CBS Meaning - What does CBS mean?

CBS meaning is Columbia Broadcasting System and other full form of CBS definition take part in below table. There are 502 different meaning of CBS acronym in the table which are compilation of CBS abbreviation such as Radio,Telecom,Brand,Columbia,Television,United States etc. terminologies. Unless you can not find the meaning of CBS acronym which you look for in 502 different CBS meaning table, please search again as using question model like “What does CBS mean?, CBS meaning” or you can search by typing only CBS abbreviation in the search box.
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CBS Meaning

  1. Columbia Broadcasting SystemRadio, Telecom, Brand, Columbia, Television, United States
  2. Coiled BodiesMedical
  3. Circuit BreakersDevices that interrupt high currents to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by current surges, e.g., from a short circuit or a lightning strike.Technology, Aviation, Power, Electricity
  4. College Basketball SeasonSport, Sports, Basketball
  5. Corps Battle SimulationTechnology, Military, Training
  6. Canadian Biosafety StandardTechnology, Android, Guideline
  7. Capillary Blood SugarMedical, Medicine, Nursing, Common Medical
  8. Carol Burnett ShowComedy, Television, Episode, Carol
  9. Cell Broadcast ServiceTechnology, Telecom, Message
  10. Cellular Biophysics Section
  11. Colloidal Bismuth SubcitrateMedical, Sport, Connection, British medicine
  12. Columbia Broadcast SystemTechnology
  13. Comic Book Store
  14. Comic Book Stores
  15. Commissioner Bud Selig
  16. Cox Business ServicesTechnology, Service, Internet
  17. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemleriYap, Tan, Bile
  18. Coronary Bypass SurgeryMedical, British medicine
  19. Comiss
  20. Conventional BanksBusiness, Financial, Finance, Banking, Money
  21. Cytoplasmic BodiesMedical
  22. Cajal BodiesMedical, Science, Sport, Biomedical, Cell, Cycle, Bioscience, Scientific & Educational
  23. Cross Blue Shield
  24. Curtin Business SchoolAustralia, Education, University
  25. Oro Negro AirportAirport, Locations, IATA Code, Airport Code, ICAO Code, IATA, ICAO
  26. Christian Brothers SchoolOrganizations
  27. Christian Brothers Secondary
  28. Air ColumbusAirline, Organizations, ICAO Airline Code, Locations - Regional - international, ICAO Aircraft Codes
  29. Cabinet & Bath Supply
  30. California Bonsai SocietyScience, Botany, Phytology, Scientific & Educational
  31. Call Back ServiceTechnology, Connection, Bulk
  32. Call Barney Stinson
  33. Call Before ShowingCoding, Supra, Lockbox
  34. Call Broadcast ServicesTechnology, Telecom
  35. Caloosahatchee Bromeliad Society
  36. Calvary Baptist SchoolEducation, School, High School, Michigan, Locations - Regional - international
  37. Cambodia Blog Social
  38. Cambodia Broadcasting ServiceBusiness, Android, Cambodia
  39. Cambodian Broadcasting ServiceBusiness, Android, Cambodia
  40. Can't Beuserious
  41. Can'T Be ShownDevelopment, Learning, Study, Universities
  42. Can'T Be StoppedTransportation, Government, Exportation, Importation
  43. Can'T Be StuffedGaming, Book, Internet Slang
  44. Can't Broadcast Sworts
  45. Cancdian Border ServicesService, Canada, Locations
  46. Canadian Breakfast StoutFood, Beer, Founder
  47. Canadian Broadcast SalesBusiness, Radio, Toronto
  48. Canadian Business Schoolu
  49. Canadian Business Service
  50. Cancer-Boo-Sante
  51. CannabinoidsMedical
  52. Cannot Bloody ShootMilitary, Army, War, Warfare
  53. Canon Business ServicesBusiness, Service, Manager
  54. Cqnon Business Solutions
  55. Capacity-Building Session
  56. Capacity Balancing System
  57. Capacity Building Scheme
  58. Capacity Building Support
  59. Capacity Building ServicesBusiness, Management, Toledo
  60. Capacity Building SymposiumTechnology, Africa, Communication
  61. Capacity Building Seminar
  62. Cap Bonding System
  63. Capital Banking SolutionsBusiness, Service, Software
  64. Capital Bible Seminary
  65. Card Bufger StorageTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  66. Carkiff Botanical Society
  67. Cardiff Business SchoolManagement, Education, University
  68. Care Bear Suuad
  69. Career Builder Super
