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AGT Meaning

  1. AngiotensinAngiotensin is a peptide hormone that causes vasoconstriction and a subsequent increase in blood pressure. It is part of the renin-angiotensin system, which is a major target for drugs that lower blood pressure. Angiotensin also stimulates the release of aldosterone, another hormone, from the adrenal cortex.Medical, Technology, Medicine, Health, Body, Jobs, Organism
  2. Advanced Green TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Energy, Commercial
  3. Advanced Global TradingBusiness, Credit, Carbon
  4. Abnormal Glucose ToleranceMedical, Medicine, Therapy, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  5. AngiotensinogenMedical
  6. Advanced Glass TechnologyBusiness, Film, Technology
  7. AçıK GenleşMe Tankları
  8. Alkyl Guanine TransferaseRepair, Lauder, Serum
  9. Association of Garden TrustsOrganizations, History, Park
  10. Automated Guideway TransitTechnology, Science, Train, Transportation, Governmental & Military
  11. Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
  12. American Graphite Technologies
  13. Athens Greece Transfer
  14. Alliance Grain Terminal
  15. Active Golf Training
  16. Automatic Glove Tester
  17. Ahead Grip Tape
  18. Aniline/Glyoxylate AminotransferaseHealth, Body, Organism
  19. Advanced German Technology
  20. Azerbaijan Georgia TurkeyTechnology, Azerbaijan, President
  21. Alkylguanine-Dna AlkyltransferaseMedical
  22. Applied Graphics TechnologyCompany, Technology, Computing
  23. Angiotensinogen GeneMedical
  24. Aegirine-AugiteScience, Mineral, Geology
  25. American Globe Theatre
  26. Asynchronous General-Purpose Timer
  27. Alliance Grain TradersBusiness, Trading, Food
  28. Active Generations TableTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  29. Automated Guide Way TransitUsa, Montana, Missoula Office Of Planning And Grants
  30. African Geography Tutor
  31. Angiotensinogen and AngiotensinEndocrinology, Hormone, Human Hormone
  32. Advanced Geothermal TurbodrillTechnology, America, Talent
  33. Azerbaijan-Georgia-TurkeyTechnology, Azerbaijan, President
  34. Alkylguanine AlkyltransferaseMedical
  35. Applied Global TechnologiesBusiness, Technology, Service, Conferencing, Computing, Nyse symbols
  36. Americas Got Talent
  37. Aeels Ground TerminalMilitary, Army, War
  38. Advanced Global Technologies
  39. Alliance Global Technology
  40. Astrological Gemstones & Talismans
  41. Acides Gras Trans
  42. Automated Guided Transport
  43. Africa Governance Transformation
  44. Anerica'S Got Talent
  45. Advanced Geotechnical Testing
  46. Automotive Gas TurbineTechnology, Engine, Ceramic
  47. Ainsworth Gaming TechnologyTechnology, Casino, Crown
  48. Applied Geo Technologies
  49. Adventure Game Theatre
  50. Advanced Global Technology
  51. All Grip Traction
  52. Astral Gemstone Talisman
  53. Achievement Goal TheoryEducation, Sport, Motivation
  54. Automated Guideway Transport
  55. Afghanistan Green TrendMilitary, Afghanistan, Pakistan
  56. Analyse, GéOméTrie, Topologie
  57. Audubon Golf Trail
  58. Advanced Geophysical TechnologyBusiness, Technology, Management
  59. Automatic Guideway TransitTechnology, Rail Transport, Business & Finance
  60. Ainsworth Game TechnologyBusiness, Gaming, Casino
  61. Applied Geotagging Tool
  62. Adventure Game ToolkitTechnology, Computing, Fiction, Software
  63. Advanced Glider TrainingMilitary, Cadet, Squadron, Gliding
  64. All Good Thoughts
  65. Astral Gemstone Talismans
  66. Able Gifted and Talented
  67. Automatic Guided Transit
  68. Afghan German Trading
  69. AminoglutethimideMedical, Technology
  70. Audio Graphics TerminalTechnology, Telecom
  71. Advanced Geometry Tool
  72. Automatic Ground TrackingMetal, Detector, Ground, Waterproof
  73. Aimglobal Technologies Company, Inc.Organizations
  74. Applied Geographic Technologies
  75. Advanced Gliding TrainingMilitary, Air Force, Armed Forces
  76. All Good ThingsTechnology, Star, Trek, Generation
  77. Associazione Guide Turistiche
  78. Able, Gifted and TalentedStudent, Education, School, Pupil
  79. Automated Guided TransitTechnology, Planning, Transport
  80. Aero Ground Training
  81. American Green TechnologyBusiness, Technology, America
  82. Atmospheric Glow Technologies
  83. All In Good Taste
  84. Activity Group TherapyMedical, Technology, Medicine, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  85. Automatic Goblin TherapistTechnology, Warcraft, Wow
  86. FnddsOrganizations
  87. Ankara GöNüLlü TakıMıTechnology, Ankara, Yap, Ilk
  88. Australian Grain Technology
  89. Advanced Gun Technology
  90. Association of Genetic Technologists, Inc.Medical, Human genome
  91. America'S Got TalentAmerica, Law, Talent, Audition
  92. Automated Gateway Transit
  93. Advanced Golf Technology
  94. Adaptive Guidance ThrottlingSpace, Study, Cosmos, NASA, Governmental & Military
  95. AgentA person authorised to transact business for and in the name of another person or company. Types of agents are: brokers, commission merchants, resident buyers, sales agents or manufacturer's representatives.Business, Accounting, Finance, Army & Military, Business & Finance, Governmental & Military, Business Word
  96. Australian Grain Technologies
  97. Advanced Guard Tower
  98. average generation timeMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  99. Ambient Glow TechnologyTechnology, Sand, Stone
  100. Auto Glass Technician
  101. Arrival GateTransportation, Flight, Flight Status
  102. Advanced Gold Technology
  103. Aboriginal Group Training
  104. Australian Gas TechnologyTechnology, Australia, Industrial
  105. Advanced Ground TransportScience, Research, Atmosphere, Environment, Atmospheric Research
  106. Guarani International Airport, Ciudad del Este, ParaguayParaguay, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  107. Amateur Golf Tour
  108. Authorized Gas TesterTechnology, Safety, Training
  109. Academically Gifted and TalentedEducation
  110. American General Trading
  111. Abnormality of Glucose Tolerance
  112. Australia'S Got Talent
  113. Advanced Graphics Technologies
  114. Airwork & General TradingArmed Forces, World War Ii, Royal Military, Governmental & Military
  115. Amadeus Global TravelAirline, Coding, Locations
  116. Authorised Gas TestingEducation, Safety, Training
  117. Above-ground TestAtmospheric Research
  118. American Gene TechnologiesMedical, Technology, America
  119. The Average Generation TimeScience, Biomedical, Bioscience
  120. Advanced Graphics Technology
  121. Alliance Grain Traders Inc.Business & Finance, Toronto stock exchange
  122. Amadeus Global Travel DistributionAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Call Sign, Iata Aircraft Codes
  123. Authorised Gas Tester
  124. Accelerated Growth TechniqueLaboratory, Scientific & Educational
  125. American Gasket Technologies
  126. Iata Code for Guarani International Airport, Ciudad Del Este, ParaguayLocations
  127. Advanced Granulation Technology
  128. AimGlobal Technologies, Inc.Business & Finance, Amex symbols
  129. Altenwerder Gussasphalt TechnologyBusiness, Asphalt, Mastic
  130. Australian General Transport
  131. Adventure Game TheaterGaming, Play, Pastime
  132. AAcute Generalized TuberculosisAmino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  133. American Gaming TechnologiesGaming, Play, Pastime
  134. Guarani International AirportCiudad del Este, ParaguayAirport, Locations, IATA Code, IATA, Aviation
  135. Advance Gold Technology
  136. Association of Geology Teachers

