AFF Meaning

The AFF meaning is "Above Finished Floor". The AFF abbreviation has 145 different full form.

AFF Full Forms

  1. Above Finished Floor Design, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Architecture, The Finance and Administrative Services
  2. Aberration Free Focus Chemistry, Technology, Science
  3. Afghanistan Football Federation Sport, Organizations, Afghanistan, Football
  4. Afferent Arterioles Medical
  5. Above Finish Floor Design, Drawing, Construction
  6. Americans for Freedom
  7. Afghan Football Federation Technology, Sport, Afghanistan
  8. Association FrançAise Du Froid Technology, Institute, Conference
  9. Agile Future Forum Business, Organizations, Periscope
  10. Alabama Farmers Federation
  11. Anschutz Family Foundation
  12. Accounting Flex-Field Technology, Presentation, Segment
  13. Audi Fashion Festival Hotel, Fashion, Singapore
  14. Association Fran
  15. Affirmative Internet Slang, Texting, Chat, Medical, NAACCR
  16. America'S Future Foundation
  17. Aromatic Flavours & Fragrances
  18. Advanced File Format
  19. Aviation Flight Facilities Military, Army, War
  20. American Future Fund America, Government, Group
  21. Affiliated
  22. Association FrançAise Des Fibromyalgiques Medical, Technology
  23. African Freedom Fighters Organizations, Africa, Ghana
  24. Asia Financial Forum Business, Asia, Asian
  25. Airport Fire Fighter
  26. Annual Film Festival
  27. Acceptance and Ferry Flight Technology, Space, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  28. Association of Faculty and Friends
  29. Amerasian Family Finder
  30. Army Field Forces Technology, Military, Force
  31. Advanced Fighting Fantasy
  32. Autonomous Formation Flying
  33. American Frontier Firearms
  34. Advanced Fire Fighting Technology, Military, Course
  35. Association Des Fabophiles Fran
  36. African Forest Forum Technology, Africa, Forestry
  37. Asia Fashion Federation Business, Asia, Textile
  38. Anchovies for Fry Nutrition, Food, Victual
  39. Accelerated Free Fall Sport
  40. Association FrançAise De Footbag
  41. Airport Facilities Fee
  42. Amazon Findings Format
  43. Army Families Federation Service, Organizations, Family
  44. Advance Fee Frauds Technology, Security, Money
  45. Australia-France Foundation
  46. American Friendship Foundation
  47. Association Des Fabophiles FrançAis
  48. African Film Festival
  49. American Fabric Filter
  50. Asian Football Federation Sport, Organizations, Championship
  51. Advanced Forensic Format Force, Police, Police Force
  52. Anchorage Folk Festival
  53. Academy for Future Faculty Science, Research, Study, Knowledge
  54. Association FrançAise De Funboard
  55. Air Freight Forwarders
  56. Alpinist Film Festival
  57. Antigen File Filtering Technology, Computing
  58. Advanced Fee Fraud Business, Advance, Money, Accounting, Business & Finance
  59. Austin Film Festival Business, Movie, Story
  60. American Freedom Foundation America, Education, Scholarship
  61. African Feminist Forum
  62. American Folk Festival
  63. Asean Football Federation Organizations, Locations, Football
  64. Advanced Forensics Format
  65. Away From Furcadia Internet Slang
  66. Anal-Faust-Fick
  67. Acacia Fraternity Foundation
  68. Association FrançAise Des Fundraisers Association, Council, Fond
  69. Air Freight Forwarder Transportation, Shipping, Conveyance, Governmental & Military
  70. Almost Full Flag
  71. Anti-Free Flow Business, Pump, Feeding
  72. Adult Friend Finder Sex, Adult, Dating
  73. Ausschuss FüR Forschungsfragen Technology, Research, University, Institute
  74. American Forge & Foundry Technology, America, Equipment
  75. African Fashion Fund
  76. Americana Folk Festival
  77. Asean Fisheries Federation Technology, Organizations
  78. Advanced Find Files
  79. Away From Forum
  80. Amorget Fan Fiction Media, Radio, Television
  81. Automated Flight Following Technology, Service, Aircraft, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  82. Association Fribourgeoise De Football Technology, Sport, Club
  83. Agribusiness Freedom Foundation
  84. Allocation De Fin De Formation Droit, Formation, Pas
  85. Anti-Fascistisch Front Android, Arm, Door, Front
  86. Adult Friendfinder Business, Website
  87. Audit Finding Form Science
  88. Africa Fintech Foundry
  89. America Fast Forward
  90. Arsenault Family Foundation
  91. Advanced Filtering Facility Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  92. Away From Facebook
  93. Computing, Internet
  94. American Family Foundation America, Organizations, Cult
  95. Asian Financial Forum Business, Organizations, Asia, Forum, Business & Finance
  96. Advance Fire Fighting Military, Training, Course
  97. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Africa Investment Fund, Inc. Organizations
  98. American Forest Foundation Business, America, Tree
  99. Asian Friend Finder Adult, Dating, Friend
  100. Automatic Frequency Follower
  101. Application File Format Computing, File Extensions
  102. American Factfinder Government, Organizations, Us
  103. Advanced Free Fall Education, Skydiving, Jump
  104. National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry Organizations, Conference, Church
  105. Aff Disk Image Computing, File Extensions
  106. American Food Fair Business, America, Trading
  107. Arming, Fuzing, and Firing
  108. Asian Food Fest
  109. Affairs Military, Management, Legal, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military
  110. Automatic Fast Feed
  111. Afferro Min Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  112. American Fact Finder Business, Science, Census, Geographic
  113. Advance Forensics Format Technology, Disk, Toolkit
  114. Iata Code for United States Air Force Academy Airfield, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States Locations
  115. Usaf Academy Afld Airport Faa Airport Codes
  116. American Film Festival America, Movie, Organizations
  117. Affidavit Solemn declaration made before a person legally authorised to administer an oath Business, Government, Genealogy, Genealogical, Unclassified
  118. Asian Fisheries Forum
  119. Advocates for Faith
  120. Asia Fashion Fair
  121. Australian Frequent Flyer Civil Aviation, Business & Finance
  122. Axial-Flow Fan
  123. USAF Academy Airfield, Colorado Springs, United States Colorado, United States, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  124. American Fast Freight Business, Company, America
  125. Afferent Moving or carrying inward or toward a central part. Refers to vessels, nerves, etc. For example: blood vessels carrying blood towards the heart, or nerves conducting signals to the brain. Medical, Medicine, Therapy
  126. Asian Film Foundation
  127. Advocates for Faith and Freedom
  128. American Farm Foundation
  129. Assets Forfeiture Fund Business, Law, Crime
  130. Add Fudge Factor Assembly, Business & Finance
  131. Actual Final Fraction Software, Computing
  132. American Family Fitness
  133. Asian Film Festival Organizations, Cinema, Foot
  134. Adventure Film Festival
  135. United States Air Force Academyairfield Airport, IATA Code, IATA
  136. Asset Forfeiture Fund Business, Law, Crime
  137. Auctioning of a Failing Firm Accounting, Business & Finance
  139. American Family Funds
  140. Asian Fear Fest Film, Indonesia, Fest
  141. Advances In Financial Forecasting
  142. United States Air Force Academy Airfield Colorado Springs, Colorado,United States Airport, Locations, Aviation
  143. American Forge and Foundry America, Equipment, Forge
  144. Aspies for Freedom Medical, Autism, Autistism
  145. Automation for Fashion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFF stand for?

    AFF stands for

  2. What is the shortened form of American Forge & Foundry?

    The short form of "American Forge & Foundry" is AFF.


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