  70. Catalyst Blade Switch
  71. Cat Back System
  72. Catherine Bergego ScaleMedical, Patient, Neglect
  73. Catholic Biblical SchoolEducation, University, School
  74. Cattle Breeders Society
  75. Cavalier Business SoulOrganization, United States, Student Organization, Business & Finance, Locations - Regional - international
  76. Cbs Corp.Organizations
  77. Cbs CorporationrationOrganizations
  78. Cebu Blogters SocietyOrganizations, Event, Philippine
  79. Cell Biology Services
  80. Census Buro For Statistics
  81. Center Big Screen
  82. Center For Bangladesh StudiesBook, Organizations, Study, Bangladesh
  83. Center For Banking StudiesEducation, Study, Amadou
  84. Center For Baptist Studies
  85. Center For Bariatric Surgery
  86. Center For Basque StudiesEducation, Study, Nevada
  87. Center For Benefits And Services
  88. Center For Bhutan StudiesOrganizations, National, Bhutan
  89. Center For Biblical StudiesEducation, Study, Bible
  90. Center For Busiuess In SocietyEducation, School, Social
  91. Center For Business StudiesProgram, Education, University, Study, Exam
  92. Center Of Bhutan Studies
  93. Center Of Biolopy Strategies
  94. Centraalbureau Voor SchimmelculturesMedical, Technology
  95. Central Bass Strait
  96. Central Battery SystemTechnology, Emergency, Lighting
  97. Central Battery SignallingInformation, Network, Telecommunication
  98. Central Bering Sea
  99. Central Bingo System
  100. Central Black Sea
  101. Central Booking ServiceBusiness, Research, Ethic
  102. Central Brevard Soccer
  103. Central Broadcasting SystemRadio, China, Taiwan
  104. Central Broadcast SystemTechnology, Radio, Television
  105. Central Business Sghool
  106. Central Business SystevTechnology, Service, Equipment
  107. Central Bus StationHotel, Locations, Jerusalem
  108. Ccntral Bus StandHotel, Locations, Aurangabad
  109. Centralised Banking SolutionBusiness, India, Syndicate
  110. Centralised Banking SslutionsBusiness, Service, India
  111. Centralized Banking SolutionBusiness, National, Punjab
  112. Centralized Bankipg SolutionsBusiness, India, Customer
  113. Clntralized Business ServiceTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  114. Cenzralized Billing System
  115. Centre For Biomolecular Sciences
  116. Centre For Biofield Sciences
  117. Centre For Brain ScienceResearch, Education, University
  118. Centre For Buckinghamshire StudiesHistory, Locations, Buck
  119. Centre For Buddhist StudiesEducation, University, Study
  120. Certified Bilingual SecretaryOccupation, Position, Job, Miscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  121. Certified Biufeedback SpecialistMedical, Health, Quantum
  122. Certified Bioinformatics SpecmalistOccupation, Position, Job
  123. Certified Breastfeeding Specialist
  124. Certified Brick Bpecialist
  125. Certified Budget Specialist
  126. Certified Buyer Specialist
  127. Certified Building Superintendent
  128. Certified Business Solutions
  129. Channez Band SystemTechnology
  130. Chaotic Binary Sequence
  131. Chapter Billing Service
  132. Character Building SocietyEducation, Pakistan, Punjab
  133. Characteristictbased SplitTechnology, Flow, Element
  134. Characteristic-Based SplitFlow, Element, Fluid
  135. Charged Bolt SentryGuide, Trap, Diablo
  136. Charles Bonnet Syndrom
  137. Charlesibonnet-Syndrom
  138. Chaalie Brennan Show
  139. Chemical Bulk StorageChemistry, Technology, Environment
  140. Chennai Business SchoolManagement, Education, Chennai
  141. Cherokee Bend School
  142. Chesapeake Bay Striped
  143. Chesapeake Bay South
  144. Child Boards
  145. Child Booster Seat
  146. Child Of Bus Supervisor
  147. Chris Brown Sorry
  148. Cipinang Besar SelatanIndonesia, Jakarta, Kali
  149. Ciptamas Bumi Selaras
  150. Circuit Board ShieldingTechnology, Shield, Gasket
  151. Circuit Board Support
  152. Circuit Breaker SentinelTechnology, Product, Voltage
  153. Circuit Breaker SalesTechnology, Service, Sale
  154. Circular Binary SegmentationScience, Genetics, Analysis
  155. Citi Business Services
  156. City Bus Service
  157. College Bound ScholarshipStudent, Education, School
  158. Colxege Of Basic StudiesEducation, University, Boston
