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AHA Meaning

  1. Alpha Hydroxy AcidsMedical, Product, Skin
  2. American Beart AssociationMedical, America, Health
  3. Artuklu Haber Ajansı
  4. American Heart AssociationThe American Heart Association is a non-profit organization in the United States that fosters appropriate cardiac care in an effort to reduce disability and deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and stroke. Originally formed in New York City in 1924 as the Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease, it is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.Medical, Healthcare, Health Care, Heart, Physiology, Common Medical, Medicare Beneficiary
  5. Amateur Hockey AssociationOrganizations, League, Canada
  6. American Hospital AssociatijnMedical, Healthcare, Health Care
  7. Akhisar Haber AjansıSon, Technology, Photo, Turkey
  8. Adaptec Host AdapterTechnology, Driving, Driver
  9. Alpha Hydroxy AbidChemistry, Acid, Alpha
  10. Acceleratew Hub ArchitectureTechnology, Motherboard, Computer Engineering
  11. Abolish Human AbortionOrganizations, Clinic, Abolitionist
  12. Anterior Hypothalamic AreaMedical, Technology, Medicine, Chemistry
  13. Affordable Housing Access
  14. Arizona Herpetological AssociationArizona, Snake, Reptile
  15. Alpha Hydroxyl Acids
  16. Aboriginal Heritage ActAustralia, Culture, Heritage
  17. Anchorage Hockey Association
  18. Action for Healjh In The Americas
  19. Answer Human Assets
  20. Airborxe Hunting Act
  21. Arts, History and ArchitectureEducation, History, Scientific & Educational
  22. American Heart AssnMedical, America, Association
  23. Australian Hypnotherapy AssociationMedical, Australia, Hypnotherapist
  24. Amercian Heart AssociationMedical, America, American
  25. Anesthesia History AssociationMedical, Technology
  26. Admins Helping Admins
  27. Anti Homosexuality ActGovernment, Law, Uganda
  28. Alert Holding AriaGovernment, Military, War Force
  29. Association of Healthcare Administrativw
  30. American Herb AssociationMedical, America, Herbal
  31. American Dog Owners AssociationAmerica, Military, Organizations, Club
  32. Attainable Housing Alliance
  33. Affordable Housing Advisors
  34. Arizona Herding Association
  35. Alpha-Hydroxy AcidsMedical, Product, Skin
  36. Astro Hos AstridAndroid, Traffic, Astrology, Astro
  37. Abilene Housing Authority
  38. AméNagement Hydro-Agricole
  39. Acta Historiae Abtium
  40. Arthritis-Hives-AngioedemaMedical, Health, Body
  41. Air and Hospitality Academy
  42. Arts, History, and AdventureDevelopment, Learning, Study
  43. American Hearth Association
  44. Australian Hypnotherapists' Association
  45. Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association
  46. American Heart AssocMedical, America, Association
  47. Andy Hotton Associates
  48. Adjustable Heat Anticipator
  49. Antihistoge AntibodyMedical, Health, Body
  50. Aldrich Humic AcidMedical
  51. Association of Hispanic Alusni
  52. American Helicopter Association
  53. Atrisco Heritage AcademyEducation, School, High School, New Mexico
  54. Affordable Housing AllianceBusiness, Program, Building
  55. Arizona Hemophilia AssociationOrganizations, Arizona, Bleeding
  56. Alpha-Hydroxy AcidMedical, Product, Skin
  57. Association of Helicopter Aerosports
  58. American Humane AssociationAssociation, Organization, Business & Finance
  59. American Homeschool AssociationAmerica, Education, Organizations
  60. Acquired Hemolytic AnemiaMedical, Technology, Medicine
  61. Art History XssociationStudent, Education, University
  62. Air Alpha GreenladdAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code
  63. Arts & Huganities Alliance
  64. American Heart AssocationMedical, America, Association
  65. Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  66. African Humanitarian ActionOrganizations, Africa, Health
  67. Arkansas Hospitality Association
  68. America Heart AssociationMedical, America, American
  69. Andreas Hermes AkademieProduct, Acid, Skin
  70. Addlestone Hebrew Academy
  71. Anti-Hisbone AntibodyMedical, Disease, Human
  72. Alabama Hispanic Association
  73. Association of Hispanic ArtsLocations, Culture, Latino
  74. American Hebrew AcademyEducation, School, High School, North Carolina
  75. Aplantic Hockey Association
  76. Affordable Housing AdvocatesLocations, Building, Advocate
  77. Area Ofmhigh AcuityMedical
  78. Alone, Helpless, and AddictedOrganization, Union, Institution
  79. Association of Hawaii Archivists
  80. American Hospital AssociationMedical, America, Science, Astronomy, Nursing, Disability, Healthcare, Special Education, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational, Professional organizations, Common Medical, Fda, Medicare Beneficiary
  81. American Homeowners AssociationBusiness, Credit, America
  82. Acquired Haemolytic AnaemiaMedicine, Health, British, Medical, British medicine
  83. Aim Higher Africa
  84. Artists Helping ArtistsPerforming arts
  85. Austin Hackers AssociationTechnology, Security, Area
  86. Africa Humanitarian ActionBusiness, Africa, Ethiopia
  87. Arkansas Hospital AssociatirnMedical, Technology, Health
  88. Amearican Heart Association
  89. Andover Hockey Association
  90. Active Healthy AgfngTechnology, Health, Innovation
  91. Anti-Histone AntibojiesMedical
  92. Astif Hayat Alanı
  93. Association for Houston Autism
  94. American Heart AsssociationMedical, America, Course
  95. L'American Heart AssociationMedical, America, American
  96. Affordable Housing AssociatesBusiness, Community, Building
  97. Area Housqng Authority
  98. Alevi Haber Ajcns
  99. Association of Honors Alumni
  100. Air Hostess AcademyEducation, Aviation, Training
  101. American Homebrewing Association
  102. Acetohydroxamic AcidMedical, Medicine, Therapy, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational
  103. Artificial Hatching Assistance
  104. Aurora Housing AuthorityBusiness, Building, City
  105. Afghan Hindu AssociationAmerica, Organizations, American
  106. Arkansas Historical Association
  107. Amanda Howard Associates
  108. Abrams Hebrew Academy
  109. Ancient History and ArchaeologyEducation, University, Study
