analog
  60. Association of Facility Engineering
  61. Approved for Enquiry
  62. Action FrançAise Etudiante
  63. Authorization for Expenditure, A Process of Submitting A Business Proposal To Investors Oil, Gas, Petroleum
  64. Airborne Forces Equipment Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  65. Autoriza
  66. Americans for The Environment Organization, Community, Society
  67. Asamblea De Los Franceses En El Extranjero
  68. Advanced Further Education Education
  69. Agricultural and Food Economics Technology, Science, Education
  70. Analogue Front End Technology, Design, Analog
  71. Association of Facility Engineers Technology, Management, Industrial
  72. Aero-Assist Flight Experiment Geography, Navigation, Location
  73. Approved for Expenditure
  74. Action for Enterprise Business, Program, Development
  75. Authorization for Expense Business, Oil, Gas
  76. Airborne Forces Establishment Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  77. Al Fiyatl Emirler
  78. Art Fusion Experiment
  79. Advanced Fuel Economy
  80. Agricultural and Forest Entomology
  81. Analog Front Ends Technology, Design, Power
  82. Association of Facilities Engineering Technology, Management, Industry
  83. Advocates for Financial Education
  84. Angel Flight East Medical, Technology, Medicine
  85. Association of Fire Ecology
  86. Aficionados Ferroviarios EspaÑOles
  87. Advanced Food Equipment Food
  88. The Association for Facilities Engineering
  89. Application Front Ends
  90. Authentication Front-End Military
  91. Avid File Exchange File Computing, File Extensions
  92. Iata Code for Kake Airport, Kake, Alaska, United States Locations
  93. Android Framework for Exploitation Technology, Security, Spy
  94. Affix Frontend Environment Technology
  95. African Eagle Resources Plc (London Stock Exchange [LSE]) Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  96. Application Front End Technology, Networking, Network, Software, Computing
  97. Authentication Front End
  98. Agency Field Executive
  99. acidinduced fluorescence endoscopy Medical, British medicine
  100. AçıLış Fiyatlı Emir
  101. Aerodynamics for Engineers
  102. Average Funds Employed Accounting, Business & Finance, Business Word
  103. Appgate Free Edition
  104. Australian Federation of Employers
  105. Agencia Ferroviaria Europea
  106. Abnormal Fetal Echography Medical, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  107. Avid File Exchange
  108. Aeroassisted Flight Equipment Technology
  109. Authorization for Expenditure Accounting, Energy, Special Education, Electrical, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  110. Anterior Fornix Erogenous
  111. Attestation De Fin D'Exercice
  112. Age-Friendly Environments
  113. Airfast Indonesia Indonesia, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  114. Average Fuel Economy
  115. Authority for Expenditure Or Authorization for Expenditure Energy, Power, Intensity
  116. Aeroassist Flight Experiment Science, Flight, Vehicle, NASA, Governmental & Military
  117. Advanced Fighter Engine
  118. Another Friendly Edition Products
  119. Atlas Florae Europaeae Technology, Europe, Map, Distribution
  120. Aga Foodservice Equipment
  121. Kake Airport, Kake, Alaska, United States Alaska, United States, Faa Airport Codes
  122. Autorização De Funcionamento De Empresas Para, Farm, Ria
  123. Application Flow Engine
  124. Authority for Expenditure Business, Technology, Gas
  125. Abnormal Fluctuation In Economy
  126. Annals of Financial Economics
  127. Athletes for Education
  128. African Fish Eagle
  129. Alt Fan Eddings Chat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  130. Autorização De Funcionamento Da Empresa Para, Brasil, Farm
  131. Application for Expenditure
  132. Authorisation for Expenditure Business, Authorization, Oil
  133. L'Agence France Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFE stand for?

    AFE stands for Action FrançAise Etudiante.

  2. What is the shortened form of Alaska Forum On The Environment?

    The short form of "Alaska Forum On The Environment" is AFE.


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