AFID Meaning

The AFID meaning is "Alkali Flame Ionization Detector". The AFID abbreviation has 18 different full form.

AFID Full Forms

  1. Alkali Flame Ionization Detector Chemistry, Technology, Science
  2. Accounting for International Development Business, Charity, Volunteer
  3. Anti-Fratricide Identification Device Government, Military, Ministry Of Defence
  4. Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Business, County, Locations, Virginia
  5. Agentur FüR Immobilien Dienste
  6. Agency for Inter-Regional Development
  7. Agency for International Development America, Government, Military, Organizations, Army, Agriculture, Atmospheric Research
  8. Advanced Frontiers In Drug
  9. Association of Freelance Internet Designers
  10. Air Force Intelligence Directorate
  11. Association of Franchise and Independent Distributors
  12. Asian Federation On Intellectual Disabilities Medical, Disability
  13. Armed Forces Infectious Diseases
  14. Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry Medical, Education, Pakistan
  15. Afi Dev. (Regs) Business & Finance, London stock exchange
  16. Apparatus Field Inspection Duty Army, War, War Force
  17. Aviation Foreign Internal Defense
  18. Alicia Friedmann Interior Design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What does AFID stand for?

    AFID stands for Armed Forces Infectious Diseases.

  2. What is the shortened form of Association of Franchise and Independent Distributors?

    The short form of "Association of Franchise and Independent Distributors" is AFID.


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