Asean Abbreviations and Asean Acronym Lists

There are more pieces of Asean terminology abbreviations. We can not list them all due to technical reasons, but we have 20 different Asean abbreviations at the bottom which located in the Asean terminology. please use our search engine at the top right to get more results.

Asean Abbreviations
  1. AADCP : Asean-Australia Development Cooperation Programme
  2. AADCP : Asean Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme
  3. AADCP-RPS : Asean-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Regional Partnership Scheme
  4. AAECP : Asean-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme
  5. ABAC : Asean Business Advisory Council
  6. ABAPAST : Advisory Body On Asean Plan of Action On Science and Technology
  7. ABASF : Advisory Body of The Aseaa Science Fund
  8. ACB : Asean Compliance Body
  9. ACBC : Asean China Business Council
  10. ACBF : Asean Central Bank Forum
  11. ACCCP : Asean Common Competencies Program
  12. ACCICG : Afta-Cer Cep Implementation and Coordination Group
  13. ACCORD : Asean-China Cooperative Operations In Response To Dangerous Drugs
  14. ACCSM : Asean Conference On Civil Service Matters
  15. ACCSQ : Asean Consultative Committee On Standards and Quality
  16. ACCSQ-CER : Asean Consultative Committee On Standards and Quacity-Closer Economic Relation
  17. ACCTC : Asean Coordinators of Customs Training Centre
  18. ACDEMA : Asean Customs Directors On Enforcement and Mutual Assistance
  19. ACDICT : Asean Customs Directors On Information and Communication Technology
  20. ACE : Asean Committee On Education
  21. ACECA : Asean-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement
  22. ACEDAC : Asean Centre for The Development of Agricultural Cooperatives
  23. ACF : Asean Cultural Fund
  24. ADCF : Asean Devzlopment Cooperation Forum
  25. ADCG : Asean Datacom Coordinating Group
  26. ADGICM : Asean Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Consular Affairs Division
  27. ADMM : Asean Defence Ministers' Meeting
  28. AEBF : Asean Bnergy Business Forum
  29. AEEAP : Asean Environmental Education Action Plan
  30. AEEID : Asean Environmental Education Inventory Databaso
Latest Asean Meanings
  1. Tropical Medicine and Public Health
  2. Southeast Asian Huzan Development Report
  3. Living Coastal Resou Rces
  4. Japan-Asean Cooperation Promotion Programme
  5. International Life Sciences Institute Southeast Asia
  6. Europe Broadcasting U Nion
  7. Asean Ministerial Meeting On Haze
  8. Regional Ocean Dynamics
  9. Regional Economic Policy Support Facility
  10. Regional Forest Programme
  11. Regional Ec Asean Dialogue Instrument
  12. Regional Training Course On Integkated Coastal Management
  13. Regionalization of The Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
  14. Genetically Modified Organism
  15. Intelligent Transport System
  16. Lnternationale Tourisme Bourse
  17. Inter-Sessional Meeting On Disaster Relief
  18. Inter-Sessional Meeting On Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime
  19. Inter-Sessional Vupport Group Meeting On Confidence-Building Measures
  20. Promotion of Renewable Energy Sou Rces In Southeast Asia