  159. Claims Benefit Specialist
  160. Clan Battle StationMusic, Clan, Orbit
  161. Clan Blair Society
  162. Clan Blood Spirit
  163. Clark Building Services
  164. Classical Black Speech
  165. Classic Bartter SyndromeMedical, Science, Biomedical
  166. Classic Body Style
  167. Clear Blue Sky
  168. Cleveland Browns Starting
  169. Cloke Boundary Sentry
  170. Clot Burdel Score
  171. Cloud Based ServicesBusiness, Technology, Service
  172. Cloud BrokersBusiness, Technology, Service
  173. Cloud Bug Study
  174. Cofradia' Bilingual School
  175. Cognitive Base StationTechnology, Networking, Network
  176. Cold Beverage Station
  177. Cold Blooded SoldiersWar, Blood, Soldier, Trump
  178. Cold Butt SyndromeTrail, Camping, Hammock
  179. Coldwell Banker Success
  180. Coldwell Banker Schmidt
  181. Colebrook Bosson SaundersTechnology, Product, Monitor
  182. Colfax Business System
  183. ComissÕEs De Base Socialistas
  184. Commandement Des Bases Du Sud
  185. Commemorative Box Set
  186. Comments By Sukru
  187. Collefe Of Business StudiesTechnology, Science, Education
  188. College Of Bassc Sciences
  189. College Of Biblical StuduesEducation, Study, Houston
  190. College Of Biblical Studies-HoustonTechnology, Study, Houston
  191. College Of Biological SciencesScience, Education, Minnesota
  192. College Of Biological ScienceEducation, University, Minnesota
  193. College With A Bachelor Of Science
  194. Columbia Broadcasting StationMilitary, Radio, Columbia
  195. Columbia Business SchoolProgram, Education, Columbia
  196. Columbus Business SolutionsBusiness, Service, Communicator
  197. Column Bank Select
  198. Combat Battle SimulationMilitary, Army, Defense, Army & Military, Governmental & Military
  199. Combi-Brake SystemHonda, Techno, System
  200. Combi-Braking SystemIndia, Honda, Hornet
  201. Combi Brake SystemHonda, Techno, System
  202. Combi Braking SystemIndia, Honda, Brake, System
  203. Combined Braking SystemTechnology, Honda, Brake
  204. Commerce Business SystemsTechnology
  205. Commerce Business SystemAmerica, Government, Usa
  206. Commercial Business Systems
  207. Commercial Bank Of SyriaBusiness, Syria, Money
  208. Committed Buffer Size
  209. Committed Burst SizeTechnology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
  210. Committed Burst SizesTechnology, Traffic, Rate
  211. Committee On Bank Supervision
  212. Communications BasesScience
  213. Communication-Based Signaling
  214. Community Based SeyvicesMedical, Medicine, Health
  215. Compact Base Station
  216. Compact Base Stations
  217. Compact Bender StickBusiness, Welding, Bending
  218. Compact Bubble Sensor
  219. Compact Bubbler Sensor
  220. Compact Business Solutions
  221. Companhia Brasileira De Semicondutores
  222. Company Balance Sheet
  223. Company Buyer StudyBusiness
  224. Comparative Biomedical SciencesMedical, Research, Education
  225. Complete Business SystemsBusiness, Service, Epson
  226. Complete Business SolutionsBusiness, Company, Service
  227. Complete Business SolutionBusiness, Management, Service
  228. Complex Band Structure
  229. Complex Biological SystemsScience, Education, University
  230. Complicated Brain Syndrome
  231. Component-Based ServicingMicrosoft, Technology, Windows
  232. Component Based ServicingMicrosoft, Technology, Windows
  233. Component-Based Setup
  234. Component Based SetupTechnology, Windows, Computing, Microsoft Windows
  235. Comprehetsive Business ServicesBusiness, Company, Service, Tax
  236. Compulsive Buying ScaleMedical, Shopping, Addiction
  237. Computer-Based System
  238. Computer-Based SystemsTechnology, Computing, Engineering
  239. Coeputer Based System
  240. Condensed Balance Sheet
  241. Conditional Based ServiceTechnology, Tool, Light
  242. Condition Based ServiceTechnology, Oil, Maintenance
  243. Connecticut Botanical Society
  244. Consumer Business Services
  245. Container-Based Sanitation
  246. Container Based SanitationTechnology, Water, Toilet
  247. Content Based Systems
  248. Contrnt By SearchTechnology, Service, Server
  249. Context-Based Sustainability
  250. Contextual Behavioral SciengeScience, Psychology, Acceptance
  251. Contextual Behavioural ScienceScience, Research, Therapy