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What does AGT stand for?

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  1. What does AGT meaning stand for?

    AGT meaning stands for AimGlobal Technologies, Inc..
  2. What is the meaning of AGT abbreviation?

    The meaning of AGT abbreviation is "Amateur Golf Tour".
  3. What is AGT definition ?

    AGT definition is "American Graphite Technologies".
  4. What does AGT mean ?

    AGT mean that "Alliance Grain Traders Inc.".
  5. What is AGT acronym ?
    AGT acronym is "American Gene Technologies".
  6. What is shorthand of Audubon Golf Trail ?
    The shorthand of "Audubon Golf Trail" is AGT.
  7. What is the definition of AGT acronym?
    Definitions of AGT shorthand is "Aimglobal Technologies Company, Inc.".
  8. What is the full form of AGT abbreviation?
    Full form of AGT abbreviation is "Activity Group Therapy".
  9. What is the full meaning of AGT ?
    Full meaning of AGT is "Astrological Gemstones & Talismans".
  10. What is the explanation for AGT ?
    Explanation for AGT is "American Globe Theatre".

What is the meaning of AGT Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AGT definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AGT abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AGT acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AGT Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AGT (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AGT (letter G)

    Surrounded by energies that are wrapped perfectionist and meticulous. For them, everything must be full. They are prone to search as well as detailer. They quite care about other people's thoughts. They do not think without 'What others say '.

    They are dreamiest and it enables them to produce creative ideas. They are very lazy or very hardworking. They do not fear the challenges of life.

  • AGT (letter T)

    The letter T people who are under the influence of Neptune, are known for their daydreamer character. Living something in their inner world comes easier to them. While on the one hand, they are compassionate and sensitive, on the other hand they can be cold and distant towards unfamiliar people.

    Being sensitive causes rapid fracture. They can be obsessed with others words. Their spiritual direction is very advanced. From time to time, their disappointments reflects on their business life. They are quite open to external factors.

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