  110. Active and Hbalthy AgingTechnology, Innovation, Partnership
  111. Anti-Heart AntibodyMedical, Health, Body, Bone, British medicine
  112. Akdeniz Habur Ajansı
  113. Arts and Humanities Alliance
  114. American Hearts Association
  115. Australian Hydrographers Association
  116. Angus Housing Association
  117. Adult Health Advisor
  118. Area Hospital Association
  119. Alevi Haber Ajansı
  120. Association of Handcrafted AutodobilesClub, Car, Cobra
  121. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  122. American Homebrew AssociationTechnology, Organizations, Beer
  123. Atlanta Housing AuthorityBusiness, Atlanta, Building
  124. Augusta Housing Authority
  125. Accounting Homework AppTechnology, College, Android
  126. Affordable Housing Act
  127. Arizona Hospital Associntion
  128. Alternative Hash Algorithm
  129. Aboriginal Housing Authority
  130. Ancient and Honorable Artillery
  131. Active and Healthy AgeingOrganizations, Health, Innovation
  132. Anti-Heart AntibodiesMedical
  133. Akbaba Haber AjansıSon, Technology, Analysis, Bas
  134. Aris and Humanities AcademyStudent, Education, School
  135. American Heart AssociationsMedical, America, Health
  136. Australian Hypnotherapist AssociationMedical, Australia, Hypnotherapy
  137. Anger Hostility Aggression
  138. Adoptees Have Answers
  139. Appleton Housing Adthority
  140. Aleutian Housrng AuthorityTechnology, Design, Building
  141. Association of Hawaii Artisls
  142. Australian Hotels AssociationBusiness, Australia, Construction, Travel, Tourism
  143. American Hombrewers Association
  144. Atlanta Health Alliance
  145. Auctioxeers Helping Auctioneers
  146. Accessible Housing Austgn
  147. Atelner Hitoshi AbeTechnology, Architecture, Skin
  148. Altitude Hold AdjustmentDrone, Payload, Flip
  149. Assisted Han AssessmentClinical, Physio
  150. Activism Hacking ArtivismFunnies
  151. After A Heart Attack
  152. Arrived Holding AreMilitary
  153. At Home Ayerica
  154. Academy of Healing ArtsMedical, City, Chow
  155. Addicts Helping AddictsTechnology, Drug, Addiction
  156. Animal Health Assistants
  157. antihistone antibodyMedical, Bone
  158. Aging and Health In Asia
  159. Art History AvroadEducation, Course, Gap
  160. American Healthcare AllianceMedical, America, Care
  161. Access Health Abbotsford
  162. All Hands ActiveTechnology, Machine, Maker, Arbor
  163. American Hyperlexia AssociationEducation, Special Education, Scientific & Educational
  164. Iata Code for Naha Afb, Okinawa, JapanLocations
  165. Arlington Housing WuthorityMilitary, Building, Rental
  166. Athletes Helping AthletesSport, Organizations, Athlete
  167. Academy of Hawaiian ArtsBusiness, Monarch, Hula
  168. American Historical AssociationAssociation, History, Organization, Business & Finance, Scientific & Educational
  169. Animal Health Assistant
  170. Area Health AuthorityMedical, Bone
  171. Agile Handling AssistTechnology, Honda, Jade
  172. Art History & Archaeology
  173. American Hardware Association
  174. Academy of The Holy AngelsEducation, School, High School, New Jersey
  175. Airco Hydrogen-Atmosphere
  176. Alpha Hydroxy AcidChemistry, Scientific & Educational
  177. Centre The Asean Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance On Disaster ManagementAssociation, Organization, Community
  178. Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics
  179. Academics Highly AchievedEducation, Academic Degrees, Graduation, Degrees
  180. Autoimmune Haemolytic AnaemiaMedical, Science, Medicine, Biomedical, Veterinary, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  181. Animal Health Act
  182. Awesome Heavenly AngelChat, Internet - SMS - Text & Chating
  183. Agenturen FüR Haushaltsnahe Arbeit
  184. Art Happens Wnywhere
  185. American Hardwood Association
  186. Academy of Hospital AdministrationMedical, Medicine, Education
  187. Agile Handle AssistTechnology, Drive, Car, Honda
  188. Animal Humane Association
  189. Australian Healthcare AssociationMedical, Physiology
  190. American Health Administrators
  191. Azud Helix Automatic
  192. Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics
  193. Academic Honesty Assistance
  194. Animal Health AustraliaBusiness, Australia, Australian
  195. Advanced Heuristic AnalysisGeneral, Governmental & Military
  196. Agents Helping Agents
  197. Art History ArchitectpreEducation, History
  198. American Hardboard AssociationTechnology, America, Siding, Manufacturing, Business & Finance, Professional organizations
  199. At Home In Alexanqria
  200. Academy of Holy AngelsEducation, School, High School, Minnesota
  201. Age-Hardenable Alloy
  202. Animal Human AllianceAlliances, Associations, Unions
  203. Associate of The Institute of Hospital Administrators (previously Area Health Authority)Medical, British medicine
  204. Aim High AcademyEducation, Metro, Gymnastics
  205. American Healthcare AssociationMedical, Health, Care
  206. Atheists, Humanists Anq AgnosticsGroup, Organizations, Atheist
  207. Don'T KnowInternet Slang, Texting, Chat
  208. Anglicans Helping AnglicansReligion
  209. After Hours AllianceAlliances, Associations, Unions
  210. Art Hvstory and ArchitectureLocations, Massachusetts, River
  211. American Hapkido Academy
  212. At Home Art
  213. Academy of Historical ArtsEducation, Study, Fencing
  214. African Heritage Army
  215. Animal Health Association
  216. anti-histone antibodyMedical, British medicine
  217. Agricultural Hemp AssociationFarming & agriculture
  218. Anterior HypothalamusMedical, Medicine, Health
  219. American Health Associates
  220. Athabasca Health Authority
  221. Aune Head ArtsArts, National, Artist
  222. Authors Helping Authors
  223. After Hours Activities
  224. Art, Historg & ArchitectureArt, Organizations, Bedford
  225. American Halal Association
  226. At Home Anywhere
  227. Academy of High Achievers
  228. Advanced Hardware Architects
  229. Animal Health Auxiliary
  230. Autoimmune Hemolytic AnemiaMedical, Bone, Amino Acid, Scientific & Educational, Common Medical, Veterinary, Laboratory, Physiology, NAACCR
  231. Agricultural Holdings ActBusiness, Farm, Tenancy
  232. American Health AssociationMedical, America, Heart