  252. Contextwal Bible StudyBook, Education, Building
  253. Continental Oreeding StationBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  254. Corrected Bromide SpaceMedical
  255. Correctional Billing ServicesBusiness, Service, Calling, Prison
  256. Control Braye SystemTechnology, Coding, Cadillac
  257. Controlled Biological Systems
  258. Controller Bsards
  259. Conventional Brake SystemBusiness, Honda, Wheel
  260. Converaed Billing System
  261. Convergent Billing SystemBusiness, Technology
  262. Convergent Bivling SolutionTechnology, Service, Huawei
  263. ConvertiblembondsBusiness, Market, Pricing
  264. Coopyrative Business ServicesBusiness, Credit, Service
  265. Coral Bay School
  266. Cord Blood SerumMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  267. Core-Barrel SamplingScience
  268. Core-Based System
  269. Core Banking SystemsBusiness, Technology, Service
  270. Corporate Wenefit Services
  271. Corpoeate Bond SpreadsBusiness, Economics, Market
  272. Corpqrate BondsBusiness, Supply, Market
  273. Corporate Booking Shrvices
  274. Corporate Brand Bervices
  275. Corporate Business SolutionsBusiness, Service, Consulting
  276. Corporate Business SystemsTechnology, Service, Group
  277. Corporate Business Strategy
  278. Corporate Business School
  279. Corporate Business Server
  280. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemlerindeYap, Tan, Bile
  281. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemlerineTechnology, Yap, Tan, Bile
  282. CoĞRafi Bilgi Sistemlerinden
  283. Coğrafik Bilgi SistemlbriTechnology, Yap, Malar, Lad
  284. Corrections Billing ServicesBusiness, Company, Organizations, Firm
  285. Correctiun Based Service
  286. Correspondent Bob Schieffer
  287. Carrespondence Batch Status
  288. Correspondent Bob SimonCar, Locations, Crash
  289. Cortex Business Soiutions
  290. Corvinus Business School
  291. Cotton Boys' School
  292. Coulda Been Somebody
  293. Council Boy Scouts
  294. Council For Business Sustainability
  295. Council Of The Boy Scouts
  296. Country Begins Season
  297. Countryside Bird Survey
  298. County Biological Survey
  299. Course Bearing Servo
  300. Courteville Business Solutions
  301. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemineTechnology, Yap, Tan, Bile
  302. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemininYap, Tan, Bile
  303. Coğrafi Bilgiqsistem
  304. CoĞRafik Bilgi SistemiTechnology, Yap, Lad
  305. Credit Bureau SingaporeBusiness, Report, Singapore
  306. Credit Bureau Of Singapore
  307. Credit Bureau Services
  308. Credit Bureau Systems
  309. Crystal Black SilicaTechnology, Subaru, Outback
  310. Crystal Black ShrimpBusiness, Aquarium, Tank
  311. Customer Business System
  312. Cystathionine-Beta-SynthetaseMedical, Medicine, Health
  313. Cystathionine Beta SynthasuMedical, Genetics, Deficiency
  314. Cystathionine-Beta-SynthaseMedical, Genetics, Human, Deficiency
  315. Cystathionine Beta SynthaseMedical, Science, Biomedical, Bioscience
  316. Cystathionine Beta SynthetaseScience, Biomedical, Bioscience
  317. Certified Bookkeepers
  318. Coherent BackscatteringMedical, Medicine, Health, British medicine
  319. Cabinet And Bath Supply
  320. Cahaya Bumi SelamatTechnology, Indonesia, Software, Orang
  321. Calculus Of Broadcasting Systems
  322. Calcutta Boys' School
  323. Calcutta Business SchoolManagement, Education, Kolkata
  324. Caledonian Business SchoolEducation, University, Glasgow
  325. Calendar Builder Style
  326. Calf Bovine Serum
  327. California'S Big Sur
  328. California Betta SocietyLocations, Fish, California
  329. Canon Buviness SolutionBusiness, Service, Printer
  330. Cant Be Saved
  331. Cant Be Spen
  332. Cant Be Serious
  333. Canterbury Building Society
  334. Canterbury Business School
  335. Cao Bang Kugar
  336. Capability Benchmarking System
  337. Capability Breakdowe Structure
  338. Capkcity-Building Strategy
  339. Celk Broadcast ServicesTechnology, Service, Message
  340. Celr Broadcasting ServiceTechnology, Message, Messaging
  341. Cell Broadcast SystemTechnology, Service, Networking
  342. Cell Broadcasting SystemBusiness, Technology, Service