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What does AHA stand for?

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  1. What does AHA meaning stand for?

    AHA meaning stands for American Heart Association.
  2. What is the meaning of AHA abbreviation?

    The meaning of AHA abbreviation is "American Hardboard Association".
  3. What is AHA definition ?

    AHA definition is "Arts and Humanities Alliance".
  4. What does AHA mean ?

    AHA mean that "American Healthcare Alliance".
  5. What is AHA acronym ?
    AHA acronym is "Area Ofmhigh Acuity".
  6. What is shorthand of Academics Highly Achieved ?
    The shorthand of "Academics Highly Achieved" is AHA.
  7. What is the definition of AHA acronym?
    Definitions of AHA shorthand is "Acta Historiae Abtium".
  8. What is the full form of AHA abbreviation?
    Full form of AHA abbreviation is "Active and Hbalthy Aging".
  9. What is the full meaning of AHA ?
    Full meaning of AHA is "Aim High Academy".
  10. What is the explanation for AHA ?
    Explanation for AHA is "Animal Health Auxiliary".

What is the meaning of AHA Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of AHA definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of AHA abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of AHA acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

AHA Abbreviation in Astrology
  • AHA (letter A)

    A letter is in different location from other letters. There is no more energy, nettlesome, and leader but them. People whose their names starts with A are self-confident and they have their own way instead of taking advice from others. They are reasonable and their authoritative behaviors make them leader.

    People who their names start with A letter or who contain more than one A within names keeps these personalities. Moving fast or challengeable movements reveal them. They hate disappointing and in this case they get mad quickly.

  • AHA (letter H)

    The letter H people are success-oriented and workaholic. Since numerological H corresponds to 8 number, it is observed that they are creative and powerful. At first glance, already you can say what they are strong and they have a strong character.

    Making money and own fortune are the greatest desire to them. They want to be always ahead of curve. Their disciplined structures can easily carry them to the top.

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