  343. Cell Broadcast SysnemsTechnology, Service, Cell, Message
  344. Cellwbroadcast Short
  345. Cell Xuffering Subsystem
  346. Cellular Base StationTechnology, Networking, Network
  347. Celtics Basketball Stvr
  348. Censored By Thv StateMedia, Radio, Television
  349. Central Broadcasting ServiceGovernment, Radio, Uganda
  350. Central Broadcasting ServicesGovernment, Radio, Uganda
  351. Central Bucks South
  352. Central Budgeting SystemScience
  353. Central Bureau For StatisticsBusiness, Finance, Dutch
  354. Central Bureau Of Statitics
  355. Central Bureau Of StatisticGovernment, Presentation, Israel
  356. Central Bureau O Statistics
  357. Central Bureau Of Standards
  358. Central Buro Of Statistics
  359. Certified Buoiness Specialist
  360. Certified Busisess SpecialistsBusiness, Academy, Strategy
  361. Certifying BodiesBusiness, Certification, Standard
  362. Cereicobrachial SyndromeMedical, Medicine, Health, Healthcare
  363. Ceylon Bible SocietyTechnology, Android, Downloader
  364. Challenge Between Singles
  365. Challenging Behaviour Sclle
  366. Champion Boise State
  367. Champions, Beorayers, Saviors
  368. Chandigarh Business SchoolCollege, Education, India
  369. Citizens For Border Solutions
  370. Citrus Black SpotExport, Africa, Spot, Fruit
  371. City-Waschraum Betriebshygiene Service
  372. City Bomb Squad
  373. City Book Store
  374. City Business Support
  375. City Bus StandHotel, Locations, Mysore
  376. City Of Big Shoulders
  377. Collapsible Butt Stock
  378. Collax Business Server
  379. Collect Billing Solutions
  380. Collections And Billing System
  381. Collections And Billings System
  382. Collective Bargaining Session
  383. Combined Brake SystemHonda, Motorcycle, System
  384. Combined Brake Systems
  385. Combined Braking Systems
  386. Combined Behavioral ScoreMedical, Cord, Spinal, British medicine
  387. Come Back SoonTechnology, Gaming, Episode, Coming
  388. Come Buy Stuff
  389. Comer Business System
  390. Comic Book Super
  391. Comic Book Superhero
  392. Comparative Biomedical Science
  393. Comparative Benchmarking System
  394. Complete Background ScreeningBusiness, Service, Check
  395. Complete Basis Set-Quadratic
  396. Complete Basis Set-Full
  397. Complete Bed Sleeper
  398. Complete Billing System
  399. Complete Body Sculpting
  400. Complete Building Services
  401. Complete Building Solutions
  402. Continenjal Business Systems
  403. Continental Building Systems
  404. Continental Base Section
  405. Continenyal Broadcasting Service
  406. Continuing Baladce SystemMilitary, Army, War, Warfare
  407. Continuous BandhsealerBusiness, Machine, Bag
  408. Contract Booking System
  409. Contract Breakdown StmuctureTechnology, Railways, Railway Consultancy
  410. Corpzrate Business ServicesBusiness, Company, Service
  411. Corporation Battle SimulatorMilitary
  412. Corporation Battle SimulationMilitary
  413. Corps Battle SimulatorMilitary, Army, War, Warfare
  414. Corporation Battge Simula TionMilitary
  415. Corps Battle Simula TionMilitary
  416. Coventry Building Society
  417. Coverage Of Breaking Space
  418. Cover Both Sides
  419. Cover Both Side
  420. Cowardly Broadcasting System
  421. Coyote Buttes South
  422. Co&Eth;Rafi Bilgi SistemleriYap, Tan, Safety
  423. CoĞRafi Bilgi Sistemleri'Nin
  424. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemiSon, Technology, Yap, Tan
  425. CoĞRafi Bilgi SistemlerininTechnology, Yap, Tan, Bile
  426. Cystathionine Beta-Synthase GeneMedical
  427. Cytokine Biolwgy SectionGovernment, Organizations, Us
  428. Gw Central Backup Site GatewayTechnology, Customs, Taxation And Customs Union
  429. The Crime Broadcmsting SytemGovernment, Law, Legal, Jurisprudence
  430. Classic Bartter SyndroneScience, Biomedical, Bioscience
  431. Call Box Stataon
  432. Cbs CorporationTechnology
  433. Centre For Buildkng Studies
  434. Ceredl Bank System
  435. Chinese Biochevical Society
  436. Choice Busaness Solutions
  437. Combinedebreaking SystemTechnology, Honda, Brake, System
  438. Command Based SwitchingTechnology, Hosting, Port, Multiplier
  439. Commou Battery System
  440. Commonwealth Bureau Of Soils
  441. Confraternity Of The Blessed Sacrement
  442. Controlled Blip Scan
  443. Chronic Brain SyndromeMedical, Neurology, British medicine, Common Medical, Physiology
  444. Cash before shipmentAccounting, Business & Finance
  445. Core Banking SolutionAccounting, Financial, Banking, Business & Finance
  446. Cabral Resources Limited (Australian Securities Exchange [ASX])Business & Finance, Asx symbols
  447. Commercial Bank of SyriaBanking, Business & Finance
  448. Consolidated Banking StatisticsFinancial, Business & Finance
  449. Contract Breakdown StructureRail Transport, Business & Finance
  450. Concrete Building StructureArchitecture, Miscellaneous - Community
  451. Concrete Block and StuccoArchitecture, Miscellaneous - Community
  452. Community Base StationGeographic, Miscellaneous - Community
  453. Canadian Barbeque SocietyMiscellaneous - Community, Hobbies
  454. Comic Book SocietyMiscellaneous - Community, Hobbies
  455. Cut Before SongMusic, Miscellaneous - Community
  456. Certified Banyan SpecialistMiscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  457. Certified Bioinformatics SpecialistMiscellaneous - Community, Occupation & positions
  458. Cook, Bake, and SewProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  459. Colored Brick StackProducts, Miscellaneous - Community
  460. Sisters of Bon Secours de ParisMiscellaneous - Community, Religious orders
  461. Congregation of the Sisters of the Blessed SacramentMiscellaneous - Community, Religious orders
  462. Corporate & Business ServicesTravel, Tourism, Miscellaneous - Community
  463. Chemical Bottle Storage areaComputing, Electronics
  464. MasterWord Button bar Configuration Set fileComputing, File Extensions
  465. Canadian Blood ServicesComputing, Hardware
  466. Clicks Before SplashscreenComputing, Internet
  467. CBS Corporation (Columbia Broadcasting System)Computing, Nyse symbols
  468. Component Build ServiceComputing, SAP
  469. Common Battery SignalingComputing, Telecom
  470. Commission for Basic SystemsClimatology, Meteorological, Legal, Governmental & Military, Scientific & Educational
  471. Connector Bracket SignalNasa, Governmental & Military
  472. Clobber Bush SenselessPolitics, Governmental & Military
  473. Can't Be StoppedTransportation, Governmental & Military
  474. Oro Negro, Cabimas, VenezuelaVenezuela, Locations - Regional - international, Iata Airport Codes, ICAO Airport Codes
  475. Conception Bay SouthRegional, Locations - Regional - international
  476. Central Baptist SchoolTennessee, Locations - Regional - international
  477. classic Bartter syndromeMedical, Science, Biomedical, Disease, Bioscience, Pathology, Diagnosis, Scientific & Educational, British medicine
  478. Community Based ServicesMedical, British medicine
  479. carotid blowout syndromeMedical, British medicine
  480. Charles Bonnet SyndromeMedical, British medicine
  481. Conjugated Bile SaltsMedical, British medicine
  482. captive bubble surfactometerMedical, British medicine
  483. Capsular Block SyndromeMedical, British medicine
  484. Common Basic SpecificationMedical, British medicine
  485. Culture-bound SyndromeMedical, British medicine
  486. common brainstem systemMedical, British medicine
  487. Cerebral Brain SyndromeMedical, British medicine
  488. clinical behavioural sciencesMedical, British medicine
  489. Current Beneficiary SurveyMedical, Healthcare, British medicine
  490. cystathionine-beta-synthetaseMedical, British medicine
  491. Cerebroside SulfateMedical, British medicine
  492. Corticobasal SyndromeMedical, British medicine
  493. Center for Biological SequenceMedical, Human genome
  494. Contract and Business ServicesAstronomy, Scientific & Educational
  495. Compton BackScatteringPhysics, Scientific & Educational
  496. Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, AylesburySpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  497. College of Biological SciencesSpecial Education, Scientific & Educational
  498. CumulonimbiWeather, Scientific & Educational
  499. Code Breaker Ps2 Save FileComputing, File Extensions
  500. Comodo Backup ScriptComputing, File Extensions
  501. Complete Basis SetChemistry, Miscellaneous - Community
  502. Cystathionine Beta-synthaseChemistry, Miscellaneous - Community

Please also find CBS meaning in other sources.

What does CBS stand for?

We have compiled queries on search engines about CBS acronym and we gave place them in our website by selecting the most frequently asked questions. We think you asked a similar question to the search engine to find meaning of the CBS abbreviation and we are sure the following list will take your attention.

  1. What does CBS meaning stand for?

    CBS meaning stands for Calvary Baptist School.
  2. What is the meaning of CBS abbreviation?

    The meaning of CBS abbreviation is "Cold Blooded Soldiers".
  3. What is CBS definition ?

    CBS definition is "Connecticut Botanical Society".
  4. What does CBS mean ?

    CBS mean that "Citrus Black Spot".
  5. What is CBS acronym ?
    CBS acronym is "cystathionine-beta-synthetase".
  6. What is shorthand of Credit Bureau Singapore ?
    The shorthand of "Credit Bureau Singapore" is CBS.
  7. What is the definition of CBS acronym?
    Definitions of CBS shorthand is "Company Buyer Study".
  8. What is the full form of CBS abbreviation?
    Full form of CBS abbreviation is "Computer-Based System".
  9. What is the full meaning of CBS ?
    Full meaning of CBS is "Collefe Of Business Studies".
  10. What is the explanation for CBS ?
    Explanation for CBS is "Call Before Showing".

What is the meaning of CBS Abbreviation in Astrology ?

We did not give any place only meanings of CBS definitions. Yes, we know that your main purpose is the explanation of CBS abbreviation. However, we thought, you can consider the astrological information of CBS acronym in Astrology. Therefore, astrologic description of each word are available at the bottom.

CBS Abbreviation in Astrology
  • CBS (letter C)

    Have a finger in every pie, Low concentration, diffident, vivacious and cheerful people. People whose their names start with C are creative, amusing and have strong communication skills. Especially, their hand skills are improved.

    C resembles semicircle and these people feel themselves deficient. Change is inevitable for them. Being impatient is their most insufficiency for them. People who has C as last letter in their names are slog on what they do since they get bored quickly. Not to finish a job is so common.

  • CBS (letter B)

    Sensitive, fragile and withdrawn. When it is located as first letter in the name, it gives its all power to other letters. People whose their names start with B have strong intuition. Peace and consensus are only purpose for them. They want peace where they are stay on. These people are friendly, loving domestic life, sempatic and also laggard. However, what they do is reliable and robust.

    People who has B as last letter in their names, finish their works late. But, they usually do the best. They are fond of beauties and being loved.

  • CBS (letter S)

    The S letter person which managed by Saturn, is known for his strong and study . He does not hesitate to fight and indomitable in the face of difficulties. He makes a difference at every job since he is productive. He wants to be known by the public, it wants to be recognized.

    Their charismatic structure and friendly behaviors make them sympathetic. They are emotional and afraid of being broken. They may be forced to make decisions, they tend to immediate response. They have natural ability for earning money.

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